Jimmy JV35

Battling pet hair on mattresses and furniture? The Jimmy JV35 handheld vacuum uses strong suction, a UV-C light, and heat to remove fur, allergens, and bacteria, leaving your home cleaner and healthier.


The Jimmy JV35 handheld vacuum is a pet hair-fighting machine designed specifically for mattresses and upholstery. It boasts a 14kPa suction power, strong enough to dislodge fur and debris clinging to fabrics.

This vacuum goes beyond just sucking. It features a UV-C light that zaps 99.99% of allergens like dust mites and pet dander. Additionally, it heats surfaces up to 60℃, further eliminating bacteria and ensuring a deeper clean.

For tackling pet messes, the Jimmy JV35 comes with a motorized brush roll that agitates and lifts embedded hair. The soft rubber and anti-static fiber construction prevents hair from getting tangled on the brush.

Maneuvering around furniture is easy with the lightweight design and a long 5-meter cord. Emptying the 0.5L dust cup is a breeze, and the HEPA filtration system traps dust particles for cleaner expelled air.

While the Jimmy JV35 excels at pet hair on mattresses and furniture, it might not be ideal for large floor areas due to its handheld design and dust cup capacity. However, for pet owners looking for a powerful and hygienic solution for upholstery and mattresses, the JV35 is a strong contender.

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