Luka and Willow – Ragdoll Kittens of the Month

Luka and Willow - Ragdoll Kittens of the Month

Bringing Ragdoll Kittens Home:

They were 13 weeks old when we brought them home. Luka is a blue point bicolor.  Willow is Blue Lynx Point Mitted.  We were so glad they had each other.  Everything was unfamiliar to them, but they had each other and that made the transition easier.

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We named Luka , because his name means light and we thought it went well with Crescent moon.  Luka is a wild boy.  He loves to run, jump , and climb.  We catified our basement to keep him out of trouble.  He loves to run as fast as he can across the planks and up the scratching post hanging on the wall.  He does not like to play in the basement without a human.

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Ragdoll Favorite Toys:

Luka’s favorite toy was Catit Spaceship.   Sadly, he is too big for it now.  He still crams himself into it and sometimes tips over.  Luka  also loves a tent and tunnel that are designed for pigs!  It has been sturdy.  He definitely tests its durability.  Luka loves to burrow.  He wants to go under every:  rug, blanket, sheet, or tablecloth he finds.  If he makes it under the sheets, he will likely bite exposed flesh. I learned to tuck my covers tightly around me.  He really is a sweet boy. He wants love and attention and I am happy to give them to him.

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We have water fountains for the cats, but Luka prefers a mug.  He was always  getting  into glasses to see what humans were drinking.  We decided to give him his own mug.  It sits on the coffee table.  Luka will stand in front of his mug and do a little water dance when he drinks.   The coffee table is Luka’s current favorite place to nap.

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Luka and Willow had not been socialized with television.  Initially,  it scared them.  We worked with them to get them used to different shows.  Luka ended up liking television.  He loves Clone Wars and comes running when he hears the intro music play.  Luka also likes to watch the show, Yellowstone.  When the horses are upset,  Luka tries to help them. He looks behind the TV to find the horses.   Luka is a sweet, loving boy. He greets me when I come home and wakes me up in the morning. He talks to me and tells me about his day.  He is my shadow .  I feel like he has been with us for more than 4 months.  He is a perfect fit for our fur family.

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Willow is the quieter and more standoffish kitten, but she does have her wild side .  We call her a ninja.  The way she jumps straight into the air seems to defy gravity.   Willow likes to climb.  She usually sits to think of a plan of attack before jumping into the fray. .  Willow’s favorite toy is probably the Ripple Rug.  When we bring it out,  Willow goes crazy. She will sleep on it when she isn’t playing with it.

Luka and Willow - Ragdoll Kittens of the Month image_50414337

Willow’s other love is plastic springs.

Luka and Willow - Ragdoll Kittens of the Month image_50383617

She will run down to the basement to get a spring.  She puts it in her mouth and runs back upstairs.  We find springs inside closets and under furniture daily.

Luka and Willow - Ragdoll Kittens of the Month image_67203073

Willow and Luka love to play together in their tunnel.

Luka and Willow - Ragdoll Kittens of the Month image_50453761

They love to chase each other.  If you can’t find Willow, she is probably asleep in the tunnel.

We are thrilled to have these 2 Ragdolls in our fur family.  They make us laugh, smile,  and feel great love, every day.

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