JW Pet Shedding Blade

The JW Pet Grip Soft Shedding Blade is a hair removal tool with a circular blade with small teeth. It is good for cats with long hair and it prevents matting and issues with hairballs.


The Grip Soft Shedding Blade from JW Pet is a very good tool for long-haired cats. It features a circular blade that has small teeth and it has an easy-grip handle. These go in and takes out the dead fur, which in time reduces shedding significantly. Be prepared to take out a large amount of fur and preferably do the brushing outside.

This blade removes hair in more than one direction, which sets it apart from other products. It also makes it suitable for long-haired cats. In time, the Grip Soft Shedding Blade prevents the formation of matting because it takes out the excess fur even from areas that are harder to reach. It also helps with hairball issues if you use it regularly.

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