Necoichi Cozy Cat Scratcher Tower Review

The Necoichi Cozy Cat Scratcher Tower combines one of Necoichi’s most popular products – the scratcher bowl – with a double decker tower, exterior wood panel design. New to the Necoichi collection, this creates a multi-level tower toy that gives your cat two options on where they want to perch or letting two cats share and relax at the same time.

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The tower is great both as a lounging space for your cats to cozy up or nap (hence the name), or as an engaging scratching post to release some of that pent-up energy, keeping their claws healthier and also meaning your sofa furniture doesn’t bear the brunt.

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The layout means that your cat has the choice between a more sheltered spot underneath, with the upper bowl providing a little bit of cover, or they can opt for the upper comfortable bowl if they want a better vantage point of the room while they take it easy.

Two Reversible Necoichi Cozy Cat Scratcher Bowls

The two bowls are the best parts of this scratcher tower. They’re a really clever design that works great for a better scratching experience or relaxing. They’re made up of concurrent circles of cardboard, held together by natural adhesives.

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Rather than a flat circular pad, you just push the center of the bowl down and it creates the comfortable concave fit of a bowl. This has two benefits for your kitty. Firstly, it’s a more comfortable spot for them to unwind, almost ergonomic. Your cat will be able to curl up in a more natural way, aiding to the cat’s comfort.

Secondly, because the bowl has that concave, round shape, it means there’s more surface area for scratching than there would be if it was completely flat. This extends the life of the scratcher pads and also creates more natural angles for your kitty friend – they have an angled surface to attack.

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The beauty of the bowls is how long they last. The cardboard used to produce them is durable, withstanding many hours of scratching before it breaks down, and when it does it creates less mess because it holds together well. A single cozy cat scratcher bowl could easily last for months, depending on your cat’s scratching habits.

Then, when the surface has been worn away, simply flip the bowl over and push down in the center again, reversing the bowl. Both sides are identical, meaning you get twice the lifespan from the bowl before you need to even think about replacing it, and it’s so simple to just swap over.

When you do need to replace it, you can easily order replacements. The cat beds are the same as those used in the standalone popular cozy cat scratcher bowl, so there’s no confusing sizing information that you need to worry about.

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While the bowls are the highlight, the toy stands out because of the multi-level design that the cardboard tower gives you. It’s lightweight but sturdy, meaning it can comfortably support the weight of a cat on the upper level, and the wide base helps to prevent it from toppling over.

Scratchable, Sturdy Tower

The tower itself is also a multi-surface scratcher. Both the outer cardboard edges of the tower frame and inside edges of the tower structure have the same exposed corrugated cardboard for your cat to attack. This opens up even more variety in the surfaces your cat can get their claws into (literally).

For cats sitting in the lower bowl, they can reach up to scratch higher while still lounging, and cats can stretch up on the outside from a standing base, or reach down from the top bowl to scratch the side.

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Despite being made primarily from corrugated cardboard, the tower still has a contemporary look. The sides of the tower and the edges of the bowls have stylish wood print paneling, with only minimal decoration in the form of a few paw prints and the Necoichi logo.

If you want a tower that your cats can enjoy that doesn’t stick out and look cheap, this is a good option. The neutral tones mean it will just blend into almost any home interior décor, and it’s not so large that it becomes obtrusive.

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You don’t need two kitties for your kitty to enjoy this tower. This would bode well in single cat homes as well because both of my cats have utilized the top and bottom bunk depending on their mood, time of day, or just where they choose to be.

Dimensions and Finest Materials

In terms of size, the tower measures just a shade under 23” tall, and is approximately 20.5” wide and 20.5” deep, with the bowls having a diameter of just over 15”. The whole thing, when assembled, weighs just 5.5lb.

Necoichi Cozy Cat Scratcher Tower

This means it’s big enough to support most cats, although if your cat is on the larger side, they may be a little too big for it. Many cats are happy lounging in the bowls either curled up or dangling a paw or two off the sides, so it will depend on your individual cat.

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The entire tower is made from fully recycled cardboard, with a natural non-toxic adhesive used to hold parts of it together. Because it’s using recycled fine grain cardboard it’s better for the planet, and the no chemicals used in the adhesive won’t harm your cat if they decide to lick or chew on the tower – though monitor your cat if they do bite it, in case they swallow any small parts that could cause a blockage.

Generally, the fine cardboard materials hold together exceptionally well, providing hours of scratching and relaxation time for your cat.

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Assembly of the Cozy Cat Scratcher Tower is very simple, with no tools needed. The tower comes in two flat parts, one with notches at the top and one with notches underneath that fit together. One side has a joint that can be popped open so that the other side can be inserted.

Once fitted together, the tower will stand flat. The cozy cat scratcher bowl pads can then be inserted. Both the top and bottom spaces for the inserts have a notch to keep them secure in place. Installing the bowls is easy since, as they’re made from cardboard, you just push the sides together – there is some give. This will get them past the notches until you release when they will fill out the space.

Necoichi Cozy Cat Scratcher Tower Toy with Ragdoll Cat IMG_8284

It’s then just a case of pressing down in the center of the bowls and then applying pressure outwards to create a smooth curved bowl shape, and the tower will be ready to use.

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We received the Necoichi Tower for review from the manufacturer and also asked that they pay a small review fee.  Receiving the free product and the review fee did not influence this honest post.

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