EquiGroomer Grooming Tool for Cats

The EquiGroomer Grooming Tool for Cats is a grooming comb that removes the dead undercoat on your cat, without hurting the coat. It was first invented for horses but works well on pets of all sizes.


The EquiGroomer Grooming Tool for Cats was made for grooming horses, but has become a popular pet grooming tool for animals of all kinds. The design is simple – a very small sawblade encased in a five-inch piece of wood. The wood is a nice size to hold in the palm of your hand while you comb your cat’s hair with the teeth on the blade, and it comes in several color choices. This EquiGroomer cat comb removes the dead coat underneath without cutting the healthy coat. There are other products on the market that remove the dead hair and thin a dense coat, but some of those products (like the Furminator) actually do so by cutting the healthy hair and removing it along with the dead fur. They essentially thin the healthy and dead hair at the same time, which damages your kitty’s coat. This product only pulls the extra hair out, not the healthy strands.

The teeth on the blades grab the cat hair by the end of the strand, so it doesn’t pull and hurt the skin. Even my two ragdoll cats, Charlie and Trigg, who hate being groomed, tolerate this tool more because it doesn’t pull so much at their coat. This would be a nice choice for anyone who has a cat that doesn’t like to be combed or brushed. This is very effective at getting rid of the extra hair, which is great, but also messy, so it is probably best to use this outside.

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