Neko Flies’ Kragonfly

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Neko Flies is known as a brand that specializes in the creation, development and distribution of unique, high quality pet products. Ellen (owner) has decided to create toys that measure up to her and her cats particular needs.

Neko Flies initial product line consists of Interactive Fitness Series (purrfect for home use) and the Breeders’ Series (offers cat breeders a purrfect size toy for traveling that’ll keep their cat engaged and playful wile attending cat shows) which both tailors to the needs of our feline and their cat owners.

One of the attachments of their interactive cat toy is the Kragonfly. We all know that almost all kinds of pets especially the cats, do love chasing around winged bugs (they just love the look and sound of crinkly wings).

Neko Flies' Kragonfly

Kragonfly comes with a 42" long string with a swivel clip for easy attachment to the rod. This cat toy is purrfectly made for hours of fun and excitement your feline will surely enjoy.

Neko Flies’ Kragonfly interactive cat toy possess the following features:
  1. Realistic looking critter with life-like movements
  2. Appealing to a cat’s natural hunting instinct
  3. Quality hand crafted workmanship
  4. Durability and Safety
  5. Fun interactive bonding experiences
  6. Best for your cat’s exercise
Neko Flies’ Kragonfly has a tag price of $9.93 plus shipping.

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