Cat-tastrophic Myths Busted: Unveiling the Truth Behind the Craziest Cat Misconceptions!

There are countless cat myths that people believe, thanks to old convictions, the media telling tall tales, or good advice that has become twisted and confused. Some of these myths are dangerous, so be sure to get your facts straight if you’re a cat owner or considering becoming one. It’s time to separate fact from fiction and ensure that our feline friends receive the care and understanding they truly deserve.

Cats Always Land on Their Feet

Cat Proof Window Screens
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Cats will instinctively fall feet-first, but that doesn’t mean they can safely fall from any height and land. Always look after your kitty on balconies and window ledges – ensure they are safe.

Cats Can Drink Milk

Cat on doorstep with open bottle of milk
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Cats shouldn’t drink cow’s milk – it’s unsuitable for their digestive system. Goat milk or kefir is OK but not essential – cats don’t need to drink milk.

Indoor Cats Don’t Get Diseases

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This is a popular myth and one that couldn’t be more wrong. Indoor cats can still get ill from outside contaminants, so ensure you are vigilant for signs your cat may be unwell.

It’s Always Best for Cats to Live Outdoors

Peppermint In The Wild - of our yard
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Some cat breeds have characteristics unsuited to wandering freely – cats like Ragdolls can be naïve. They may not identify a threat from the outdoor world. Some cats are better suited to indoor life with some safe, supervised outdoor time.

Table Scraps Are OK

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Not all foods humans eat are suitable for cats; even in small quantities, some foods can be harmful. Always do your research before feeding your cat table scraps.

Pregnant Women Shouldn’t Own Cats

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While it is true that cats can carry a disease called toxoplasmosis, which can cause severe problems for unborn babies, expecting moms don’t need to abandon their cats – they just need to let someone else clean the litter tray until they’ve given birth.

Cats Balance Using Their Whiskers

Charlie's Whiskers
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Cats use their whiskers to feel the world around them but aren’t related to a cat’s balance.

Declawing Can Benefit a Cat

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Some people make the argument that declawing a cat is beneficial to them. It’s not, and usually, it’s just an excuse for the owner to stop the cat from scratching furniture. Cats shouldn’t be declawed.

Cats are Low Maintenance

Best Cat Toys The Bird Catcher PRO EX
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You’re wrong if you think you only need to provide food, water, and a bed for your cat. Cats need a lot of care, including toys for stimulation (and someone to play with them) and a whole lot of love!

Cats Hate Dogs

Baxx at 13 weeks playing with Grace
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You can thank cartoons for perpetuating this myth. Cats and dogs don’t instinctively hate each other; many can live harmoniously.

Cats Are Aloof and Don’t Show Love

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All cats are different, but many kitties show love for their owners in various ways, including nestling up against them, wanting cuddles, and purring.

Cats Hate Water

Indiana, 3 years old and Theodore, 9 months old, chilling in the bath together.
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Cats don’t drink water as much as other animals, as they get much of their necessary water from their food. Some cats enjoy swimming, too, so they don’t necessarily hate water.

Alarming Moments: Cats Caught in Embarrassing and Compromising Situations

Crazy cat look
Photo credit: Deposit Photos.

Sometimes you’ll catch your kitty in a compromising pose – as these cats prove.

Feline Fiascos: Cats Caught in Embarrassing and Compromising Situations

Ragdoll Cats and Their Love for Unconventional Napping Spots: The Sink Edition

Elijah and Zacharia - Ragdoll Kittens of Month 20190320_Wubs sink
Photo credit: Used with permission for Floppycats.

Cats in sinks are a common sight for many cat owners and enthusiasts. Enjoy the pictures.

Ragdoll Cats and Their Unusual Resting Positions

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