What to Expect When You Bring a New Kitten Home

A Ragdoll Kitten Care Guide: Bringing Your Ragdoll Kitten HomeIt can be a very interesting and nerve-wracking experience for a kitten to come to your home. Imagine being removed from the settings you were used to and plopped into a new home by a stranger. I’d imagine you’d be rather scared too! The best way to deal with this is to isolate the cat to a rather small, enclosed room. Ensure there are cat food bowls for water and food in this area. There will also need to be a litter box. Aim to get a box most similar to the one the cat had been using and fill it with litter products he or she is used to. This helps to make your new kitten feel like they’re back at home.

A little bit of familiarity in a strange place can really help out. The litter box must be as far away as possible from the food and water in this room.

Cats do not like to eat near where they bury their waste (understandably). Don’t be worried if your cat doesn’t eat the first night. They are likely shaken up and need time to adjust. All you can do is ensure their needs are met and speak calmly and soothingly to them.

It doesn’t hurt to provide a few cat toys, but don’t feel dismayed if the kitten doesn’t immediately take to them. They’re under a lot of stress, but the more comfortable they become in the new settings, the more you’ll see their true personality emerge.

If you bring a new kitten home, check out “A Ragdoll Kitten Care Guide.” While this book talks about the ragdoll breed in the title, it also further discusses tips for all kinds of cats, like how to bring home a kitten into a house that already has cats.

This is extremely important for cat owners to know and understand because otherwise, you’re going to be dealing with a bunch of angry cats, and that can get messy real quick.

The best way for two cats to become acquainted is through the door, where they can paw at each other underneath. If you simply bring home a new kitten and set it down next to your three-year-old tabby, there’s a serious chance of fur flying.

You don’t want your new kitten to get hurt, and you don’t want your long-time friend to be upset. Allowing them to play under the door brings the curiosity element into it. We all know how curious cats can be, so getting that side of them up and going can distract them from territorial issues.

A Ragdoll Kitten Care Guide” deals with all these potential problems so you can prepare yourself beforehand. Without reading up on possible issues, you doom yourself to further problems later on.

For example, if your two cats aren’t properly introduced, you can be sure that the issue isn’t just going to resolve itself magically one day. Whether you’re bringing home a Ragdoll cat or not, this guide is incredibly helpful, recommending quick fixes and alerting you what to watch out for.

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