Red Rocket Purrr Litter Twist’R Cat Litter Pail Disposal System with Scoop

The Purrr Litter Twist’R is a fun cat waste bin that keeps odors locked away by twisting the bag inside. It holds large amounts of cat litter and waste at once and has a cute design that includes cat ears and paws.


Once you’ve assembled the bin and added the bag (using the built-in loops and cardboard tabs), you just rotate part of the bin, and it twists it closed, creating a tight seal at the top.

Then, whenever you’re emptying your cat’s litter tray, just open the lid and put the waste and used litter on top of the closed part of the bag. Close the lid immediately and then twist the handle on top of the bin – this opens the bag while the lid is closed to allow the waste to drop in. The bag then twists closed to keep the odor particles sealed away.

The Purrr Litter Twist’R uses clever features to keep smells to an absolute minimum. The XL bags (which can hold up to 17lb of used cat litter and waste) are 7 layers thick, while the lid of the pail itself has activated charcoal filters to neutralize any odors that do escape during the process.

Compared to other cat waste disposal systems, part of the appeal of the Purrr Litter Twist’R is that the bags don’t need to be cut and retied – you can change them from the top of the bin, making it really easy.

The Purrr Litter Twister measures 17.75″ tall by 10.55″ wide. There’s also an included scoop and scoop holder – with the scoop holder attached, the total width of the pail is 14.88″. The pail has fun cat ears built into the lid, and there are attachable paws for the unit’s base.

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