10 Mind-Blowing Facts About Your Favorite Cats

Are you feline bored and want to know some paw-some facts about cats? Well, get ready to purr with delight as we explore the fascinating world of our favorite feline friends. From failed CIA agents to ninja-like hunting skills, these cat facts will have you feline fine in no time! So kick back, relax, and dive into these tantalizing fun facts.

1. Dream Big

cat dreaming
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Cats are perfectly capable of dreaming like humans. Their pattern of brain activity during sleep is quite similar to ours. Next time your kitty twitches, chatters, or moves its paws, it’s probably dreaming about catching its next prey or chasing a rat toy you got for its birthday.

2. Puss in Boots

cat walking
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In reality, there may not be a Puss in Boots, but the closest thing you’ll find is the kitty spy that the CIA tried to make. The CIA spent around $20 million on “Project Acoustic Kitty.” Alas, it was a failed attempt, as the first kitty spy lost on its first mission. Maybe, kitties are not cut out for full-time jobs. 

3. Thirst for Vengeance

cat with vet
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Cats are capable of remembering the bad stuff. So, if you took your cat to the vet and saw her upset, you only have yourself to blame. Now, don’t get upset. The good news is that you can always offer treats and make amends.

4. Land on Its Feet

cat on roof top
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It is no surprise that cats always land on their feet. They are capable of surviving falls from insane heights by doing so. This is due to a righting reflex that corrects the body’s orientation when taken from its normal upright position.

5. Night Vision

cat at night
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Cats have incredible vision. While they may not be able to see in complete darkness, they have vivid sight when in low light. This can help you understand your cat’s post-bedtime adventures. However, don’t mistake them for vampires because of their late-night adventures. 

6. The Mystery Meow

Cat trapped
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Like human fingerprints, cats have unique nose prints. One cat’s nose’s distinctive bumps and ridges can never match another’s. Next time you want to find the culprit kitty who knocked off the bowl on the counter, you know how to find the evidence.

7. Ambidextrous or Not?

cat raising its paw
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Guess what? Just like us, cats can also be right-pawed or left-pawed. This can be observed in their preference for a paw when climbing stairs, reaching for food, or stepping over something. Sometimes, they can even be ambidextrous!

8. No Sweet Tooth

cat eating lolipop
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Cats may seem invincible, but they have one weakness: cats cannot taste sweets because they lack the sweet taste receptor. However, before you get ahead of yourself, remember that cats can taste things we can’t. An example is adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which provides energy to living cells.

9. Superior Sound System

Big Cat group
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Just when you thought cats couldn’t be more impressive, you find out about their acute sense of hearing. A cat’s hearing is 3 times superior to that of humans. Now you know why your cat was disgusted when you wore that new perfume you thought smelt great. Maybe ask your cat to pick out your deodorant the next time you go out.

10. Getting Rid of the Evidence

cat broke the plant pot
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Cats know how to get away with murder. You can usually see cats groom themselves after a hunt to wipe away any traces of the crime. If you catch your cat in the cat, you better call the feline police before it’s too late. 

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