Multi Kitty TWIST’R® Cat Litter Waste Disposal System

The Multi kitty TWIST’R® is a cat litter disposal system that allows you to scoop the litter box without smelling its nasty odor, or spreading through your home.


The Multi kitty TWIST’R® Cat is a viable option if you are seeking hassle-free litter box maintenance.

It is simple to operate. Open the lid, scoop the litter waste, place it on the bin, close the lid, press the foot pedal, and witness instant drop-and-seal action. The process leaves behind zero odors with its activated charcoal filter and patented twist technology trapping and sealing in the smell.

Stepping on the pedal allows you to drop in the litter without kneeling, bending, or touching the bin.

The litter disposal system comes with large barrier film bags that hold up to 17 lbs. of litter waste, which is about two weeks of use per cat. Accordingly, it doesn’t require frequent litter bag disposals each week.

When you dispose of the bag, just use the built-in lock to secure and toss it. The new bag will fit right in its place and start the process again until the bag needs to be changed.

Multi Kitty Twist’R Step Litter Disposal System Unboxing

Multi Kitty Twist’R Step Litter Disposal System Product Review

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