Travel Pet Carriers for Cats

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Floppycats’ reader, Erica, emailed me the other day and asked, “I was watching your videos on the sleepy pod air and had some questions (I have been searching searching the internet for an answer but haven’t seemed to have found one).  I’m planning on getting a Ragdoll kitten… I will be a 1st time cat owner and have fallen in love with the Ragdoll personality […]  I travel at least once every year and I want to be able to take my cat in cabin on the flights but I wonder if the male Ragdoll will be too big to fit in cabin.  […] Have you ever traveled or know someone whose traveled in cabin with their heavy male Ragdolls?”

I reached out on Facebook to see what other Floppycats’ readers had to say:

Sharon Shulby, a Ragdoll breeder wrote:

“I use “Smart Cart Carriers on wheels” for my cats. I get them from Amazon. I have the large size..$65.55…21″ long x 12″ wide and 16″ high…the wheels are on a removable board which, when removed, lowers the height by 2″. It has a telescopic handle to pull the cat and the carrier. 
My husband used to say, “if you can’t carry it or put wheels on it, you can’t bring it into the house.”
My King is 24# and I’m not carrying him on my shoulder. 
It also has a strap to secure it to the seat belt, if you’re in a car. 
They’re available in small and medium size also. 
The Smart Cart folds flat, with large,  velcro straps to secure it. It has a heavy duty fabric handle to hang it on the wall, near the door, making it easy to grab, in case of emergency evacuation
I won’t be without them.”
Smart Cart Carriers on wheels

Jill recommended the Marchioro Cayman Pet Carriers.  “I use the Cayman 2 for my big guy, Caymus.  And a slightly smaller version, Cayman 1, for my Murphy.  These are great carriers – very easy to undo at the vet’s office and my vet always tells me how much she likes them.  This is a carrier you can get for your kitten and use it through their adulthood.  In other words, a carrier that will last 20 years and beyond.”

  • Cayman 3 Pet Carrier
    (This is Caymus’ carrier – he’s 17-18 lbs. Carrier measures 25 x 17 x 17 inches ; 3 pounds)
  • Cayman 2 Pet Carrier
    (This is Murphy’s carrier – he’s 11-12 lbs. Carrier measures 22.2 x 14 x 14.2 inches ; 3 pounds )

Martha recommended the Petmate Two Door Top Load 24-Inch Kennel, which is constructed of steel and plastic.  It also has a secure carry handle.
Petmate Two Door Top Load 24-Inch Kennel

Michelle recommended, “I love my Sleepypod! It’s the only carrier that kept my cat relaxed on his many trips to the Vet.”

 Sleepypod - Strawberry Red

Kim said , “I love my Sleepypod! It’s very comfy for my cat, and fits in my car seat with places for the seat belt to hold it.”

Cindy recommended, “I really like Sturdibag. It fits nicely under the airlines seat and has springy supports so the top of the bag doesn’t collapse on the animal. It’s very sturdy too!”

SturdiBag Pet Carrier

Claudia recommended, “The Sherpa American Kennel soft carrier. Meant for a small dog but our cats love it. It is attractive but very comfortable with a furry bottom. The top and end zippers make it so easy to move the cats in and out. Also it is the right size for taking on the airplane if you must travel.”

Sherpa Pet Delta Air Lines Deluxe Pet Carrier

Sharon said, “Sherpa gets my vote!! Large for the ragdolls. And on wheels to help my back. One of the few carriers I’ve found that rolls flat and doesn’t tip the cat when you’re rolling it. Handle adjusts to a variety of positions. Soft interior. Sheepskin like. The interior removes for easy cleaning. It’s also guaranteed to be allowed on airlines. (At least it used to be). A bit pricey at $110 or more, but well worth it. You can also get replacement wheels. 99891 is the model # for Sherpa!”

Sherpa Pet Carrier on Wheels Airline Approved

Do you love your travel pet carrier for your cat? What brand, size, etc. is it? I would love to feature it here! Have you taken your kitty on an airplane with it? Is it an approved airline pet carrier?

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  1. I wasn’t aware that the new owner was getting a male RD! If that’s the case, and they want to travel, the only carrier to get is the Sherpa. It’s way too difficult to schlep a 20# cat through the airport. Sherpa is on wheels and doesn’t tilt the cat like others I’ve used. (And donated.) My males can turn around in it and stand up in it. The only way to go! This is my 10th carrier!! And last!! It’s just too bad there’s no place where we can ‘try out’ or rent the carriers before we spend lots of $ on them. Sigh

  2. Forgot to mention, the Sleepypod is ‘top loading’, I don’t know about your experience but trying to put Leonardo in a ‘front loading’ carrier is not easy or fun. He also sleeps in the bottom half of the sleepy pod some of the time (it’s just one of the spots in the house that he likes and it’s left out for him) so his scent is all over it so he feels much more secure.

  3. I agree with Sharon – I just got a Sherpa Ultimate on wheels (the one shown near the end there) and it’s magnificent. Very well-made, and they carry replacement parts for just about anything that could wear out on the bag – replacement wheels, structural elements, fleece liners, everything! It’s also very stable to roll around, and collapsible for storage. One end features double zippers – open one for collapsibility, or the other to keep the structural frame in place so the carrier can be used as a regular cozy bed for your kitty. All sides have roll-down privacy shades except the front, which has a net pocket (which you could put something in to hide that side too if you didn’t want anyone to be be bothered that about you carrying a pet with you, like on the bus or in public buildings). I spent a long time looking for just the right carrier, and when mine arrived it was even better than expected.

  4. I’m getting my first Ragdoll kitten (male) in 8 weeks. Can’t wait. I’ve been looking at all the carriers online and am thoroughly confused – so many to choose from. Hard vs soft carriers? Top loaders vs front loaders? Which carrier would be comfortable for an adult male? I would like the carrier to last from kitten to adult stage. Any suggestions?

    1. Nicky, if you want one carrier to last the length of your kitty’s life and it doesn’t have to be an airline approved carrier, then I would recommend the Marchioro Cayman Pet Carriers. My mom has one of each for her Ragdolls. They are now 8 years old and these have been great carriers for her. Of course, you still need a cozy blanket to put inside.

      Her cats, Caymus and Murphy, are different sizes – so she has a bigger one for Caymus and a smaller one for Murphy. Caymus is 17 lbs and Murphy is about 12 lbs. She has the 25″ one for Caymus and the 22″ one for Murphy. I have listed them below.

      CAYMAN 3 25X17X17 BGE/GRN

      Cayman 2 Pet Carrier – 22.2 x 14 x 14.2 inches

      My vet, an all cat vet, DOES NOT like top loaders. I like hard carriers for a number of reasons – one is that I just think they are safer if there was to be an impact of any sort.

      1. Great advice thank you – will look at the suggested carriers. Downloaded your ebook today, thank you muchly for all the great advice, ideas and insight – so excited to become a first time rag mom.

      2. Good deal – I think my mom actually has Cayman 1 and 2, not 2 and 3 – getting my dad to measure them to make sure.

        Please let me know what you think of the book – I need to add these carriers to the book!

        I’m excited for you too – hope you’ll share your precious angel with us!

      3. Oh my goodness! It is 2 & 3 that she has – thanks for asking – it inspired me to do a review! So I went over today to do the video and saw on the bottom that it is 2 & 3!! So here are the right ones, finally!

        • Cayman 3 Pet Carrier
          (This is Caymus’ carrier – he’s 17-18 lbs. Carrier measures 25 x 17 x 17 inches ; 3 pounds)
        • Cayman 2 Pet Carrier
          (This is Murphy’s carrier – he’s 11-12 lbs. Carrier measures 22.2 x 14 x 14.2 inches ; 3 pounds )
      4. Great, thanks for the confirmation – I was going to go for the #2, but may change to the #3. Caymus seems a good average size for a male.

        (on a side note – I’m a newbie to this site – have you done any reviews or had reader feedback on litter pans for large cats?)

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