Zoë – Ragdoll of the Week

Hii there, I would like to present to you our cute little kitty called Zoë.

Zoë - Ragdoll of the Week IMG_20170412_202625

She is now exactly from yesterday 2 years in our little family and is a good 2,5 years old. We got her from a breeder from the Netherlands even if we ourselves actually are from Belgium. I don’t know why but I emailed a lot of breeders for info and she spoke the most to me. Was the most friendliest and gave me the most info I wanted. I would definitely recommend her! I still talk to her a lot now even after adopting Zoë from her. She is so sweet and friendly! We are now even on the waiting list for a little friend for our Zoë (probably from the same mom and dad, how cute is that?!!).

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When I decided to adopt a Ragdoll cat was actually after I had domesticated rats for a couple of years and was up for something a bit bigger and more vivid and something that should (normally) live a lot longer. Because I live in an apartment, a cat seemed like a good idea. I always liked cats from when I was young, and I like them when they follow you everywhere and talk a lot. The reason why we then choose a Ragdoll is because my boyfriend is more of a dog person and because a Ragdoll seems to be the most doggiest cat of them all we decided to take a Ragdoll cutie into our little family.

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Now something more about Zoë. She is a suuuper crazy chatterer that’s for sure. Whenever we get home she will just talk and tell all about her day, even if that was mostly sleeping, because Ragdolls (or ours at least) can be super lazy, haha. The moments we get home, she is so happy she starts running/FLYING around like a crazy person. Hiding behind corners and whenever we pass she jumps up for like a meter or so, good wake-up call in the morning that’s for sure!

Zoë - Ragdoll of the Week IMG_20170911_175801(1)
The thing she then also likes the most is when we chase her. Hide behind corners or sneak up on her… She just loves it, she will runaway like a cheetah and then start sneaking up on us or call us if we don’t immediately follow her. She’s not only a chatterer but also kind of a stalker. She always wants to be wherever we are. If we are in the bathroom and the door is closed, when you open it she will be in front of it looking pissed that it was closed in front of her, haha. Also whenever you punish her or say something that she shouldn’t do, she will always answer. Quit the character she has, I LOVE it.

Zoë - Ragdoll of the Week IMG_20170220_221845
Apart from that she is a super sweetie. She loves it to be near us and she is crazed about her new scratching pole (the Paradise XL scratching pole from Zooplus (European brand)), she kneads in the baskets a LOT I think we have it now for 4 months and the basket is almost kneaded into pieces… Another fun thing I had for a while was a BB8 sphero ball that I could control with my smartphone. It’s a nice toy for cats even though it’s quit expensive, she at least liked to chase after it or hunt on it. Oh and she LOVES boxes!!! :’D

Zoë - Ragdoll of the Week IMG_20170831_220205

Except from the fact that she is sweet, talks a lot, has a lot of toys and fancy scratching poles, she has one ”flaw”, I put it between marks because it’s a flaw for me but definitely not for most of the people.

Zoë - Ragdoll of the Week IMG_20170417_172127_334
Even if she loves to be close to us and follow us around. She hates it when I pick her up, cuddle her or hold her close to me or on my lap. Not that she will to anything but she will just whine a lot and look at us very pissed. We keep on force snuggling her hoping once she will give up on disliking it and just accept it, haha. She’s so funny when she is not liking that. Oh and recently we bought ourselves a vaccuum robot from China. This robot spoke chinese in the beginning and I will add a very funny picture from the moment the robot was talking to her… It was hysterical.

Zoë - Ragdoll of the Week IMG_20170825_172947_647

Because she is almost 3 years old but still super playful and young of spirit, and also because we work full weeks and she is a lot alone, we are waiting for this second kitten to be born and become a part of our family. I’m so excited and looking forward a lot to see how she will react to this little kitten in our house. Hopefully she will be super happy and play a lot with her! Because at least now she is using us as other cats to play with!

If you want to see all the rascals that Zoë does, you can always follow her on Instagram.

This was my story about our little Zoë! Hope you liked it and liked the photos! And let’s all look forward to her having a friend within half a year at least!

Zoë - Ragdoll of the Week IMG_20170220_221822

Julie and Zoë

UPDATE! We adopted a second kitty already :), a Neva Masquerade called Zora, introductions are still ongoing but going well, Zoë is between playing and hunting with the little one so we’re getting there! Some pictures of Zora and sometimes with Zoë:

Zoë – Ragdoll of the Week

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  1. Oh My Zoe is beautiful, looks like my Girl. MIne is 16.5 years old, I remember when she was 3 she was very active, but didn’t talk to much, now she talks way more that she is older…..just like your mine has never liked to picked up & held, nor does she do the ragdoll flop, but she is always near me. Also mine doesn’t like to be brushed, but I love her to pieces flaws & all.

  2. Sandra Johnson says:

    How wonderful is this story of Zoe!!?? She’s a joy to you, and now you share your love with Zora also! Thank you for sharing your lovely Ragdoll with us. Our kitty is a Seal/Bi-Color Ragdoll who was a breeder at a fabulous cattery here in Florida called Simonsez. Hannity had reached the age of 6 years and was neutered and waiting for his Furever home. What a funny, lively boy our kitty is, and many of the antics you describe are so similar to our Hannity’s funny ways. He, however, is a cuddler and lover, so affectionate! We’ve had him (or he’s had us) for only a year now, but cannot imagine what we did without him in our lives!

  3. Thanks for sharing your beautiful story about your GORGEOUS girl, Zoe, with us, Julie! She sounds like a lovebug and a hoot-and-a-half! What a playful little gal she is!!! She certainly sounds like A LOT OF FUN!!! I just lurve her face and her little gray mittens! So adorable! Lurve how quirky she is with the chasing and stalking. And how delightful that she has a little sister now. Zora is very beautiful, too! I have never heard of the Neva Masquerade breed so I looked it up! So cool! Glad that Zora and Zoe are getting along and bonding! They are so very pretty and sound just amazing! 🙂 <3

    Wishing you, your hubby, Zoe & Zora many more years of good health, happiness, love and purry adventures together! 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

  4. ABarletta says:

    I can’t stand the cuteness! Zoe’s expressions are priceless! I can see where she really lets you know what she is thinking. Hilarious. She is a beauty. I am loving her little sister, Zora. What a cutie pie! Thank you for sharing your precious fur babies with us. Wishing you all many years of love and play and hisses and purrs.

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