Safari® Cat Shedding Comb

The Safari Cat Comb is the perfect option for brushing out a knot on both long and short haired cats. With its rounded teeth, your cats can have a pleasant grooming experience.


The Safari Cat Comb is the first thing I grab to comb Charlie and Trigg’s manes.  It’s also great for pesky knots and mats. This comb helps you remove any loose or dead hairs from your pet to keep their skin and hair healthy.

The smooth and rounded teeth are gentle on the skin, making it perfect for all age groups including kittens. This makes it easy to run through your cat’s hair without the fear of hurting them. The teeth along the comb are also in 2 different lengths which intertwine between each other to reach the different lengths of hair on your cat so that nothing is missed.

It has a contoured wooden handle which provides comfortable gripping. The design is classic and fits nicely in your hand. The smaller size is also great for if you plan to do some traveling with your pets, fitting easily into your bags while taking up next to no space. The cat comb is suitable for both long and short-haired cats.

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