The HYLA Aera II is an electric freshener that uses a fine water spray to neutralize odors in your home. It is a stylish device that can be illuminated in millions of colors for a fun and sleek way of freshening the air in your home.


The Hyla air purifier Aera II works very simply as it consists of just two parts – the motor unit and the water pan. Just remove the water pan and fill it with water from the tap, and then add the motor unit. When switched on, it will release a fine water spray that can remove contaminants from the air and help to freshen your home.

One of the key features of the Aera II is the LED functionality. The unit has outward-facing LED strips but also an internal LED that illuminates the water. You can use the companion smartphone app to control the LED color, choosing from 16 million different shades. This will light up the water pan for a funky effect that looks great in your home, especially with the main house lights turned down.

You can also switch the unit on and off from the smartphone app and set different modes with the lights, including ‘Party’ or ‘Zen’.

HYLA also sells fragrance oils for the Aera II – you can add a few drops of the oil to the water pan if you want to add a scent to the spray. If you’re a cat owner then be careful with this, as your cat may be sensitive to the fragrance.

This is a standalone product that works without a HYLA vacuum.

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