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JW Pet Grip Soft Shedding Blade
JW Pet Grip Soft Shedding Blade

JW Pet sent us a bunch of grooming tools to try out.  We’ve already reviewed the JW Grip Soft Nail Clipper and the JW Grip Soft Nail Trimmer For Cats Deluxe Version in their grooming line.  Now, we are looking at the JW Pet Grip Soft Shedding Blade.

Charlie and Trigg aren’t huge fans of being brushed, so I was apprehensive about this shedding blade – but it ended up being the best thing I have used to date on any cat or dog for removing loose or dead hair.

The GripSoft rubber-sheathed handle makes it easy to hold in your hand and the little teeth along the shedding blade aren’t too sharp that you fear you will be cut.

The only warning I have is that I suggest you remove the hair outside or in your garage because it tends to get everywhere as you are removing it – especially if your cats’ hair is as plush as Charlie’s.  You can see what I mean by watching the video:

I love shedding tools because it helps cats get rid of their extra hair and therefore prevent hairballs from erupting.  Although Charlie is meowing in the video, he is not bothered by the product – he is meowing because he wants to get down and run around since we are outside.  I tested the JW Pet Grip Soft Shedding Blade several times on him in different situations, and he never meowed in annoyance.

This one is a keeper!  I love it, and so do the cats!

You can buy the JW Pet Grip Soft Shedding Blade on Amazon.com.

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  1. We have this already and of the variety of brushes and combs in our collection, this is by far my personal favorite. i have to be extra careful when using some of the other products with the sharp prongs. While they’re great for grabbing the hair, it can really hurt when they make contact with sensitive feline skin. That’s never been an issue with the shedding blade. The company did a great job with the size of and spaces between the teeth. And do they ever grab the hair! This is one of those “worth every penny” purchases.

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