Anandi Sabeena – Ragdoll of the Week

Anandi Sabeena is a five (almost six) year old Blue Bicolor Ragdoll.

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Anandi comes from a wonderful Ragdoll breeder in Northern CA named Mary Riddell of Furreal Ragdolls. I met Mary when I attended cat shows and this is also where I first learned of the Ragdoll breed. I fell in love with their beauty and was told that they are gentle and sweet cats. I highly recommend Mary. She cares about this breed and makes sure that her cats are all extremely healthy. Mary tests their lines through UC Davis for HCM and other illnesses. She is also a very kind person who will tell you to stay in touch and if you ever have questions, just ask. I often send Mary pictures of Anandi.

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Anandi is my second Ragdoll from Mary. My first was a gorgeous flame point who I called Aidan Ananda. Some have said that Aidan was the prettiest cat that they had ever seen. He was named Aidan because it’s an Irish name meaning “little fire.” This fit my little redhead. Ananda is a Sanskrit name and means “bliss.” When Aidan passed, devastated, I called Mary. She told me then that she had a litter! I put a deposit down that day and a generous friend offered to pay the reminder of what I owed. Mary told me that the kitten that she chose for me was “the sweetest!” When she sent me pictures I was in awe of this baby’s big blue eyes!

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Anandi was named after Aidan. Anandi is the female form of the name Ananda. Her middle name, Sabeena means “beauty.” She is a “blissful beauty.” I have a spiritual teacher after I sent her pictures of Anandi she sent flowers for “the cat, Anandi Sabeena” to “welcome” to her “new home!” I feel that Anandi was blessed as am I!

Anandi Sabeena - Ragdoll of the Week

Besides being beautiful, Anandi is extremely sweet. She loves to be with me, sleeps right next to me and cuddles whenever she can. She is very much the princess of my home and it appears to me that my other cats bow down to her! Everyone loves her!

Raw Diet

Anandi eats mostly a raw diet with a great completer called, “EZ Complete” which she loves. She is very healthy (just went to the vet and she got a great report).

I make it. I purée the meat, add EZ Complete and water, put into containers for the week and freeze until ready to use. I try to rotate the proteins because they get different nutrients for each. Mine get: steak, hamburger meat, pork, chicken, turkey and when I can afford it, lamb.

To make cat food, I use my food processor to purée the meat, use Tupperware containers to put the meat in, once I’ve got all of the containers done I add the EX Complete and water, mix and freeze until the day before that offer to the cats(so it can soften). I usually let the unopened container sit in warm water for about a half hour before serving so that it’s not too cold.

I rotate the meats so that the cats get a variety and because different meats offer different nutrients. My cats get: chicken, pork, steak, hamburger meat and lamb. You can buy these in your grocery store or butcher shop. You can also use Dr. Lisa Pierson’s recipe which calls for various supplements and fresh liver and hearts.

Here are videos that I’ve made about making cat food:

How often should you brush a Ragdoll?

You should aim to brush your Ragdoll cat twice a week. This is enough time to prevent hairballs from forming and will help to keep your cat’s coat smooth and clean. Leaving it longer could result in hairballs, and their fur may get matted if neglected.

It’s essential to ensure that you don’t just brush their main body, but you get the problematic areas, too. If you want to brush your Ragdoll cat more often than twice a week, you can, but it’s unnecessary. Suppose it’s something that your cat particularly enjoys. In that case, it can be an excellent, calm bonding session for you and your kitty.

How do you brush a Ragdoll cat?

You should brush a Ragdoll cat slowly and follow the natural direction of the hair where possible. You may use different tools for the body and trickier areas, like behind the legs. Keep your cat calm and free from distractions so they lie still while you groom them.

It would be best if you started brushing your Ragdoll cat at an early age to help them get used to the brush and the grooming process. The later you leave it, the more likely they are to resist. Positive reinforcement – using a treat when the brushing is over – helps to let your cat know that brushing is a positive experience.

How do you stop a Ragdoll from shedding?

You can’t stop a Ragdoll cat from shedding. It’s a natural process for them. Instead, make sure you feed them a healthy diet to maintain the quality of their coat and brush regularly to remove shed fur so that it doesn’t become matted or get eaten as a hairball.

Some people recommend bathing your cat to reduce shedding. Still, it’s not usually necessary, and cats generally hate baths, so they can be more trouble than they’re worth. A healthy and balanced diet and regular brushing are enough to control your Ragdoll cat’s shedding.

She weighs in at twelve pounds! Like I said, she loves her food!

We also brush her teeth daily. Anandi is very good about this process though is now used to it.

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Anandi does not love the vet or the car and makes that extremely clear by screaming until home! She is a very “opinionated” girl! However, Anandi loves to be brushed! Her beautiful, soft fur rarely mats thankfully. We brush it mainly because she enjoys this process and admittedly she looks even prettier after a good brushing.

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Anandi has a fairly new little brother named Nicholas who is a Seal Bicolor Ragdoll. Anandi loves little Nicholas. She plays with him and grooms him. She is a wonderful big sister to her baby brother!

Anandi Sabeena - Ragdoll of the Week image

Anandi loves to play with Da Bird and other wand toys, though, her favorite game is chasing after her brother! She sleeps mostly on the head rest of my favorite chair or in my bed. Lucky for me, she loves to be as close to me as possible.

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Anandi is very personable. She is a talker! She will even have conversations with you and answer your questions. She is sweet, funny and very cute. I love her very much!

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Anandi has her own Instagram page! Anandi can also be seen on TikTok

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