10 Cat Facts That Prove They’re the Real Man’s Best Friend

We all know that dogs are supposed to be man’s best friend. But – nothing against dogs – cats are awesome too. They might have a reputation for being a little aloof and independent, but every cat is different, and who says aloof and independent is a bad thing? Here’s a look at ten reasons why cats are really man’s best friend.

Cats Are Funny!

Cats are funny – simple. If you want to bring some laughs into your home, cats will often do crazy things that you can’t help but chuckle at. Whether they’re hyper on catnip, mistiming jumps, or exploring places they shouldn’t be in your home, you’ll never get bored with a cat.

Cats Take Up Less Room

Cats don’t take up anywhere near as much room as dogs. If you don’t want your entire home being taken over by your pet, consider getting a cat. Especially since they just love exploring small spaces.

Cats Are More Independent

Cats are animals that all love to be independent. They definitely don’t want your attention at really inconvenient times, like when you’re trying to watch a movie or do your exercises in your home…

Cats Love Is Earned

It is true that cats don’t have the same type of love for humans as dogs do. Dogs are (generally) loyal and loving from the get-go, but with many cats, you need to earn that love first. But when you do, they’re super affectionate, and you’ll feel more loved by your pet than you thought possible.

Cats Are Less Messy

Dogs are well known for being messy creatures and trust us, cats are definitely not the same…OK, maybe they can sometimes cause some mild mess, but they are usually such tidy and well-behaved pets. Honestly!

Cats Are Lower Maintenance

Looking for an easy life with your pet? Cats are surely a low-maintenance option, right? Being serious, cats are often less demanding than some other pets, but sometimes they do just act like a bit of a prima donna too.

Cats Are Quieter

Do you really want your dog to be barking at all hours? Cats are notoriously quiet creatures…although maybe this video provides some evidence to the contrary.

Cats Sleep a Lot

Cats do tend to enjoy a good nap – but then, who doesn’t? As this video shows, cats are absolutely beautiful when they sleep, so enjoy these soothing cat nap videos (and think about all that time you’d have to relax while they were dozing).

Cats Are More Hygienic

Cats are much more aware of hygiene than any dogs, and as well as burying their own poop, they’ll also spend time cleaning themselves. Enjoy this calming ASMR video of cats taking care of their own cleaning.

Cats Chase Away Rodents

You need never worry about pests in your home when you have a cat – they’re all super-efficient hunters who always get the job done. OK, maybe not always, as this video shows.

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