What Is A Tuxedo Cat? And 13 Fun Facts About Tuxedo Cats

Tuxedo cats, we’ve all seen them, and we all love them, but what are they exactly? Are they a special cat breed? Are they only a type of coloration, and are they rare? Despite their dapper appearance, they come in various breeds and aren’t limited to one specific type. While they may appear rare due to their striking appearance, a pet tuxedo cat can be found in many places, gracing households with their playful and affectionate personalities.

We’ve gathered all the essential info about tuxedo cats to answer your questions. Here are some entertaining facts about the adorable tuxedo cats!

Fact No. 1 – Tuxedo Cats Are Not a Breed

Lucy Tuxedo Cat
Photo credit: Floppycats.

Even though these black and white felines have a name, they are not a breed. Tuxedo refers to the combination of colors, and tuxedo markings on the cat that makes them look like a person wearing a suit. The name “Tuxedo” refers to a specific type of coloration, but this can occur in virtually any cat breed. You can get male or female tuxedos cats.

Moreover, bicolor can occur with colors other than black and white. So even though the best-known tuxies are black and white, there is virtually no limit to the color combination for tuxies. And that’s not all.

This coloration not only varies but can also occur in cats with long coats, short coats, shaggy coats, silky coats, or any other coat type. This is why there are plenty of variations when it comes to tuxies. But how does it all happen? This takes us to the second fact on our list – genetics.

Fact No. 2 – The Tuxedo White and Black Coloring Comes From Their Genes

Love rescued me Sam a Tuxedo Cat
Photo credit: Floppycats.

That’s right, it’s all in their genes. The bi-color pattern that makes these cats look like they are wearing a tuxedo comes from their genetic background. The tuxedo cat can get the tuxie gene from their parents or from some other member of their family tree.

The gene will make them have a dominant and a second color that is less represented on their bodies. Among the specific traits are the socks (in the second color, usually lighter) and the mask – the effect created by the color combination on the cat’s face. Learn about patterns and colors in cats.

Fact No. 3 – There Are Several Types of Tuxedo Cats

Boo loved by Fiona Tuxedo Cat IMG_2163
Photo credit: Fiona Floppycats.

As we’ve mentioned above, the tuxedo gene can affect any cat. This makes the variation of tuxies absolutely enormous. The best-known type of tuxedo kitten is black (dominant) and white patches with short silky fur.

But there are so many types of tuxies in many colors and breeds. Orange and white cats, or grey and white cats, are relatively common, but there are others too. So yes, there can also be Ragdoll tuxedo cats, and they are gorgeous.

Fact No. 4 – Tuxedo Cats Are Smart. Smarter Than the Average Cat

Benji photo by Rory V IMG_3416
Photo credit: Rory Floppycats.

Tuxedo cats have many outstanding characteristics. Not only are they more elegant than many other cats, but tuxies are also more intelligent. Tuxedo kittens develop much quicker than other cats, both physically and mentally. They tend to hit cognitive milestones much earlier as well. These cats are brilliant, which also makes them excellent companions.

Fact No. 5 – Tuxedo Cats Are Not Rare

Tuxedo Cat Boots with a blaze IMG_9915
Photo credit: Floppycats.

The gene that gives tuxies their famous tuxedo pattern is quite powerful, which has produced quite a few tuxedo cats over the years. So they are certainly not rare, but if you are looking to get a tuxedo cat of your own, you have better chances of finding one in a shelter and adopting than at a cattery. Learn about Cat Rescue Organizations.

Fact No. 6 – There Is Such a Thing as “Tuxitude”

Socks loved by Jennifer IMG_20170423_210517
Photo credit: Jennifer Floppycats.

The term “tuxitude” refers to the particular attitude of tuxedo cats. What makes these cats easy to spot is their black and white coats and their elegant attitude. However, despite their solemn appearance, tuxies are said to have dog-like personalities.

They have remarkable characteristics, such as being extremely friendly, playful, and outgoing but also affectionate, making them very nice to be around. They create close bonds with their owners and have a friendly attitude to new people.

Fact No. 7 – Tuxedo Cats Might Have Magical Powers

Tuxedo Cat Rio Melissa Berg Luffy
Photo credit: Floppycats.com.

People say that their bicolor black and white coats make tuxies virtually invisible during a vernal or diurnal equinox. In fact, some regard this cat as proof of their magical powers.

If you are open to the spiritual side, then a tuxedo cat might be the companion you are looking for. Or a tuxie can show you the magic in the world.

Fact No. 8 – Tuxies Were Worshiped in Ancient Egypt

Gus Tuxedo Cat IMG_3408
Photo credit: Floppycats.

As you might already know, ancient Egyptians worshiped cats. So much so that several Egyptian goddesses were depicted as cats.

You may also know that cat decorations were a trendy choice for Egyptian tombs and that there are plenty of cats featured in hieroglyphics. But you should be aware that over 70% of these cats are tuxedo cats. So again, this shows a clear preference for the Egyptians.

Fact No. 9 – One Particular Tuxie is a Millionaire

Tuxedo Cat Jasmin loved by Jill and Aaron
Photo credit: Jill & Aaron Floppycats.com.

In 1998, a tuxedo cat named Sparky inherited a vast $6.3 million when his owner passed away. It’s safe to say that Sparky is the richest cat and richest tuxedo cat in the entire world. This story should emphasize the special bond between tuxies and their owners. Read about celebrities with special cats.

Fact No. 10 – Simon the Tuxedo Cat Is a War Hero

Tiki the toddler cat. Whos the baby Credit Lauren O’Neill IMG_5744
Photo credit: Lauren O’Neill Floppycats.com.

During World War II, one tuxedo cat named Simon displayed outstanding characteristics and enormously contributed to the war. He did what cats do best – he protected the food supplies from mice and other pests, which made him an invaluable asset to the Allies. As a result, the tuxedo cat Simon received the highest honor for Animal Military Gallantry, and his news story is fascinating. Read more about tuxedo cat Simon here.

Fact No. 11 – A Tuxie Once Ran for Office

Blaze loved by Vanessa
Photo credit: Vanessa Floppycats.com.

Back in 2012, a cat named Tuxedo Stan ran as a candidate for mayor in Halifax, in his country of Canada. While Tuxedo Stan wasn’t able to formally run, as he didn’t have a birth certificate, he was able to raise awareness of the feral cat population in the town.

His political party, The Tuxedo Party of Canada, gained international attention (including an endorsement by Ellen DeGeneres). As a result, the town built a new spay and neuter clinic for feral cats.

Fact No. 12 – Tuxies Are Popular With Famous People

Bolt loved by Vanessa
Photo credit: Vanessa Floppycats.com.

Whether it’s because of their dashing cats tuxedo look or their superior intelligence, quite a few famous people owned tuxedo cats as pets. Among them are William Shakespeare, Beethoven, Sir Isaac Newton, and even President Bill Clinton. That’s right, tuxies have also made it into the White House!

Fact No. 13 – There Are a Lot of Famous Tuxies

Benji photo by Rory V IMG_3415
Photo credit: Rory V Floppycats.com.

As you can see, tuxedo cats are trendy. While they may not be like other breeds tuxedo cats are certainly a phenomenon. Tuxies have stolen the show with their dashing looks, elegant attitude, superior intelligence, and irresistible dog-like personality.

Over the years, these gorgeous kitties have been depicted in many works of artistic fiction. The Tuxedo cat has conquered the small screen as well as the big screen. To read about these Tuxies, click here.

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