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Cat litter items may not be the most exciting of products for cats, but the right ones can make a huge difference in how you enjoy having your cat in the home and how comfortable your kitty feels.

Litter problems can be a big issue with some cats and there are products that can help with that. There are also some great products that make cleaning litter easier and make for less mess on your floor.

We have tested many different kinds of litter boxes, litter scoops, litter scatter mats, litter brands, and litters. We have our favorite products, but it is also true that some products work better for certain situations, depending on your kitty’s size, habits, age, health, how many cats you have in your home, and more.

Not every cat litter product will be as much of a success for you as it may be for someone else, which is why it can be helpful to read reviews.

We have unboxing and review videos for the products that we have tested out and we talk in each one about what the product might be useful for. For example, a high sided litter box is a good box for cats who kick litter to cover or a special kind of litter for a cat that is having accidents and using other places to pee.

  1. Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract Cat Litter
  2. Litter Robot 3 with Connect
  3. Litter Robot Open Air Accessory Kit
  4. Litter-Lifter – The BEST Cat Litter Scoop
  5. Litter Mat
  6. LitterLocker® Litter Box
  7. Metal Cat Litter Scoop – It’s THE Scoop! by K-Kat
  8. Moonshuttle Blackhole Cat Litter Mats
  9. NVR Miss Litterbox
  10. Petfusion BetterBox NON-STICK Litter Box
  11. Stainless Steel Litter Box

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