Ragdoll Cat Price

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Ragdoll Cat Price
Caymus in Recycle Bin

The Ragdoll cat price range can vary greatly. Usually it starts around $1200 for a pet ragdoll and can go all the way up to over $5,000 for a show or breeder quality Ragdoll. A long time ago (or it seems like it), I wrote a blog post about the buying a Ragdoll cat.  The Ragdoll cat price does vary quite a bit depending on the potential show and breeder quality of the cat in question. I thought it would be fun to show the prices of the Ragdoll cats my family has purchased:

  1. Rags, purchased in 1989 with his brother Cosby – $350/ea
  2. Caymus and Murphy, purchased in 2004 – $600/ea (reduced by $50 each because my parents were buying 2)
  3. Charlie and Trigg, purchased in 2009 – $800/each (reduced by $50 each because I was buying 2)

Here is a break down of the prices of Ragdoll kittens that I have found (please leave comments below to let me know if prices are much higher than these):

Quality:Approximate Cost:Notes:
Pet (Alter) QualityUSD$1200-USD $2800+(some breeders charge more for females due to the fact that spaying costs more than neutering, also some breeders will charge more for rare or non-traditional color patterns, like Torties CreamsLilacs and Flames)
Show (Alter) QualityUSD$1500- USD $4000+This is a Ragdoll cat that is perfectly marked to be shown at cat shows, but is spayed or neutered.
Breeder QualityUSD$1800- USD $3000+This is a Ragdoll cat that is fit for breeding and should also have been tested to be free of genetic diseases.
Show/Breeder QualityUSD$2300- USD $5000+This is a Ragdoll cat that is perfectly marked to be shown at cat shows, and is also fit for breeding.

  To see an explanation of what each quality means, please visit Buying a Ragdoll cat. Keep in mind that average prices for Ragdoll cats differ from one breeder to another and also depending on the kitten’s parents.If you want to buy a Ragdoll kitten, then the first thing you have to think about is why you are buying it for – as a pet, to take to cat shows, to breed, or to breed and take to cat shows. This is the main stepping stone because it also tells you where to buy your Ragdoll kitten from.Some breeders only sell show-quality, which increases the price, while others only sell pet quality Ragdoll kittens, which are purebred Ragdoll cats but have some breed characteristic defects that disqualify them from shows. Pet quality cats cost less than show quality, making them the most affordable Ragdoll kittens.If you want to purchase a breeder quality Ragdoll cat, then you should be prepared to spend more than you would on a pet or show quality kitten. Breeder quality cats come with a certificate that attests that they are free from genetic diseases and that they are authorized to breed purebred Ragdolls. Pet and show quality, on the other hand, are sold neutered/spayed.Show/breeder quality are the most expensive because they present the characteristic features of the breed perfectly, so they are fit to be shown in official cat shows. They also have a reproductive certificate, which increases their price even further. Why are these Ragdoll cats so expensive? Because not only are they show-worthy, but they can breed show-worthy kittens.  Aside from the quality of the Ragdoll cat, another major factor that impacts the price is the color/pattern. While blue and seal point Ragdolls are the most common variety, red and lilac Ragdolls are rare, which also makes them more expensive. Please note that each color/pattern may come at a different price.The final price for a Ragdoll cat also depends on the breeder and the medical procedures they have performed on the kittens before selling them, such as veterinary checkups and spaying/neutering (for non-breed-quality kittens). In some states, the breeders have to complete the full course of vaccination before they can sell the cats.The cost of these procedures will be included in the overall purchase price the breeders set for the Ragdoll kittens, so make sure you inquire about them. The more of these the breeder performs, the less you will have to take your new kitty to the vet.If you are looking to buy two or more Ragdoll kittens, ask the breeder for a discount because this is common practice. Any breeder is happy to have the kittens stay together, so they will be pleased to sell you more kittens.  

Buying A Ragdoll Cat – Other Considerations

While compiling the research for this post, we reached out to several reputable Ragdoll cat breeders to come up with the price ranges above.  Many of them offered further insight that was interesting enough to share on this post.  In other words, it’s important to find a Ragdoll cat breeder you like and then ask further questions than just price – because not all prices are created equal:

  • Prices vary greatly from the different areas of the US. I believe they tend to be highest on the east coast, especially near the large cities. I would say there is more of a varying degree also between the type of breeder you are buying from now. Where those who show and have been around a while are charging more than smaller breeders who do not show but still have registered kittens. I would say that rock bottom minimum is likely $850-$900 but that likely doesn’t include early spay/neuter which all reputable breeders do now in 2021.
  • While I hate to begin a conversation with prices, most buyers think they’re going to get a quality, well bred Ragdoll for under $1000…sigh
  • None of us breed minks, sepia, green eyed or yellow eyed Ragdoll…they’re not in breed standards, can’t be shown in CFA or TICA, can’t even be registered as Ragdoll in CFA.
  • I am sure you are aware of this, but adopters should be aware of the type of breeder they are dealing with.  It’s not just as simple as price.  There are so many “backyard” breeders out there. Do they test their breeder cats?  Do they feed quality food? Are the cats loved, treated as family members, given proper medical attention, and live in the house? Are the kittens raised with love, healthy and well socialized, etc.
  • My kittens have had their first set of booster shots, dewormed, altered and micro chipped when they leave me at 14 weeks old.  They also leave here with a substantial kitten kit of holistic hard food, canned food, two types of freeze dried turkey/chicken treats, bag of litter, assorted toys and a hand made bed. 
  • Sometimes it’s more than the price of the kitten – they can come with shots, health guarantees, spaying or neutering, TICA or CFA registration
  • Breeders who responsibility spay and neuter – when kittens have already been spayed or neutered (all reputable breeders require this and it is usually quite expensive plus then you have to deal with the after care-keeping the kitten quiet and confined, not allowing them to jump, hoping they don’t rip their stitches, get an infection, or get a hernia, and of course there is always the slight risk they might not make it through the surgery)

Ragdoll Cat Price vs. Ragdoll Cat Cost

When you decide to buy a Ragdoll kitten, you have to consider the price you are going to pay to the breeder, but also the cost of caring for your Ragdoll cat. Raggies are more expensive than many other breeds, so you might be focused on the initial investment. But keep in mind that there is also a long-term investment that you have to be ready to make in your Ragdoll cat.The cost of caring for a Ragdoll cat is higher than that of caring for a regular cat. Ragdolls are large size cats, which means that they need more food and specialized accessories like grooming tools for cats with long coats, cat beds, cat scratchers, and cat towers for large-sized cats, which are more expensive. Aside from these, you should also consider the cost of veterinary bills for vaccinations, regular checkups, and, if needed, for special interventions.The initial price of the Ragdoll cat is only the beginning of the investment. The total cost includes the long-term cost of caring for your Ragdoll cat. Since this is such a popular topic, I went ahead and asked our Facebook community – How much did you pay for your Ragdoll kitten/cat?  What year was it?  Are you a breeder – do these prices pretty much match your ranges?

Really though – the question about Ragdoll Cat Price should ALSO include the total cost of a cat in 1 year’s time. A kitten can be quite expensive because of vaccinations and what not.  A cat can still be expensive because of food, litter, vet bills, etc.  Do you have an idea of what you budget for your kitty every year?

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107 thoughts on “Ragdoll Cat Price

  1. Beth A Childress says:

    I was just offered one for $750 which includes travel costs but he won’t be fixed yet or microchipped. He is 12 weeks. Is this weird or what?

  2. dave says:

    I’m still kinda shocked at home price has gone up over the years. We got our first in approx. 2001 and paid $400-$500 and our 2nd a couple years later in the $700-$800 range. When Kingsley passed last year, I started looking around and discovered that 2-grand seems to be almost the average price. Pretty sure Covid plays a part in this as the availability of all pets seem to have become scarce, driving up the price as a result. Just wondering if anybody noticed a sharp price increase in last year or two.

  3. Lovely_Expensive_Kitties says:

    I obviously spent way more than the rest of you. August 2021, I spent $2,500 for my kitten and we were able to bring home the mama for free. I felt like this was an awesome deal until reading everyone else’s comments…

    • Jenny says:

      =) ha ha ha – my next one will probably be more than that. I would have paid thousands for my awesome two. I never think of them as a monetary deal, but I did land a deal in what they give me in return.

      • Jennifer Carter says:

        We are breeders so we obviously pay more. Our last 3 breeders cost over 6k each. That included the carrier fees to get them from abroad to us here in the states though. You definitely pay for what u get.

  4. Teresa Carpenter says:

    When I brought home my bi color
    blue ragdoll kitten in the winter of 2008 I spent $1500. she was not microchipped or spayed until we got her home which we payed for. This was a reputable breeder. I got all of her papers with name of parents, etc.
    If I had not gotten the kitten she was going to keep her as a breeder.

    • Jennifer Carter says:

      They are. Anne Baker the creator of the breed did in fact breed Minks and Sepias. It was the first couple she sold s breeder pair to that decided to breed them out. They are also the one’s who got them recognized and they only got traditional Ragdolls recognized. I see so much hate and animosity over this it is ridiculous. In the end, get what u want and be happy. Don’t go off others opinions. Normally, they are opinionated because they themselves only like traditionals. We used to only breed traditional but I had so many asking for minks. We eventually added a mink line and they are some of the prettiest kittens I’ve ever seen.

  5. Melody Thompson says:

    I purchased my kitten April of 2020 for $1400. She had all of her shots and was spade before we took her home. She is consider pet quality and has a tortoise shell coat. Probably not the most desirable and least adoptable trait but we love her. Our breeder now charges $1850 per kitten as she no longer has any tortoise shell coated kittens. All are pet quality. She in turn paid $4500 for her breeding quality queens and kings a piece. So the price of Ragdolls have dramatically increased over the years. I tried finding kittens in the $500-$800 range and no one was selling any in that price range. I have seen rescues up for adoption that were less expensive but that was way after I had already adopted my little girl.

  6. Abbagail Puckett says:

    I got my girl for free, family friend had a cat who had a litter of six kittens and I had just lost my cat 2 months earlier so i decided i was ready to get another one. Came home to research what breed she was and found pictures of ragdolls that look exactly like her! She has all the needed colorings and mannerisms. How do I tell if she is a true ragdoll? Her mother was not a ragdoll and none of her siblings were either, is it possible to have one ragdoll in a litter of six kittens?

    • Jenny says:

      She’s not a Ragdoll if her parents weren’t pedigreed papered Ragdolls. The only way to know if a cat is a Ragdoll is if you do a DNA test or they come with papers….but the fact that her mom wasn’t already tells you your answer. Could she have Ragdoll in her? Maybe – but only a DNA test will determine that.

  7. Patti Johnson says:

    ALWAYS a SUPER FABULOUS & PAWESOME re-post, Jenny honey! TYSVM!!! 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love & purrs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3 <3 <3

  8. appelonia says:

    I realize this is an older thread but perhaps some ‘current’ prices would be of use. We’re picking up our very first Ragdoll kitten in July, and will pay €850 (around 991USD) in total. Our breeder maintains the same price for all her kittens, even the ones that could be considered show quality as she breeds them purely as a hobby (she does ask a seperate price for breeding quality kittens, I do not know what amount they go for as our kitten will purely be here as a companion). When we get to pick him up he’ll be 16 weeks old, has had both of his vaccines (although she does recommend getting another one when he’s half a year old cause not all of the kitten vaccines take immediately and then stick to vaccinating him once a year), will be castrated and we’ll receive all of his papers (test results parents etc.) as well as a surprise kitten package. I’m not sure how much money we’d spent on two cats but on the one we have right now we spend around €300 – €500 a year (that includes food, litter box supplies, toys and any vet bills we might have).

    • appelonia says:

      (Oh, I forgot to mention. We’ll be getting a seal mitted Ragdoll, so no out of the usual colouring there. Plus we live in Europe which might make a big difference in terms of prices. Our vet could also tell us that prices for Ragdolls have gone up in the past few years due to their growing popularity)

    • Jenny says:

      Thanks for providing what you’re paying your Ragdoll. Yes, Ragdolls purchased from a breeder in New York vs. Kansas are probably going to cost differently because 1. cost of living NY vs. KS, 2. breeder history and the quality of the cats being breed, etc. There are so many reasons. I paid $800/ea (they were $850/ea, but I got $50 off for buying two) for my cats 9 years ago – so $991 ain’t too bad in almost 10 years and across the ocean.

    • Jenny says:

      I just reviewed the page due to your “perhaps some ‘current’ prices would be of use” – and realized that the prices listed are current on the chart – $850+ for the pet quality isn’t too far from your €850. So what did you mean?

  9. lovemyfluffyprince says:

    Prices seen to have gone up lately! I’m trying to find a pet quality kitten in California, and breeders that sold pet kitties for $850 two years ago now start pet prices at $1,200!!!! Is this just California, or it is happening everywhere?

    • Jenny says:

      Thanks for the head’s up – I will look into it – but yes, I would say California breeder prices are always going to be the highest.

      • lovemyfluffyprince says:

        I ended up finding a gorgeous seal mitted girl at a breeder in California for $900 that I’ll be able to take home at the beginning of April! That’s up from the $800 that I paid for the blue point girl I got from a nearby breeder a year and a half ago, but still under $1,000 thankfully. I’m so excited to meet her!!!

  10. Sydney0502 says:

    Seems like the majority of these posts are years ago (2012?)..Im posting this in 2017 – new to this site so if I am missing the more current threads if someone could share with me what Im doing wrong? Anyway, I felt compelled to post on this subject as Im in process of purchasing a new ragdoll for my family. I have a ragdoll – 9 years old and decided I have enough room/love for one more. Anyway, back when I first bought Mowgli (my current boy) I remember what I had to go through and now unfortunately brings back bad memories.. Enough to make me see red to the so called “breeders”. Back when I found my Mowgli, the ragdoll websites were all in the range of $750 -$800. That was the going rate. You could find some even more. I didnt see any website that would bargain. I actually attempted to work with a couple..ya know the angel websites with music..(weird) but I tried. The two breeders I originally connected with seemed nice enough but very cryptic and “legalistic” in their communication. One I came so close to sending a deposit but something about “non refundable” didnt ring responsible to me. Thank goodness I hesitated as shortly after I agreed to send her the deposit she posted on her site her cat had kittens. Then I minuz well have never spoke to her. She didnt respond anymore when I emailed her congrats….I tried calling her with no reply. I then sent emails inquiring if she had any seal points because that is what my deposit was for. I actually was able to get her to respond one more time however it was as if she didnt know who I was – I made a decision to NOT work with her. And here I had agreed to send her a non refundable deposit no less than a week or so before (after several back and forths too). 2nd breeder..didnt have any photos of kittens on his site. Told me when his cat did have kittens, he controlled all the info shared including simple photos posted . I had to “wait” for the photos to be put on his site and for some reason that was for the wellfare of the kittens? Needless to say..he was too controlling for simple photos /info. He wanted even more a non refundable deposit. Then it happened..I found this small add in what I consider the classifieds. A woman had posted with photos of ragdoll kittens – they were old enough you could tell their colors and cute as a button (I think they were about 5 weeks in the ad). She was taking deposits but more then this..you were reserving the kitten (not just a deposit). I responded full well thinking this lady could be a con or at best have a couple long hair alley cats. At this point, I didnt care.. They looked close enough to me. Ya see, I could care less about the “registrations” or the shows. I just wanted seal pointed fur balls I grown to be so fond of over the years. My neighbor had 2 gorgeous ragdolls and I also had always been fond of Himalayans. I usually adopt or find kittens and take them in – and since they are lifelong partners..have never had the opportunity to actually “pick” a cat for its type beforehand. I had with a dog not with a cat . All my cats in past were “mutt’s> but we loved them and they were lifelong companions. This was my first attempt to actually get one more “in advance” and one that I had worked with from a “breeder”. Anyway, this lady from classified was so easy to work with. She had one male left but told me it was a bi color. I was disappointed as I really wanted a seal point. She sent me a photo anyway and said someone had just came to see him but wanted to think about so was giving me the benefit of the doubt (I was out of state so couldnt go to see him) I had to rely on the photo. I told myself I would wait since I didnt want the bi color..waited this long I would keep trying. BUT, sI looked at the photo and was immediately “inprinted” to this gorgeous fluff ball. Turns out the lady had her colors wrong (to my favor). He ended up being a seal point, mitted with blaze ( she thought he was a bi). Now 9 years later..he is everything and more. What I thought was a clearence ragdoll cuz I found him in the classifieds..turned out to be every bit the most gorgeous beauty he is. He lays on his back and strattles where there is nothing but his blue eyes behind all the fluff. He is actually now even MORE full fluff then ever. GORGEOUS. He has gigantic paws, super fluff mane (like a lion) and gorgeous markings. I paid $425 cash. I was sent photos whenever I asked to my personal email (not a website). I could call her any time and you could tell these were real time photos..of Mom , Dad, Siblings too (not fancy, photo shop photos with music in background). Ugh. It was a pleasure to work with her.
    Now Im trying again, back to the drama ..the sites now all want $950 to $2k. Same ole same ole. Where is all these posters finding $300, etc? BUT, God is on my side as once again, I found a woman who is willing to work with me more like my Mowgli’s original owners did. She requires only a small REFUNDABLE deposit of $100. Once I choose and accept, that’s it. She will hold the kitten – and send me weekly updates (she told me this, I didnt even have to ask). Her price $500.00. She does have a website..clearly not as professional as some but also better than most (I hate those angel websites that are so tacky and gaudy). Unfortunately since Im out of state I do have to rely on photos and the owner/breeder’s word. I will take my chances with her just like Mowgli. To me its worth it…$100 deposit is worth my time and hers. She is about the same distance too (ironic, right). I have to drive 6 hours to get to her. I dont care about breeder rights, registration or anything. I could get there and it not be the kitten in the photo, etc. but honestly just like with on line dating..you have to trust God and your instincts. Unless I physically can get to the breeders site beforehand there will always be a risk. So far, she has been wonderful. We will see. So all the breeders asking $950. or more? Seriously????

  11. Bonnie Koukas says:

    I bought Rhett for 750 and he was a discount because he was not as friendly. He was a hold back from a litter to be a breeder and show quality. He would have cost 1250 for alter show quality I didn’t ask about breeder price since he was altered already. I would say I spend $12 a day for both of cats plus dry ziwi peak they graze on.

  12. Rose Rowe says:

    My 2 Ragdolls, a male Seal Bicolor, and a male Seal Colorpoint, both show quality (although I am not showing them), were adopted in July from a Massachusett’s breeder, $1250 each, altering included. Their parents were DNA tested for HCM and PKD, dewormed, Frontline applied, and given all age appropriate shots. Their sire was a TICA Supreme Grand Champ of 2011, so that added to the cost. Worth every penny, priceless!! I love them dearly!

  13. Sarah Watson says:

    My Lottie was a birthday Present from my husband. She cost $750 already sprayed and had her first set of shots.

  14. Kattolio says:

    I have a brother and sister. Neo is a Seal Point and Seven is a Seal Point Tortie. They were purchased in 11/2009 @ $450 US each. They were not altered when they were purchased. I’m not sure if they had their first shots or not, as I received them from my brother at almost 9 months old after they discovered that his son was allergic to the cats (their loss, my win!)and he refused to take medication so my brother and sis-in-law could keep them. Initially, they were very expensive due to bladder & cyst issues and having their botched declaws fixed (they were declawed when I got them). Please do not declaw your cats!!!! They will be 6 years old in July.

  15. gorgongirl says:

    I have two retired breeders/show-cats from the same breeder. I paid $100 for each. The breeder charges $800 for kittens.

  16. simba1415 says:

    Here in Toronto Canada, you pay $750 for a spayed female and $800 for a neutered
    male. A unspayed female is $1500. (that is Canadian dollars) It was the bes $750 investment I ever made.


  17. Deborah Easley says:

    I bought Jazzy in 2013 for $750 ($100 of that to neuter). He is a blue mitted. Cruz I bought this year from the same breeder for $750 also. She gave me $100 discount for being a repeat customer. He is a sealpoint lynx mink. Both boys are beautiful and were very well taken care of. I picked up Cruz at her house which was spotless. They even had a special “kitten room” filled with toys, cat trees, and other items. As for food, I have a 12 year old Scottish Fold who had to have radical surgery two years ago for a severe blockage so he eats Royal Canin SO. Even though I tried to keep the other two away from his food, both Jazzy and Cruz love it. I suppliment their diet with another dry food and canned food at night. I’m in the process of trying to get them all on only can food. Having to work with the vet for Scotty’s sake on this one. Vet bills are just the standard shots and dental. However, Cruz has cost me more in emergency trips to the vet. I came home one Saturday afternoon to find one of his eyes swollen shut and messy. Of course, my vet had closed for the day. A trip to the emergency vet resulted in a $255 bill for a diagnosis of a herpes virus in one eye. So far it hasn’t come back, but it may. We’ll see. The other trip to emergency clinic was after his shots when he seemed to have a reaction to the rabies shot. That bill was $230 and he was fine afterwards. I pay $44.44 a month for health insurance on both. By the way, health insurance does not cover the emergency vet doctor ($101 per visit!). So Cruzzy has cost me a bit more than Jazzy! It may take him a while to get what Scotty has cost us over the years. He was $300 in 2002, but has had three major surgeries-swallowed ribbon, the urinary blockage, and exploratory surgery because we didn’t know what was wrong. He has a habit of eating plastic bags. Over all about $3500 for all. He also has an annual visit to a cardiologist because he has a murmur $300. Meds are only $4 a month (Wal-Mart!). I lost my other Scottish Fold in 2013 after a 10 year battle with HCM. His vet bills and meds were much more!My parents shake their heads, but the boys make us happy. I have a 27 year old daughter with CP and Scotty belongs to her. He has been wonderful for her. She moved out two years ago into a group home, but often comes home to see him. Don’t think she really misses me-just Scotty!! I love my boys very much and will spend whatever it takes to make them happy and healthy. I’m forever buy toys, beds, a cat tree…they are spoiled.

  18. Lana Nickerson says:

    I am a breeder and those price ranges are quite accurate from what I know. I charge $750 for pet kittens and they are spayed/neutered and have first shots by the time they leave. I have paid $2000 for a breeding female, but think that is on the hish side. Most of my breeders, recently, have cost $1500. Back when I started breeding, they cost $800 to $1000 and the pets cost $500. But back then the pet babies weren’t spayed or neutered either. Interesting to see what others pay for ‘upkeep’. I don’t even want to know what I pay for my crew in food and vet bills. Better not to know! With four breeding cats and eight pet cats, just the annual vet visits cost a bundle. Then if one needs special attention or a referral hospital, then things really add up. But they are definitely worth it!

  19. janet Knowlton says:

    I got Finn in August 2013 and he was $750, which included the neuter. My breeder does not allow her kittens to be adopted without being fixed first. Then I got Bug in October and he was $750 but we got a $100 discount because we got them from the same breeder. I don’t really know how much I spend but it is at least $150 a month. Now let’s talk about boarding! $100/day for 2 dogs and $60/day for 2 cats and $15/day for the rabbit. We will be gone in September and it is going to cost me $3,800 for the animals!!! Now that’s scary!

  20. Sue says:

    We bought Sonny for £450 last December about $750. The prices advertised here in the North of England vary from £300 – £450. We went for this breeder because she had great Show Quality cats and a great pedigree herself! Sonny although is not show quality, white tip to ear, he is a definite pet. We then had him neutered at 6 months old costing £32. He came vaccinated and microchipped, with a five generation pedigree.

  21. CC says:

    I paid $500 for Butters, but in vet bills (emergency and non emergency, plus neutering) in addition to food, toys and bedding, I have paid close to a grand. My breeder said she would approve for him to be a show cat but not as a sire. I was initially paying for wet and dry food for Butters. He is now is off wet food. My vet provided me with three 7 ounce free dry kitten food bags of Royal Canin. On the day I picked up Butters, I purchased the biggest bag of Royal Canin I could find, and two months later still on the same bag. I feed him the amount directed on the bag. There are still the every other month toe nail trimmings and cat food I will have to budget in. Of course his Grandma purchased toys and treats for him, but I don’t count that into my budget. Regardless though, Butters is still a lot cheaper to care for than a 16 year old, teenage son.

  22. Beth says:

    When I got Jazzy last year from my breeder I paid 950 in Canada but that came with her already being fixed she was an older kitten but I didn`t care because she was the perfect personality for me. I love her to the moon and back and couldn`t picture myself without her she was worth every penny! In Canada though you can pay anywhere from 650-950 depending on the breeder and whether they are fixed or not.

  23. Dementia Boy says:

    If you’re just talking about William’s first year (1989):

    (1) Price: $300 or $350. He was a bargain-basement deal due to a heart murmur and HCM. (I threw out his files after I euthanized him so I can’t be sure about the cost of anything.)

    (2) Well-kitten check-up, blood and urine (no vaccinations; breeder had taken care of those as she had planned to keep William due to his congenital problems): $80?

    (3) Well-kitten check-up, physical only, still no balls: $25?

    (4) Echo and ultrasounds performed by equine vet (most small animal vets didn’t have high-tech equipment): $140. For some reason, I definitely remember this charge.

    (5) Blood, the “special” anesthesia, isoflurane (it’s de rigeur now; then, you had to special order it), and bilateral orchidectomy with three-day hospital stay and antibiotics: $800?

    (6) Bee sting on nose: $40?

    (7) Christmas tree needle in eye, “special anesthesia,” eye drops: $100?


    (8) Iams kibble (so shoot me!! it was 1989 and we still believed the world was flat): $100 yearly?

    (9) 12 oz. wet food daily, Eagle, Triumph, Tamiami, Solid Gold, I can’t remember what else was out then: $240 yearly?


    No, I’d better give up while I’m behind!! William was an inexpensive cat to own and operate =) Oh–Nerf balls. Lots of Nerf balls. Maybe $10.

    Now I budget for the cats. They have their own bank account so I can sort of keep track of expenses. My rental income goes directly into that account. In October, I went way over, and so moved money around like a Cayman Islands banker. Admittedly, I cheat; if I’m at the dreaded Walmart and only picking up one of Jolie’s prescriptions, I include that cost with my own. Same with Amazon; if I’m ordering stuff for myself and include a few cat toys, the cats’ account doesn’t get charged. And that beautiful verdigris fountain is decorative, so the cats’ account wasn’t charged. If I ever get around to getting the PawNosh bowl, the cats’ account won’t be charged for that, either.

    • ChristyB says:

      @Dementia Boy, you should totally get the PawNosh bowl – it’s beautiful!

      If I had a separate account for each animal it might help me spend less since I would have to face my spending habits for Prossimo gear.

      Good thing Yoda doesn’t understand math or should be very upset about the disparity of money spent on her versus Prossimo. She doesn’t like toys and really wants to spend her days on the receiving end of belly rubs which are free!

  24. Patti Johnson says:

    Great discussion, Jenny! 🙂

    We paid $1000 ($850 for pet quality kitty + $150 for the spaying) in January 2013 for our beautiful Pink Sugar girl. (She’s worth that & much more. Actually, she’s priceless — as I’m sure many Ragdoll owners feel that way about their babies.) 🙂 <3

    I have no idea what our annual budget is for her as we just include what she needs (food, litter, toys, vet visits) as part of our monthly budget for everything else we have.

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Pink Sugar 😉 <3

  25. Ragdoll Mommy says:

    Nico and Anya were $450 for the both of them; this was in 2012, and they were adults then. Tadpole was $62,000 ( I’m not sure what the actual price was).This was in 2004 (we were buying a house and he came with it), lol. 😀

  26. Dorsey says:

    I purchased my second Ragdoll kitten last July. I paid 600.00 for Kirby. I had him neutered at 5 months of age. He is so much fun and full of energy I am thankful that he is very healthy.

  27. Moriah says:

    I purchased my first Ragdoll kitten this past March. He was breeder quality but was sold to me as a pet and was therefore neutered prior to me picking him up. We paid $800 for him and he was worth every single penny.

  28. Deidre says:

    I bought home Giorgio, my first Ragdoll and a Cream Point, in January of 2014. I paid $725.00 complete with his neuter. I got him from Vanillabelle Ragdolls in Utica, NY. I am getting another baby, a female, in late June. She is a Seal Bi Color and her cost will be $750.00, complete. I am getting her from Willette Ragdolls, in Raynham, MA. I am so excited to be bringing home another baby andI am happy with the services of both breeders. I am a strong advocate of kittens staying with mom for a minimum of 12 wks. I have had cats who where orphaned or taken away too soon and I can definitely see the difference in their behaviors.

  29. Dorsey says:

    I bought my first Ragdoll in 2011 from Scottie Cone at Rags2Riches Ragdolls in Wendell, NC. I paid 650.00 for her which included her spaying. I bought her home at 8 weeks of age. After lots of reading and research I learned that 12 weeks is the minimum age that a kitten should go to a new home. Katy is still a great cat and the picture of health nevertheless.

  30. Kanelbulle says:

    We just brought home our raggie last month and we live in Sweden so our costs may be slightly higher.

    Miso (pet quality): $1200
    Estimated spay: $200
    General vet visit: $150
    Food: $600
    Toys: $300
    Catification/shelves from IKEA: $100

    We hope to bring home another kitten from the same cattery later this year. We got our Miso (seal bi-color) from Ulla Ekdahl here in Sweden at Chorotegas. Every cat in her home has an amazing temperament so we cannot wait to add another to our family.

    I had always wanted a British Shorthair because of those adorable round, cherubic faces but the Ragdoll personality blew every other breed out of the water. It really is true that a home without a ragdoll is just a house.

  31. Shelley says:

    Both of my raggies are from a rescue, paid $200 for the pure bred and $150 for the rag mix. I feed only high quality grain free wet food (PetGuard that I used to get at Whole Foods, now from wag.com along with WF brand called Whole Paws) and budget $70 a month for food litter and toys. They are on Banfield (Petsmart) wellness plans that include teeth cleaning and shots every year along with unlimited vet visits should they become sick for another $50 a month, plus is keep them on flea prevention year round, I use PetArmour for another $20 a month for both. I love my babies! Always consider saving an adult before considering a kitten, they are perfect pets!

  32. Lisa says:

    Bought Murphy Bo DEE andd Miley 3and1/2 months old due too older age factor 350.00 dollars,Miley lives with my son who also owns Winston a male Ragdoll,from another breeder,him and Miley mated one time and gave birth to a wonderful litter of 5.My son gave me the runt kitten now a year old a smart large healthy,Lilac blue Ragdoll boy.Ceasar and Murphy Bo Dee reside ,with me and my hubby,and Ceasar adores vhis uncle Murphy,copys and learns alot from MURPHY.THESE SMART BEINGS HAVE OPENED ME AND MY HUBBYS HEART SO MUCH.Cant imagine life without them,my son introduced me to The world of Ragdolls,and Jennys website is the best in the world for sure!LISA

  33. Colleen Duggin says:

    I did want to mention that we loved our breeder and we are currently in process of waiting to be matched for a second adoption. Roxann Vass of Creekcats is based out of North San Diego County. She lovingly hand raises her kitties, shows some of them. She was very responsive to my inquiries and has been awesome about responding to kitty questions after we brought Sasha home. This is why I am willing to wait for a second kitty. I prefer to do business with Roxann. I know I will have a healthy beautiful kitty with a wonderful temperament.

  34. Colleen Duggin says:

    I brought Sasha home from our breeder on August 31, 2013. His cost was $675.00. This was her rate for all of her pet quality cats. His father is a Grand Champion chocolate mitted. The breeder says she likes using him for breeding due to his wonderful ragdoll temperament, which Sasha does most definitely have. My kitty is a blue mitted with a perfect diamond shaped blaze above his eyes. He has a little kink toward the end of his tail that you can’t even notice until you pet him. I suspect that tail kept him out of the show ring given his otherwise good looks and temperament, which is just fine with me! Sasha eats a combination of grain free Instinct kibble and Instict limited ingedient wet catfood (we’ve notice the poo smell is markedly lessened with the limited ingredient foods). I would estimate about $505.00 in catfood over the past 9 months he has been with us plus his last well kitty vet visit of approximately $75.00. The vet took him for the first two sets of shots and his neuter surgery before we got him. I buy litter and box liners in bulk. I’m not sure how much I’ve spent on that, but our little prince does appreciate a clean litter box.

  35. ChristyB says:

    Prossimo himself was free but dude is expensive to have!

    Litter – $15/mo
    Food – $82/mo
    Feliway – $15/mo

    In addition to the above, by a quick calculation I have spent about $1k on toys, trees, bowls, beds and other miscellaneous stuff just for him since 12/2012. At least half of that has been spent on items due to Jenny’s reviews!

  36. Jim says:

    We paid $500 for Frito in 1998. Milo cost $700 in 2014. Neutering is an extra cost which were were/are responsible.

    Frito was a seal bi-color and we were dead set on getting one. In 1998, there were only a few Ragdoll breeders in my state and none had a bi-color kitten at the time we were looking. Frito happened to be in the next state west – New Mexico.

    Given Ragdoll’s popularity, we got Milo, who is a blue mitted, for a bargain. But price wasn’t the reason I went with Milo. The breeder was the most responsive to my email and phone inquiries. The other 2-3 breeders I contacted were anything but communicative.

    I loves my Ragdolls.

  37. Jennifer says:

    Believe it or not we found our ragdoll in the animal shelter in Alaska! We didn’t even know what breed she was until we became fascinated by her awesome floppiness and started doing some research… I feel tremendously blessed. We have had her now for 13 years. She has made two cross country (actually one cross continent) move with us. She is an absolutely amazing car traveller, did much better than our dogs. Love, love, love the ragdoll!

  38. Brandon Walker says:

    I paid 650$ for my Ragdoll, who is mitted and named Elizabeth Taylor. We’ve had her for 6 months, and surprisingly, she’s not too expensive to maintain at all. We have her on the PetSmart plan which is 30$/month, and covers nearly every medical necessity. And canned food is about 70$/month. She’s a wonderful companion and amazing addition to our little family! If I had to choose to do it all over, I would!

  39. Victoria says:

    We picked up our ragdoll kitten 19 weeks ago and paid £480 for her. Today’s exchange rate makes that $765. She is a neutered seal mitted bicolour.

  40. Amy says:

    Vito was $775 this past July. I beleive that cost is due to the fact that there are very few breeders in this area and the demand is high. He came un-neutered, wormed and first vaccinations. He was very well socialized and I feel the breeder was good. My vet knew of the breeder and says they are reputable and always breed nice, sweet Raggies.

  41. Desiree says:

    I recently (Oct. 2013) bought 2 (pet) Ragdoll kittens (I’m not a breeder), one seal mitted male and a blue mitted female from the same litter. Costs: 700,- Euro’s ($948,-) for the male and 650,- Euro’s ($880,-) for the female. I got a 50,- Euro ($68) discount because I was buying two cats at the same time.

  42. Eve Kurpiers says:

    I bought Nuzzler a blue bicolor for about $500.00 in 2001. She was a pet, early spay, no problems till about 2004 when she began to have feline acne and allergies to 30 different items!!! After much allergy testing, medication and vet visits, she contracted ringworm.
    Expenses for vet at least a thousand dollars.

    I bought Snuggler a choc lynx Torbie bicolor show cat in
    Dec 2005, she was $1500.00, beautiful and healthy but did not enjoy showing. Healthy appetite also. She swallowed NINE glitterball toys in Nov 2006. 2 surgeries and many chewings later, she’s still very much vocal and a wonderful cat – but those vet bills can run in the hundreds. Cats are like 6 month olds – you NEVER know what they are going to get into!!!

  43. Kelly says:

    We got our two boys for $750 and $950 – and a 50 dollar discount for getting two. Our bluepoint mitted was $750 and the Blue Mink Bicolor $950 – From the research I have done most Ragdolls in my area (Northern California) are between $650 – $1100 for non breeders.

  44. Sarah says:

    I payed 725$ which included 75$ for my kitten’s neuter surgery. Food, toys, and pet supplies cost me another few hundred ( haven’t totaled it up yet). I think someone on a budget would still have to spend about 200$ on supplies if they do not already own a cat. One thing to keep in mind is that some contracts request you do a vet visit within 1 week of receiving the kitten. My vet visit cost 138$. But in that visit I got the kitten microchipped, a potty/ sanitary cut and some fortiflora.

  45. Angela says:

    Oppa was $600 and newest cat Kimchi was only $350 (discount of $100 for being returning customer) she was a lil older but not that old. Got them from gemdandyragdolls =^^=

  46. Barbara Hirsch says:

    I got Anna in 2008 and Sophie in 2009 from Precious Paws in Charlottesville, VA. They were $800 each. We had to spay them ourselves which cost around $450 for Anna and $550 for Sophie because I also had her chipped. The girls have always been healthy and the only time I’ve had to bring either of them to the vet for anything other than regular check-ups and shots was earlier this year when Sophie got into something and skinned her ear. The emergency vet bill was $225 for clean up, an antibiotic shot and an e-collar, which I thought was very reasonable.

    I bought a couple of thousand dollars or so of supplies for the girls before I took them home the first time, and spend around $200 or $300 a month average for food, litter, treats, toys, replacement scratching pads, etc. I buy all their food, hairball treats (for Sophie), etc. at PetSage in Alexandria, VA. It’s an organic pet food store. I replaced two water fountains this year at a cost of $150 for Drinkwell 360 stainless fountains.

    A regular checkup for each cat costs $70 when they don’t get shots. I take them once each year. When Anna gets her rabies and distemper every three years I take her on two visits because she is sensitive, So that winds up costing me $250 for both visits. Sophie is $135 for her vaccination visit because she gets it all together. They are indoor cats, so I’ve only been getting them fecals every other year, those are $60 a piece.

    I consider anything I spend on my girls well worth it for all the pleasure they give me. I don’t “budget” for my cats, but I’m guessing they cost me somewhere between $3,000 and $4,000 a year. I’m sure I could do it cheaper if I needed to.

  47. Stephanie Bray says:

    I have 8 Ragdolls, ALL rescues, ALL free. 2 are Grand Champions and one is a Champion. All are absolutely perfect. You never have to buy a Ragdoll, rescue them instead because they are killed in shelters every day.

    • Jennifer Ross says:

      My Phoebe is a retired queen and was almost 6 years old when I adopted her in 2011. She cost me $300 and it’s the best $300 that I have ever spent 🙂

      Fancy Feast in Sydney retails for A$1.07/can and usually I try to get it on special for around 83c/can. I also buy Royal Canin Intense Hairball formula dry food, 2kgs for A$35.95

      I also have Phoebe insured against major illnesses.

    • Shirley Evans says:

      Hi, My cat past away about a month ago. It really hurts when I think of him which is every day. Where did you rescue your kitties from?

  48. Barbie Heinen says:

    J-Cat & Babsi: $800.00 each after $100 discount for two kittens. They were “miss marked” so cannot be shown, but their Daddy is a Supreme Grand Champion and their Mommy is a Triple Grand Champion. They come from two wonderful breeders in the Oklahoma City area who not only show their wonderful cats all the time, but raise them lovingly as part of their marvelous families. One breeder, FamilyTime Rags, has their Daddy, and another, D’s Jewels, has their Mommy so the kittens came from her. So we have two wonderful babies and couldn’t ask for more. Now almost one year old, they came to us at 12 weeks old, neutered and spayed, microchiped, and with all age appropriate vaccinations, wormings, health record, four-year health guarantee, a kitten care package for each kitten filled with a food sample of kitten food, sample of litter, toys, as well as sweet plush baby blankets. Both breeders are always available to answer any of my questions. So you can see they have a LOT of time and love invested in their kitties, and I think the cost is very appropriate. As for what the babies cost ME in a year, just read all the costs associated with everyone elses babies above, and you’ll know! But as everyone before me has said, they are SO worth it!

  49. Jennifer says:

    All prices in Canadian dollars:
    Toby – $100, papered rescue 😉
    Cosmo and Orion – $665 each after tax
    Isabella – $100, papered retired breeder. Had to spay her myself.
    Hailey and Maia – $700 each, both fixed and both torties. Breeder charges the same for rare colours as traditional colours.

  50. Linda Sidor says:

    I am a breeder, I purchased my very first pet girl
    Meribelle for $450.00 in 1991! She lived to be thirteen
    We fell in love and the rest is history!

  51. Amber says:

    I got mine from a lady who just wanted to spread the ragdoll love. She was against registration and didn’t want her animals in cat shows since they are basically like circuses. I bought 1 male and 1 female ragdoll from her in late 2011. I paid $450 for the male and $225 for the female. It was a “buy one get one free” deal. Plus, she just really seemed to like me a lot and related to me. I think she just wanted to have kittens to play with as well. She had a lot of money, a really huge house and a lot of free time. They were extremely well taken care of. She had several other adult cats that were rescues and every single cat in the household got along with each other. There was a lot of love there.

    I paid about $700 at the vet a few months later to get them both fixed, tattooed, pain meds for the surgeries, cones and a health check up (blood test, etc). The reason I didn’t get a health check up right away is because the lady had it done for me. She even gave me the vet documentation.

    I spend about $40 on litter each month, $60 on soft food and $50 on hard food. Actually, maybe not even that much because they eat less than I buy. I just like to make sure I always have enough food on hand for them. Mango (the boy) is super beefy but doesn’t eat much. The food I buy is locally made and really good quality, so maybe that’s why. He’s very healthy. Gypsy (the girl) eats a lot, but I think she has a high metabolism because she’s super skinny no matter how much she eats. Over all, though, they are not that expensive to maintain. I don’t ever want to have kids. My ragdolls are my kids! 😀

    By the the way, those are Canadian dollars 🙂

  52. Jenn Rausch says:

    I paid $375 + $275 airfare for my Ollie – 1/2 price discount as the breeder (NOT RECOMMENDED) was discounting older kittens. He was 7 1/2 months when I got him. They did not neuter him either, I discovered later during research that all other breeders spay/neuter before sending to their homes. I spent almost $1,500 on him in vet bills in the first 4 months, in addition to his neutering, chipping and vacs he was discovered to have an ear polyp after 2 1/2 months of trying to figure out why he had a chronic ear infection and weepy eye. Thankfully the ear is good now but we still deal with the weepy eye.

    I have no idea how much I spend on vet bills a year, I have 5 cats now and this has been an unusual year with all Ollie’s issues. As for feeding, about $30/$40 a month on dry (Blue) and not sure about wet, around $15-$20/mo depending if I can get Friskies on sale. I split 1 5.5 oz can for all 5 a day.

  53. Melissa says:

    In 2007 I adopted Sebastian when he was 6 years old for the low low price of $25. He was listen on petfinder.com. For that fee I got the most amazing companion, his brush, a broken automatic littler box, and his carrier. I often tell Sebastian that was the best $25 I have ever spent. He was in a situation where he was kept in a basement of a home because he was afraid of the dogs and children. Now 5 years later he is still with me, living a happy carefree life. No matter what we pay for a Ragdoll these beautiful cats make the most amazing companions with their sweet distempers, gentle head butts, their “Ragdoll Flops”, blue eyes, and unconditional love.

    • Jenn Rausch says:

      Melissa, you are absolutely right ! ! I’ve had 4 cats I never paid a cent for and they are all so sweet and loveable !

  54. Rachelle says:

    Davidson aka Davi was diagnosed this week with severe stomatitis – a common oral infection/inflammation in many of the ‘oriental’ breeds (Himalayan/Birman/Siamese, Tonkinese, etc.) and also in Ragdolls. His vet visit, microchipping and antibiotics for the stomatitis came to about $330. Yikes! Now I have to give him 1ml liquid abx twice a day – and he HATES it. I have to wrap him in a blanket and squish him between my knees to inject the liquid into his mouth. Neither of us are happy campers, but I hope the med helps. Stomatitis can be VERY bad.

  55. Robbie says:


    I may be interested in your furry friend. So sorry to hear you can’t keep him, but would absolutely love to get more information from you!


  56. Heather says:

    I’m looking for a place to put the word out and find a great home for our Ragdoll…. We have two little boys who we have found to be alergic to our precious Ragdoll – Ryoko. Ryoko turned one in August, is a seal point beauty, neutered, has his claws but never uses them, loves everyone and wants to be in the middle of kid’s chaos, and also loves our yellow lab.

    I have to find him a home to someone who prefereably has a loving dog, children and house that would spoil him rotten.

    Any suggestions?

  57. Rachelle says:

    I was soooo lucky. I got a CFA registered Sealpoint Mitten male at 2 1/2 years old from a younger Russian woman who had bought him from a breeder a few months back in 01/12. She found that he didn’t like her two daughters – maybe they pestered him too much? – and she was going back to Europe for a while and couldn’t take him. She had let a neighbor “take care” of him for just a few days, and supposedly in that time his whole belly and chest became matted. She sold him, his carrier and large hooded litter pan for $30. No, that was not a typo. I took him to a very good groomer and for $65 plus a $10 tip got his belly and chest shaved of matts, and the rest of him bathed, as well as a high-and-tight trim around his butt (I can’t STAND cling-ons) and nails cut. He gets along with my 20 lb. dog (as long as he stays away from the dog’s food), he is incredibly affectionate, loves to curl up by me, follows me everywhere in the house…and meows loudly for his spendy $1.49 per tiny can of wet food – occasionally on sale for 99c at Petsmart (I tried some Friskies…he only ate that when he realized I wasn’t going to give in right away to the more expensive choice he’s on now; after all, Friskies wet food is better than no wet food). He was also fed Iams Digestive Health dry food because “he has a sensitive stomach” and though I still have him on it, I’m doing some research on better options for longevity. (Seems he didn’t take to Blue Buffalo; it gave him loose stools.) I also buy Feline Pine litter at $13+tax per 14lb box, and with cleaning his box twice/day and weekly fresh litter, I go through about a box every 2 1/2 weeks. His shots were up to date, but I’m getting him examined in a couple of weeks for some baseline lab work, as well as getting him microchipped. heaven forbid he slip out of the house – I would never get him back, I think, even if he were ‘chipped, cause he is SO handsome! $25 for a cat tree, $10 for a grooming tool, plus there’s toys, catnip, treats, waterless shampoo for between quarterly groomer visits…. phew! But so worth it. Now if I could just de-smell his poop he’d be perfect. LOL

  58. Jerri K says:

    I had to convert that to US dollars – 1000 EURO equals $1225 US dollars. I’m really not sure what the going rate in Italy is for Ragdoll kittens. In the US, for that price you would likely get a show-quality kitten. Pet quality kittens, based on the local breeders I’m familiar with are about $675-700 US dollars. This would normally include everything you mentioned, as well as knowing the parents have been genetically tested for the HCM gene.

    So while I agree with Jenny that they are worth every penny, compared to US prices, 1000 EURO seems a bit high to me for a pet quality kitten! But if that’s what you have to pay in your area, you will not regret it!

  59. JL says:

    I’m looking at getting a kitten here in Italy from a reputable breeder. The price for the one I want is 1,000 EURO. It includes sterilization, vaccines, pedigree, and health papers.This price is higher than what I am seeing on here but maybe because it is Europe and the sterilization fee of course. Does this sound reasonable? Thanks so much!

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Jessica, for me, the cost of the kitten doesn’t really matter if I know I like the breeder, know that the parents have been tested for disease and the kitten looks healthy and most of all if I feel a connection to it. In 1989, my mom paid $300 for my Rags who lived 19.5 years. That breaks down to $15/year. I would have paid $3,000+ a year for him. He was the love of my life. I don’t think 1,000 EURO sounds like a lot. Again, though, to me it’s not really the important part.

  60. Tessa says:

    I paid $550 for Tessa in 2005, she is not a show cat but a family cat. She had been spayed and had her 1st set of shots. She was 16 weeks old when I was able to pick her up from the Breeder. She is a blue bi-color. For her 6th birthday I purchased her animal health insurance at $20 per month. She eats both dry and wet food – Royal Canin Hairball (about $18 a bag) and Blue Buffalo Wilderness ($25 per bag) her wet is Wellness Helath Indulgenc at $1.23 a pouch. I’ve tried to switch her entirely to wet but she really will not eat the foos she licks the juices from the wet.
    She has been so well worth any money I have had to pay for her; she’s just like a child to me.

  61. Teresa says:

    I just got my little baby “floppycat”, Olivia Grace on Feburary 11, 2012. She came
    with her 3 sets of shots, deworming, and was spayed. Her price was $900. She is a blue sepia/mitted. If I remember correctly, the classic color ragdolls were about $100 less. The lady was super kind and told me up front that she would help me with payment if I needed it. Since we lived about 3 hours apart, she brought Grace all but an 1 hour away from our house so we could pick her up while her sister was going to another person in the same area.. The breeder offered to bring her all the way here, but it was no problem driving the hour away – in fact – it was really fun because it snowed! Actually got to visit the cattery to pick her out, and it was immaculately clean and sparkling. All kitties were well and playful. She has been a complete joy and can’t imagine life before her now.
    As far as food, she is on Royal Canin #36 for kittens dry food, but will try to slowly switch her over to Wellness cans (used a groupon from PetFlow), as soon as possible since I am not comfortable with all the data that is suggesting that dry food is either causing or highly contributing to renal failure. Have had a number of cats over my life and more than half of them have died from this horrible disease. Have switched over all of my adult cats to canned food and they seem like they are healthier because of it. One cat I have right now has renal failure and she is one that ate the dry food for a long time before the data was made available. Yes, the canned food is expensive, (I use 4-6 cans per day) , but our babies definitely are worth it. Anyone with any suggestions of how to switch her over to canned food, would be most appreciated. Thanks.

    • Teresa says:

      To add to the current convo, I got my sweet Illaria who is a seal mitted lynx in October 2012. She was $950 and the breeder gave us a month’s supply of food together with the pink carrier she was in. When we met, the breeder brought her sister and offered her to me for $450.00. Boy, it was hard to turn that offer down, but I had my husband there staring pointedly at me. So wished I could have gotten both, but the breeder assured me that Illaria’s sister would have a great home as well.
      I dont budget for their food for the simple fact that I know I would cringe if I really added up all that I spend on my 3 girls. Had to put Illaria on life’s abundance cat food and so I transitioned everyone over to it. It is pretty expensive, but it is good quality and none of them have reacted negatively to it. The yearly vet bills are around $300 for checkups, plus anything extra that might arise. Thank God nothing so far. Also spend a lot on toys, blankets, and scratchers. Have been getting the spoiled rotten boxes that are $24 a month too. Whew, see why I dont keep up with this stuff -it scares me just writing it. And, lastly but very importantly is the litter expense that is about $75 a month. My girls are my children and, just like many of other Floppycat parents, we just love them so much that I don’t care if I have to go without an extra latte or Starbucks, or eating out – because I would rather be home loving on my babies.♥

    • Nora Yudin says:

      My beloved Buddha got Feline Diabetes from dry food. It is very high in carbs. I have had others that lived until 18 eating high quality dry though. Cats are Obligate carnivores. I cured Buddha through Dr Elizabeth Hodgkins “tight regulation” which she holds a patent for.
      I fed him 2 raw warmed white mice (that I ordered frozen from a very reputable place in calif) in the morning and fancy feast at night. Fancy feast used to have less carbs than most, but it’s quality has since been lowered. Switching can be difficult as they spray the dry with an animal digest to hold it in the little pieces . Cats become addicted to the taste or would Never eat the stuff. I ended up with freeze dried food from Stella and Chewy. It can be soaked in slightly warm water. No grains or fillers. Tasty items such as forti flora($$) can be sprinkled onto the wet food..Parmasan cheese or crushed freeze dried Duck Duck dog treats- cats love them too. Puff will only eat lousy Friskies, so I feed him human grade raw chicken pieces to supplement it with real meat. I learned to be a catfood detective and though the meat is a higher quality in many premium foods they are usually loaded with fillers like cranberries and other vegetables and fruits that are not natural food for cats.Most cats can handle these if they are w/i reason, but I had two become diabetic from Dry food. I wish to God I’d known ,as I lost one of the greatest cats when I was clueless. .There are starting to be more commercial raw foods on the market now as many of us see the difference it makes in the health of our household carnivores. It will cost you more, but you will SAVE on vet bills (and heartache). Sprinkle the wet food w/ any really tasty treat..Forta Flora is great, but you can grind any other treat -all meat baby food as topper, freeze dried dog treats w/o fillers, Tuna juice on fish flavor. I wish you the best!!

  62. Sharon says:

    More expenses!!!
    I forgot to mention microchiping is anywhere from free (with spay/neuter clinic) to $50 at the vet. Also, pet insurance for all breeders/show cats at $32 (Queens) to $34(Kings) per cat.
    Of course there’s treats and toys. Roughly $150/month.
    Each has a bed $10-15 and a carrier $50-70.
    I have 2 pet strollers $50 each.
    Then, there’s the Sturdi show cage (I think)$250, the drapes and backdrop $200. The red wagon to haul everything for show $100, the brushes, combs, deshedder, shampoo, and rinse $30 (but lasts for months).
    The big red First Aid/Earthquake duffle bag that I got at the Orange County Fair Pet Expo for $85 x 4.
    One in every car/truck and one in the house at the door (for quick grabbing in case of evacuation).

    They have the complete line of ‘Kittywalk Systems’ outdoor playground $700, the cargo cages (3 for the truck) @$100 each, the closet cages (which are the coolest things-they have long straps for the clothes bar and hang under your jackets/shirts and they can rock in them or just hang out in them).
    BTW Kittywalk Systems were developed by a married couple who are owned by Ragdolls!! I get mine on Ebay!

    They have 4-7 foot towers- 6 total about $125-$200 each, the scratching posts (Kong) $50 x 4, the Comfort Zone plug ins $25 x 4 each month. The service animal registration, vest, patches $100 each x 4 (so far), the Drinkwell fountains $20 (sale) x3, $70 x 2. The replacement filters $12 month. Their food bowls (which match my Pfaltzgraff Tea Rose dishes) $30 each x 7 (and replaced every one of them). The special pet hair vacuum cleaner $350, the electricity to run all of these toys (bill looks like the national debt).
    TICA registration $14 (I think), and $50 for 5 generation pedigree, CFA registration (can’t remember how much that was)

    I’m sure there’s more I’ll think of later. Ha!!

  63. Sue L. says:

    Molly and Daisy were each $500 in 2009 from the same breeder. They have the same parents but are from two different litters. Molly is seven months older than Daisy. (Like potato chips, you can’t have just one! ) They seem to do best on just dry food- Iams Proactive Health. When they were younger I did give them canned foods. They were very fussy but their favorite was Science Diet, but it didn’t always agree with them, so it is just the dry food now.

  64. Sharon says:

    Oh heavens!
    *#Gregory 1/2009 $700
    *#Oliver 8/09. $700¤
    €Aunt Bea 12/09 $450
    *#Anthony 2/10 $750»
    *Cassie 1/11. $1500
    *Dash/Andy 3/11. $1800 each»

    * turned down this amount
    *# littermates sold for at least this much
    € was the runt of the liter (and markings looked like she was in a fire.)
    ¤ are registered as Service Animals
    » are registered as Emotional Service Animals.
    They work with my autistic son.

    Yes, I’m a breeder.

    I spend so much money in a year at the vets office, they gave me the code to the back door!!

    Last year $7,862.50 for all

    Neuter at the vet is $350, spay is $450. At the clinic it is $65 each.

    Shows are entry fee, travel, lodging, food. Can be $1000 in a weekend. Not including professional photos taken at the show.

    Food is bought in bulk. 5 bags of 20# plus. Buy 4, get 1 free. Every week.

    Grooming takes hours! A bit different for show cats vs pets. Pets are brushed every day, show cats are bathed, primped, fluffed.
    All have their teeth brushed every day and all are pampered.

    Don’t forget the kitty liter. Total of 10 boxes that are scooped twice a day and totally dumped, washed, dried and refilled every week. That’s 10 bags of liter/week at about $10/bag. I’m ready to potty train the cats!

    But there is NO price that equals the love they give, the companionship, the snuggle factor.

    I just wouldn’t have it any other way.

    I should mention that I have a full time job outside of the house!!

    My 2,000 sq ft beach house is immaculate, does not smell like a liter box, the cats have free run of the home and no one sprays on the walls, destroys the furniture or is declawed. They are trained, with kindness and love. My sons and I all work with them all of the time!!

    If someone is breeding for money, they’re not taking very good care of their cats, because until everything is said and done, I don’t make money.

    BUT….I wouldn’t have it any other way!!

  65. Coinneach says:

    I paid nothing for my Charlie; her breeder simply needed to rehome her and wasn’t worried about payment. I spend about $150 per year on her at the vet (exams and such). All three of my cats eat the same food, Wilderness, which costs about $40 per month.

  66. lisa staffa says:

    I bought my Louie in May 2002 for $550 b/c he was the runt of the litter and the last one left, no one wanted him. Plus his white triangle on his face was off center. But he is awesome either way. At the time raggies were in the range of $700-$950, so i got a deal

  67. Julie says:

    Ha! It won’t let me reply to our convo any more Jerri!
    But…I have never heard of the “selects”…Sounds GREAT! I will see if my Petsmart carries that! And it’s funny you mention Wellness…THAT is what I first started him on but it was too rich for his lil tummy! Mooshu loves the turkey & beef & chicken slices & morsel flavors of Fancy Feast…get this…He is a SNOB & won’t go near the fishy flavors! He also used to only LOVE the Classic type…now he would rather starve than eat them…Thank god for the proplan with rice or with pasta flavors…LOVES those! But I am curious how he would like the Selects…Thanks for the idea!

    • Jerri K says:

      My boys don’t really like the wellness cans – but they love the Wellness Healthy Indulgences Pouches, especially Tuna. It’s a chunky food with gravy.

      That’s funny – the CLASSIC Fancy Feast flavors are the only ones that are gluten free and lower carb!

      I do get the Pro Plan Selects at PetSmart! They are usually right by the regular Pro Plan, but the labels have more white on them. Different PetSmart stores carry different flavors. It is more pate-like – no gravy or chunks. My boys especially like the Turkey, Beef, Chicken and of course Tuna. Jenny just posted a link for a buy one get one free coupon – check that out!

      • Julie says:

        Hahaha! Leave to my cat to not like the ONE that’s good for him!! I will see if the also have the Wellness pouches and try that…but not the tuna…god forbid a cat likes fish! Hahaha! And YES! I just printed the coupon! Every little bit helps!

        • Jerri K says:

          Try the tuna pouches – it’s not really tuna-y if that makes sense. It has turkey and turkey broth and turkey liver as well. Sometimes I buy the other flavors, but I buy the tuna by the case!

  68. Julie says:

    Jenny…weird…I got an email with your reply but it’s not showing up on here…Her excuse was that her husband took the wrong kitten in to get fixed!! She seemed a little overwhelmed with all the kittens & her day job…she came highly recommended though…and was very sweet & apologetic…she was actually in tears. But still…not at all acceptable as far as I am concerned! She did call me weekly to check on him & sent me a sweet card apologizing & being grateful that I got him & was being a good mom to her baby…so it’s not that I think she didn’t care…I just think she lost track! UGH!

  69. Jerri K says:

    I forgot to talk about the kitty budget every year! I always have $1000 in a savings account for veterinary bills (which we have already blown through this year with Dusty!) With three Ragdolls, who are now eating canned food exclusively, I estimate I will be spending approximately $300 a month on their food alone. Another $60 or so on litter and toys.

    • Julie says:

      Jerri…Since I just switched Mooshu over to ONLY wet food…I am going broke!! It’s about $80 a month!! I can’t even imagine THREE kitten mouths to feed!

      • Jerri K says:

        You’re telling me – and I can’t bring myself to feed them friskies or other low end food, so most of what I buy is about $1 a can/pouch, and I open at least 6 cans a day. Most are 3 oz cans, but I will have to look into larger cans to try and save some money soon. They are worth it, but I have had to cut back on a few things like Starbucks and eating out!

        • Julie says:

          To be honest…When I first got Moosh…I thought “nothing but the best for my boy!!” But he didn’t do well on “the best”…he had poopy butt (see my poop story on here) When I asked TWO different vets they both said I am not a bad mom if I feed him what his tummy can tolerate…that just so happens to be Fancy Feast 3oz cans +/- $0.60/can & ProPlan 3oz cans +/- $0.80/can & he gets 3-4 can a day! But hey…no poopy butt! 🙂

          • Jerri K says:

            Well, I know Stormy would not be happy without his Wellness Pouches, but I do give them the Pro Plan Selects (a little pricier than the regular Pro Plan at about 95 cents a can.

            I will feed them anything that doesn’t have corn, wheat or gluten of any kind in it … I prefer grain free, but try not to be obsessive about it! I think there are some flavors of Fancy Feast that meat that criteria. I might need to try a few!

      • Aubrianna says:

        I would suggest getting a raw food freeze dried dry food… maybe Instinct by Nature’s Variety because it is still raw food and healthier than your normal dry food. I buy a 10 lb bag for 40.00 for one cat and this lasts about 3-4 months.

    • Aubrianna says:

      Try Wysong, they have a variety pack Epigen that is PURE MEAT, nothing else that comes in 12 ounce cans. This could help when feeding mulitple cats.

  70. Julie says:

    Mooshu was $850 in 2011…and I was told he was fixed…but after noticing what one can not help but notice in a boys “area”…I found out he wasn’t!! Luckily the breeder acknowledged her error when I contacted her & reimbursed us for the cost! Over his life time (estimating 18 HEALTHY years) on food alone I expect to spend $17,280!!! Not including litter, baggies, toys (lots of toys) or treats…or even vet visits!! Man I LOVE him!

  71. Jerri K says:

    Dusty was $650 in 2006. His brother Stormy was $100 – because he had a rough start in life, and she couldn’t guarantee his health – I call him my discount kitty. 🙂 He’s been very healthy, so I got a good deal by taking a chance on him! Denali was $675 in 2011. All from the same breeder.

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