Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract Cat Litter

Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract Cat Litter is an all-natural cat training litter. It has natural herb attractants to get your cats to use the litter box. It’s backed by a refund if your cats don’t use the litter box after using this product.


Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract Cat Litter is a hard clumping cat litter that cats are naturally attracted to. It contains herbs that encourage your kitty to use the litter pan rather than using other places in your house to do their business. This works in regular kitty litter boxes as well as sifting or mechanical litter boxes. It is great for keeping odors locked in, so it would also be good for households with more than one cat. The litter comes with a free booklet to help you solve potty issues with your cats.

When you get this litter, clean the pee and poop from your litter pan and then dump and clean your litter box. Fill it with this litter and do not mix with another litter. If this does not solve the litter issues you are having, the company offers a refund. Many people have recommended this product to me over the years, so I tried it even though I don’t have litter box issues with my cats. Both of my cats were curious about it, but Charlie was really interested in the litter and used it right away. My mom also used it in her boxes and liked it so much she has been using it since we reviewed it.

If your cats are having accidents or trouble using the litter box, rule out health issues first or watch to see if maybe they are upset about something and that is causing the behavior. Having more than one box helps as well. You should have one box per cat per floor, or two boxes for each cat if your cats like to poop and pee in separate boxes. It’s better to have multiple boxes than to have pee on your furniture and carpet!

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