TopCat Sisal Scratching Post Product Review

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TopCat Sisal Scratching Post Product Review

I originally published this review on May 25, 2010.

UPDATE April 12, 2016 – We still have the scratching post in the original review video. It has held up so well, and Charlie regularly uses it. My brother also had one and his cat, a tuxedo cat, Boots, used it more often and destroyed it more quickly. Her nails are not trimmed either – and I trim Charlie and Trigg’s on a regular basis. So maybe that has something to do with it. Anyway, cat scratching post reviews are difficult for getting footage because the kitty uses the post for a few seconds and they are done. So it’s a game of luck if you have your camera ready. It just so happened that while I was clingfilm the other day, Charlie used it. The video below was about how Charlie and Trigg, my Ragdoll cats, smell my shirt after being at my parents’ house. They know my parents’ cats, Caymus and Murphy, and of course, I have their smells all over me when I come home, because I hold them the entire time.

TopCat Scratching PostsI was first introduced to the TopCat Scratching Post when my mom got Caymus and Murphy.  Rags was declawed so he didn’t have a scratching post.

We were trying to find scratching posts that the cats liked because they were using the furniture for scratching posts.  A local pet shelter in Mission, KS, Pet Connection, was selling them and if you bought one then you helped support the shelter, so we thought we’d give them a try.

Vinyl Bottom Scratching Post
Vinyl Bottom Scratching Post

They were a hit.  We bought the TopCat Scratching Post with the vinyl bottom.  The attraction for us was that the cats were already leaning up to scratch, so it seemed ideal that they stood up.  Also, we liked the weight of them and how sturdy they were.

If your kitty feels sturdy when they are scratching, then they will be more inclined to scratch.

TopCat Scratching Pad
TopCat Flat Scratcher

TopCat Scratching Posts also makes a scratching pad, which we also bought and the cats used it on occasion, but not as frequently as the post.

Our vet had also recommended getting a scratching post that didn’t have carpet on it because if you taught your kitty that it was okay to scratch their scratching post with carpet on it, then your kitty wouldn’t  understand that it wasn’t okay to scratch other carpet – since it was the same texture.

These posts are made from sisal and are very well made.  However, over time, cat-scratching activities can fray your post, so they have replacement posts available.  How great is that?

Charlie using TopCat Scratching Post
Charlie using TopCat Scratching Post

So when I brought home Trigg and Charlie, I immediately headed over to the Pet Connection and bought a post.

Unlike the cardboard scratching devices laying around the house, both Trigg and Charlie both like it.  Of course, when they were shorter and weighed less, the post often became a part of their chasing and pouncing game.

Trigg is more athletic than Charlie and still uses the post to his advantage during their chasing games.

As kittens, they were immediately interested in it and tested it out, so it wasn’t hard to get them to use it.  However, if you are considering the post for your older kitty – even if they are a year or two old, then you’ll want to place the un-assembled post on the floor for the first day to help your cat become accustomed to their new post.

Trigg Using The TopCat Scratching Post
Trigg Using The TopCat Scratching Post

It isn’t a good idea to physically try and force your cat to scratch by holding their paws.  They will resist and even dislike their new toy.  But some cats, like Charlie and Trigg did, will like the post immediately and will start scratching.

However, if you scratch your fingernails on the post or start playing near the post with a string toy, they will instinctively use the post.  Placing toys at the top of the post or rubbing the post with catnip will also help in encouraging them to use it.

Trigg and Charlie, Ragdoll Cats, Use The TopCat Sisal Scratching Post

Do you have a TopCat scratcher?  How do your kitties like it?

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  1. I have owned a TopCat scratching post for three years and LOVE it. Raina loves it too! It has always been durable and of “top” quality. The company was fantastic to work with as well. I have recommended it to three friends, all of which who have bought one and loved them! I really think it’s a great company that produces great products. Thanks for featuring them on FloppyCats!

    1. Alissa, I am so glad to hear that! I have loved these posts for years and should have featured them earlier! Charlie and Trigg use them all the time, but it was hard to have my camera available when they did – as it only lasts a minute or so and then they are off to the next thing!

  2. Great re-post, Jenny! What a great scratcher product! I saw this in your video the other day, too! I remember it. It has really held up well over the years. I have not had to replace any scratchers in our home just yet. Miss PSB is so gentle with her scratching. The big cat tower sisal scratcher we have will last forever! She never uses her Petstages Scratch-N-Lounge (what we call her “Sugar Bowl”) for scratching. It’s just for nippy napping and snoozy winkling! And the floor scratcher I have in the den (where we keep her litters boxes and huge tunnel thingy we won recently) is still in great shape (I haven’t even flipped it to the other side yet). Amazing.

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

  3. Have you ever reviewed one of the Purrfect Post cat scratchers/posts? I have the Purrfect Post Mondo with the leopard bed (made 32″ high per my request) and Angle Scratcher. It’s really well made. The cat I had at the time really enjoyed the Mondo with bed especially, and would make a mad dash into the room and jump into the cat bed on top. She took naps in that bed all the time. She used the scratching post on the Mondo once she got used to it (it’s made out of sisal).

    1. Hi, Lyn! I have the Purrfec Post Mondo with the plain beige round bed on top. Have had it for 5 years now and it’s still in tip top shape. Really an awesome scratcher and bed and the purrfect height for our Ragdoll girl, Miss Pink Sugarbelle! YAY Purrfect Post! 🙂

      Big hugs!

      Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

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