Tiger Lily – Floppycat of the Week

Tiger Lily – Floppycat of the Week IMG_4638

Here’s Tigerlily 13 year-old Persian tabby. I named her Tiger Lily because of her stripes. I bought her online and wanted a short haired cute face female cat. Her stripes are her tabby nature, and her flat face is the Persian trait.

Tiger Lily - Floppycat of the Week IMG_3970

Tiger Lily is 13 years old and I bought her for Princey as a companion.

Tiger Lily – Floppycat of the Week IMG_0108

At first he did not like her. And was growling and screaming At her. I separated them and in a few days they became friends.

Tiger Lily can be affectionate to a fault. She wants to be petted but does not know when to stop. This makes me feel guilty. I could just had her for so long and then have to stop.

Tiger Lily – Floppycat of the Week IMG_0547

She’s easier than Princey but she can be a problem because she copies everything he does.

They both hide if I’m about to leave one house to another. Tiger Lily is getting a little tougher as she’s as she’s getting older.

Tiger Lily talks with her tail. If she is bothered her tail goes up, If she’s happy or tail goes up.

Tiger Lily - Floppycat of the Week IMG_6135

Tiger Lily sleeps upstairs, and Princey sleeps downstairs. They think they live in a condo. Tiger Lily is independent and so is Princey.

Tiger Lily sleeps over my head purring loudly at night, which at times can be very disturbing.

Tiger Lily – Floppycat of the Week IMG_4895

Tigerlily travels with me and Print say two hours each way back-and-forth from Manhattan to Southampton. They are better than my children: I think I should’ve had children later on in life. Animals and children pick up your energy, so when you’re very young as I was, my energy was disbursed.

Tiger Lily likes to drink spring water and eats almost anything. I give her. She’s not that fussy a cat.

Tiger Lily – Floppycat of the Week IMG_4894

Adorable, and smart makes Is the composition of Tiger Lily.

She doesn’t meow a lit lot which I like, but she does need a lot of love.

Tiger Lily - Floppycat of the Week IMG_3971

One time I had a mouse in the house and she went after it. I thought Prince Edward be the aggressor but it was Tiger Lily.

Tiger Lily needs a little grooming because she’s your haired. I brush her a few times a week. She does a good job taking care of herself.

Tiger Lily is a pleasure. Her sweet nature, Is appreciated by me.

She’s very graceful, and very feminine in the way she sits. You could tell she’s a female.

Tiger Lily – Floppycat of the Week IMG_1163

She does like to eat leaves of the plant I have to be very careful as to what plans they have in the house.

Tiger Lily is also named Princess Tiger Lilly. Couldn’t have a prince without a princess.

Tiger Lily – Floppycat of the Week IMG_0604

Princess Tiger Lily sits very royale. She does act like a princess. Royal sweet And endearing.

When I have company she may hide under the bed. She doesn’t like loud noises or children.

She’s a lover and a feminine feminine friend!

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