A Fun Whale-Shaped Scratcher for Your Cat’s Play Area

Last Updated on August 13, 2021 by Jenny

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Large Black Whale Cat ScratcherCats will just love this item. The Large Black Whale Cat Scratcher is exactly what it sounds like – a product shaped like a giant whale that can be used like a cat scratching pole. Since it is shaped like a whale, your cat can actually recline on it while scratching. This is one of those discount cat toys that gives you a two-for-one deal. You get a reclining bed for your cat, along with a scratching post.

This scratcher features a design on the sides of it that resembles an Orca whale, helping to make your cat's surroundings a little more fun one toy at a time. On the top of the product is a cardboard cat scratcher including a honeycomb design to better benefit your cat. In addition to the look and uses of the pad for scratching, the overall shape of it allows your cat to conveniently recline at any time. The scratcher does not require much room for storage either as it it is only 22” in length and can be placed anywhere around the house without disturbing the flow while still being able to be used by larger cats.

To get your cat accustomed to the Large Black Whale Cat Scratcher, the product comes with organic catnip to attract your cat to it. This toy is a real problem-solver, distracting your wily cat from scratching at your furniture because he has his own furniture, which provides more entertainment than your typical cat scratcher, now.


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