Uoni V980 Plus Robot Vacuum

The Uoni V980 is one of the better robot vacuum cleaners you can buy. It’s powerful enough to pick up pet hair, and is really intelligent when it comes to mapping – it will precisely work out the layout of your home, and then how to clean it efficiently.


The aim of the Uoni V980 is to make your daily life much easier. So, it comes with it’s own docking station where it will empty itself automatically, and it will return to charge itself whenever the battery gets low. All you need to do is replace the bag in the docking station every 30 days or so. It’s clever too, and so if it needs to empty or recharge then it’ll return to the docking station, and then go back automatically to pick up where it left off.

You can control it from your smartphone app, which is where you’ll be able to set boundaries and no-go zones for the vacuum, as well as trigger a cleaning cycle. You could choose to schedule automatic cleaning cycles but if your cat has vomited or suffered from diarrhea, then the vacuum will just drag it everywhere, so it’s best to stick to manual control.

This robot vacuum will communicate with you too, letting you know if it runs into any trouble so you can go help it get loose from an obstacle. It won’t keep driving into your furniture or sit there to let the power drain, but will call out to you so you can set it back to work again.

And the Uoni V980 comes with a mop function. It won’t scrub the floors, but it will help pick up loose debris missed by the vacuum and, using the mop pad and water, give your hard floors a light clean while it vacuums.

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