Litter Mat

This Litter Mat is a special mat that can be placed under or in front of the litter box to catch all the litter granules that cats track on their paws or when they toss the litter around to clean it. The mat is lightweight and it is also anti-slip. It is very easy to clean – just by shaking it or vacuuming it, all the litter will be eliminated.


Even with the best of litter boxes, cats drag granules of litter on their paws when they get out of the box. Some of them even get litter on the floor when they clean up after themselves in the box. As any cat owner knows, stepping on kitty litter is not pleasant at all.

This litter mat can be placed either under the litter box or in front of it (depending on the cat’s habits and when it drags the granules) to catch all of the granules.

The mat has a special structure. It is made out of a PVC mesh woven material and it is designed to get all the granules and keep them in so that you never have to step on them again. When the cat walks on the mat, all the litter on its paws gets caught in the minute loops.

The mat is anti-slip, which makes it a good fit for any bathroom. It is also very easy to clean. To get all the granules off, all you have to do is shake it or just vacuum it. It is also water-resistant, so to get it clean, you can soak it in water or use a hose to get the dirt away. It comes in two colors – gray or beige, so you can choose the one that best suits your home. Find out more about the Litter Mat in our review. Litter Mat Unboxing Litter Mat Product Review


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