MagiCarrier by K-Kat: A Cat Carrier That Makes It Easy to Get the Cat In

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MagiCarrier by K-Kat: A Cat Carrier That Makes It Easy to Get the Cat In

MagiCarrier by K-Kat A Cat Carrier That Makes It Easy to Get the Cat In ragdollUntil I adopted my Ragdoll cat, Trigg, I had no idea that it could be so hard to get a cat in a cat carrier.  I have to turn the carrier so that it is sitting with the door open and then drop him in and shut the door super fast.  I also have to bring the carrier out the night before we head anywhere and put it in the garage where I do this dropping – so that he will be around to “get” into the carrier.  It’s a ridiculous process that stresses us both out.

So, when K-Kat approached me about featuring their new Indiegogo campaign for a new cat carrier that makes it easy to get a cat in and out of, I was game to share.  You might have also seen it featured on Hauspanther a few days ago.

K-Kat is the maker of the It’s THE Scoop! metal cat litter scoop that we reviewed several months back.  They are always thinking about and working to create the next great cat product that solves a cat owner problem.  It’s probably best to watch the video they put together to describe the carrier (which is embedded in this post).  As you can see, the carrier has a “drawer” that slides in and out, so that you can easily get your kitty in and out of the carrier.  The neatest thing, I think, about it, is that cats naturally hunker down when they are pushed or pulled (as the video demonstrates), so they will be inclined to want to get in.  I do want to try this carrier out on Trigg.  K-Kat has promised to send us one if their Indiegogo campaign comes to fruition.

If you support the campaign this early on, you can get a MagiCarrier under the pre-order deals for $63 for one, and they go as low as $49 each for multi-pack orders, plus shipping.

You can get in on their MagiCarrier Indiegogo campaign here.

What do you think of the MagiCarrier concept?  Please share your comments below!

MagiCarrier by K-Kat A Cat Carrier That Makes It Easy to Get the Cat In Dimensions

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  1. Hi! Think this is a wonderful idea IF you can slide your kitty in without him/her jumping forward. Was sent an email about the carrier to be a backer for it, but the price ($74) (I think), stopped me from doing that as it looks like it is made the same as the other plastic carriers. Those worry me greatly that they come apart easily and the kitty could escape. Just this week, was at the vet and this lady came out of the exam room with a plastic carrier. As she was just about to walk out to the car on the busy highway, I saw that the back was hanging open because it had come loose and her kitty was nearly falling out. She had no idea until I quickly got her attention. It scared both of us to death what almost happened. Anyway, that’s why I prefer zip mesh or more secure carriers than the ones that split apart. Am anxious to see your review and how you think the plastic is and if it would be worth the $74+ when it becomes available in retail.

    1. Hi Teresa! Wow, that sounds like a very scary experience! Just a note to let you know that since the MagiCarrier has a sliding drawer, we needed to also design it to have reinforced sides and bottom panels, to keep it rigid and sturdy. It is a unique structural component that we added, so it will in fact be much stronger than the common plastic carriers out there now that can be quite flimsy. Also, nowadays many carriers use plastic fasteners to hold the top and bottom together, whereas we are going back to solid metal nuts and bolts. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

      1. Hi Dennis!
        Yes, it was a very scary experience and one that nearly missed being a disaster, but thank goodness, it turned out fine. Thanks so much for your prompt response and for addressing all the things that were concerning me safety-wise with the other plastic carriers. Am looking forward to Jenny’s review and will see what your carrier looks like on the video. Thanks!♥♥♥

      2. Good thing you were there and noticed! Sounds like you may have prevented a terrible accident from happening. Whew! Anyway, thanks for the note back. We’re looking forward to the review as well, and we hope you like what you see! 🙂

      3. At least my vet has a double-door so she had only partially stepped into that area when I noticed the back end hanging down and was able to stop her before she went any further. She had no earthly idea that anything was wrong. Am sure that if Jenny is reviewing it and she gives her approval, it will be amazing and I’ll have to get one. Thanks so much!

    2. Totally agree with you, Teresa! Thank goodness you were there to help that lady with the malfunctioning cat carrier! I need to get a decent one for Miss PSB as she just hates the older one we have. Very curious to see what happens with Jenny’s review, too, in the future. Big hugs!

      Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

  2. Great post about a great possible future product! I hope their Indiegogo campaign is successful and you are able to review one of these improved cat carriers!!! Would be very interested in seeing how it works with the Carrier-Loathing Chiggy! He would be The Purrfect Test Subject, I think! Thanks for the wonderful info! 🙂 <3

    Big hugs!!!!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

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