Jimmy JV35 Product Review: A Handheld Vacuum for Pet Hair

If you’re looking for a handheld vacuum for pet hair, the Jimmy JV35 could be ideal. It uses a combination of different technologies to remove pet hair and dust and help sanitize the surfaces in your home.

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While it’s not going to be your primary vacuum cleaner, it has the potential to be an excellent secondary option for upholstery, mattresses, stairs, and other surfaces in your home.


First Impressions of the Jimmy JV35 Vacuum Cleaner

The Jimmy JV35 is the third Jimmy product I have been fortunate to review, so I expected a well-made, well-packaged, well-thought-out product. And that’s what I got, as you can see in the unboxing below:

It was super simple to set up and get vacuuming – really, it was a piece of cake to figure out.


The Jimmy JV35 is packaged securely in a simple, low-profile box. Because the product comes assembled, it’s not the smallest box, but it’s not huge. Everything inside is held securely, so the vacuum arrives in excellent condition and ready to use.

Box Contents

The box contains the Jimmy JV35 vacuum cleaner, a spare filter, and a brush tool for cleaning the vacuum’s brush roll. There’s an instruction pamphlet, too, but it’s a straightforward device, so you don’t need to do much reading before you start.

Assembly Required

No assembly is required because the Jimmy JV35 vacuum is a compact, handheld model. You can lift it straight out of the box, plug it in, and use it immediately. It has a filter pre-installed, so there’s nothing you need to worry about regarding setup.


Jimmy JV35 Product Review A Handheld Vacuum for Pet Hair photo

The vacuum is 370mm long (around 14.5 inches) and 223 mm tall (8.8 inches), with a brush roll that’s 245mm wide (around 9.6 inches). It isn’t super-heavy either—it weighs around 3.3kg (7.3lb), so most people will find it comfortable to lift around their homes to manage higher surfaces.

It is a handheld vacuum, so don’t expect to be able to use it as your primary vacuum due to its size unless you enjoy spending your time on your hands and knees! You’ll want to use this as a secondary vacuum for tackling the stairs, mattresses, the couch, and other surfaces raised from the floor.

Best Benefit of the Jimmy JV35 Vacuum Cleaner

Jimmy JV35 Product Review A Handheld Vacuum for Pet Hair Cat Hair

The main benefit of the Jimmy JV35 is that it is more than just a regular vacuum cleaner. It also uses heat and UV lighting to help kill bacteria and neutralize dust mites in your home, giving each surface an even deeper clean.

The vacuum outputs a hot wind that quickly reaches 140 degrees (60 centigrade), killing dust mites and sanitizing the surface. The powerful suction captures dust and pet hair.

It also has a built-in UV light that Jimmy claims can kill 99.99% of bacteria for a great overall clean.

But while those extra features are advantageous, they don’t come at the expense of vacuum performance. It has a powerful 700W motor that can get deep into fabrics and capture all types of allergens. 

The brush roll helps pick up loose pet hairs and ensure they are quickly captured by the vacuum instead of just kicking them into the air. It also has an anti-static design, ensuring smaller dust particles don’t stick to fabrics and can still be vacuumed and stored.

You can also switch between different vacuum modes, so you don’t always need to use the brush roll or switch the UV light on. You can toggle between them at the push of a button, with three modes: UV & suction, brush roll & suction, or all three simultaneously.


  • Powerful suction when compared to cordless handheld vacuums.
  • The 16-foot cord is long enough to tackle a room easily in one go.
  • Heat & UV technology helps to kill dust mites and bacteria.
  • Its compact design makes it great for tackling stairs compared to an upright or cylinder vacuum.
  • The metal-coated body makes the vacuum study durable, so with proper maintenance, it should last a long time.


  • It doesn’t tackle edges well—you’ll need a separate vacuum with a crevice tool to get into tight corners.
  • 0.5L capacity isn’t huge – if you’re tackling areas with lots of pet hair, it’ll need to be emptied regularly


Jimmy JV35 Product Review A Handheld Vacuum for Pet Hair cleaning

The Jimmy JV35 is designed to be really easy to use. Being a compact handheld device without many parts, it shouldn’t have any problems working as intended. Regular maintenance is needed to keep it working at its best, including emptying the collection bin and cleaning the brush roll and filters. Still, these are quick and easy tasks to complete.

If you’re having trouble with the UV light, note that it only works when the vacuum cleaner is flat. Lifting it to a 30-degree angle or more will automatically switch off the UV light for safety reasons.

Ease of Cleaning

Jimmy JV35 Product Review A Handheld Vacuum for Pet Hair washing

Cleaning the Jimmy JV35 is very easy, though you’ll want to set aside some time to ensure everything dries. The box includes a cleaning brush to help you tackle the brush roll, which allows you to cut any hairs that get wrapped around it.

Otherwise, you’ll need to wash the filter and the bin every few weeks to ensure they continue to work at their best. Give the filter 24 hours to air dry before you use it again completely—a spare is included in the box, so you can swap it in when needed.

Jenny’s Personal Takeaway

I was pleasantly surprised by this little hand-held vacuum. I mean, I expected to like it because it’s made by JIMMY, but I didn’t expect to like it and want to keep it. But after the gal that helps to clean my house used it and was impressed, then I know how good it was – as I only clean my house and not 20 others like she does. I think she ended up buying one, but I need to confirm with her the next time she comes over.

I loved that I could use it on many things – my stairs, carpets, chairs, couches, bed, etc. It was so easy to clean, and I cleaned it after every use to keep it looking nice. I suspect I will always clean it after every use. I don’t like the look of dust in the dustbin. I want the dustbin to be clean after I use it.


Jimmy JV35 Product Review A Handheld Vacuum for Pet Hair on the Cat Tree

The Jimmy JV35 is priced lower than most big-brand upright or cylinder vacuums, typically between $160 and $180. Remember that it’s not designed to replace your main vacuum but to be a better option as a secondary one, giving parts of your home a deeper clean.

Where to Buy the Jimmy JV35 Vacuum Cleaner & Discount

Jimmy JV35 Product Review A Handheld Vacuum for Pet Hair UV Function

If you order your Jimmy JV35 from Amazon and use the code Floppycats, you’ll get 15% off the total price, which is a significant saving.


Overall, I think this is a handy little vacuum with many uses in a home – with or without cats. It obviously does a great job getting the dust out of furniture that would otherwise go undusted. It’s super simple to use, and easy to lug around. I imagine I will have it for years to come, as part of my biweekly cleaning routine.

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