What Is the Best Bed to Get for a Large Cat?

Finding a suitable bed for a large cat could prove to be more of a struggle than you initially thought. There is a far larger proportion of small sized cats, which means that the vast majority of products are made to fit this category. When you purchase a cat bed, you must check the specific dimensions of the product and compare it to your cat.

What Is the Best Bed to Get for a Large Cat

To do this, you have to measure your cat as well. You may be tempted to approximate this, but sticking to specifics will keep you from making mistakes. You want to measure your cat’s length, from head to the tip of its tail. It is important that you know its entire length because it will help you visualize the proportions of the cat bed much better.

You also have to measure your cat’s height, from the tip of its years, laterally, all the way down to the bottom of its paws. Knowing its height is particularly important if you want to purchase a cat bed that has a top. While cats certainly enjoy cuddling up in small, tight places, its bed should not be tight-fitting.

If you have a Ragdoll cat of your very own, then you know that it is quite a bit larger than other cat breeds. Cat beds that fit smaller size cats such as the Devon Rex or the Siamese will certainly not be a good fit for the majestic Ragdoll. But what makes a good cat bed for large cats anyway? Why is it so important for the cat to fit properly in the bed?

While some beds are visibly too small, others are just a bit smaller than they should be. Never choose beds that are smaller than your cat’s full body length (without the tail). It can keep its tail outside the bed, but it shouldn’t have to keep its paws out as well. This will not keep it in a suitable position.

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But are all cat beds the same shape? Well, there is actually quite a large amount of options available when it comes to cat beds, even for large cats. As you will see on our list, some products are meant to make the cat feel comfortable when it rolls up, when it lounges, or when it simply wants to cuddle in a cozy bed.

Another important aspect that you are well worth looking into is the materials used to make the bed because it actually does matter what your cat sleeps on. Keep in mind that organic is best and that it will make a big difference to your cat’s health.  

☑️These are the best cat beds for large cats:

1. Bowsers Pet Bed Urban Lounger

Bowsers Pet Bed Urban Lounger Product Review

If you are looking for a soft bed for your large cat, then look no further because your ideal choice is here – the Bowsers Pet Bed Urban Lounger. It is made from Microvelvet, a high-quality fabric that your cat will absolutely love. It has a modern design and a very comfortable layout with four walls that your cat can bend on to lounge in the most comfortable positions.

The interior is a cushion made out of fiber-topped foam, which offers orthopedic support and extra comfort. The cushion is secured with a zipper, and it can be removed easily. The outer layer is washable, so you can easily clean this bed whenever you want.

The Bowsers Pet Bed Urban Lounger is quite large at 26”x18”x7”, which makes it a great choice for Ragdolls, as well as cats larger than this. To find out more about this extra-comfy cat bed, read the full Floppycats review. Purchase the Bowser Pet Bed Urban Lounger

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2. Brentwood Home Runyon Bed

Brentwood Home Runyon Bed Product Review P1010956

The Brentwood Home Runyon is a high-quality option that will keep your cat healthy in the long run. Why? Because it is an orthopedic bed with memory foam. This provides special support for your cat’s back and joints because it keeps it sleeping in a very comfortable position. This makes it particularly suited for old cats or for cats with orthopedic issues.

The Runyon cat bed is made from pet-friendly non-toxic materials that your pet can sleep on and even chew on. Their motto is that if the materials are good enough to put into pillows and mattresses for people, then they are not good for their cat beds either.

This bed offers a generous amount of space for your cat, and three margins for support. It also comes with a waterproof liner that can be easily removed by opening a zipper and washed or replaced, if needed.

With a modern design, ultra-premium materials, and a high-quality model meant to keep your cat healthy, the Brentwood Home Runyon is one of your best choices. Read the full Floppycats review here. Use PETBED20 to get 20% Off Pet Beds Purchase a Brentwood Home Runyon

3. Cat Cave from Feltcave

A Russian Blue cat in a Feltcave Cat Cave Bed

This beautiful Cat Cave from Feltcave is made 100% from Merino wool and handmade by felting. This production process only requires soap, water, and pressure, thus eliminating other harmful substances.

Each cat cave is all-natural and eco-friendly, which is safe for your cat, your family and the world. It is soft and snuggly, providing a calming space for your cat to sleep, play, rest, nap, and relax inside.

This type of cat bed is extremely durable which allows it to keep its dome shape. Better still, the Feltcave cat caves will provide your kitty shelter from stress and will keep him or her warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot. Ideal for pregnant cats and kittens too!

Here is the full Floppycats review of a similar felted cat cave. Purchase a Cat Cave from Feltcave – they come in several different colors.

4. PurrFur Modern Cat House

Cool Retro Modern Cat House Mid Century TV Looking Cat Bed from PurrFur Floppycats

Do you want a cat bed with a retro look where your cat can lounge and sleep comfortably? Then the Modern Cat House from PurrFur is a very good option for you!

Made entirely out of plywood, this cat bed will be very tempting for your cat. It can sleep inside it on a comfortable pillow or it can lounge on top of it. Its dimensions are 15,2’’ x 15,75’’ x 15,75’’, which make it well suited for most large cats, Ragdolls included.

However, if your cat is larger than a Ragdoll, then you may want to double check the specific dimensions to make sure it fits. The pillow inside can be taken out and washed or replaced, and you can even purchase more of them to have spares.

The Modern Cat Houses only has rounded edges to prevent any unwanted accidents. It is also well-suited for households with more than one cat because it can accommodate two cats at the same time – one inside and one on top of it. Take a look at the Floppycats review to find out more about this cat bed for large cats. Purchase a Modern Cat House

5. PetFusion Cat Scratcher Lounge

PetFusion Cat Scratcher Lounge - Deluxe Review by Floppycats 3

This cat bed for large cats doubles as a comfortable bed and a cat scratcher. It is made from high-quality cardboard, which is excellent for scratching, but also very durable. It will help your cat relieve stress in an active and fun way.

Its rounded, curvy shape gives your cat quite a few options for lounging, perching, and scratching on the bed. It can try out a lot of positions at various angles so that it never gets bored with it.

Moreover, being able to scratch on it while lounging makes the entire experience even more pleasurable for your cat. Take a look at the Floppycats review here to find out just how much we loved it. Purchase a PetFusion Cat Scratcher Lounge

6. The Original Scratch Lounge

Caymus on The Scratch Lounge

If you want to save up space in your house, then opting for a cat scratcher that doubles as a cat bed is an excellent idea. The Original Scratch Lounge is one of your best choices because it is a terribly tempting cardboard scratcher that your cat can lounge on when it has scratched it to its heart’s desire.

It is made from high-quality cardboard, which is remarkably durable. Another advantage is that it is much cheaper than most cat beds. Your cat will have quite a lot of scratching to do before it wears it out.

The best part is that it is also a very comfy place for them to sleep, lounge, and relax. As you can see in the Floppycats review of the Original Scratch Lounge, it is a big hit. Purchase the Original Scratch Lounge

7. Best Friends by Sheri Luna Orthocomfort Cuddler Cat Bed in Sherpa Fuschia

Trigg in Urban Paw Pet Bed Luna Ortho Cuddler in Sherpa Fuschia

The Luna Orthocomfort Cuddler Cat Bed is the ultimate decadence when it comes to loungers because it is extremely flexible. While it does have four high walls, this bed will bend on every side so that your pet can try out various positions and relax as much as possible.

It can cuddle up in the middle, or it can lean on the front, side, or back walls to try out brand new positions. The back wall is the longest and it bends back all the way. This can give your cat enough space to create a cozy sleeping space that comes with a cozy upper lining as well because the rest of the bed will bend along with the back wall.

Another great advantage boasted by this cat bed is that it has an extremely comfortable lining made from 100% pet-safe materials. It is stuffed with virgin AirLOFT fibers that will keep its loft up to three times longer than other similar products. It comes in very bright happy colors that you will love having in your home. If you want to find out more, then take a look at our review of the Luna Orthocomfort Cuddler Cat Bed. Purchase the Luna Orthocomfort Cuddler Cat Bed

As you can see, there are a lot of excellent options when it comes to cat beds for large cats. Have you tried any of these? Which ones would you be curious to try out? Do you prefer the modern cat caves, the versatile cat hut, or the classic cat bed with orthopedic support? Do you have any other suggestions for great cat beds for large cats? Tell us all about it in the comments section below.

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  1. Arlene Shepler says:

    My Ragdoll is on the small side but I still like the larger beds. She currently has an elevated bed that I purchased on Amazon. It measures 20 in long by 15 deep. I have other beds for her but she won’t go near them .

  2. Such a great post, Jenny honey! Such super pawesome and fabulous beds! I just adore that big fluffy Urban Paw Luna Cuddler bed in Fuschia (Pink!)….SO GORGEOUS! Miss PSB’s fave bed is her large Brentwood Home Runyon Bed we won in a past Floppycats Giveaway…it is just a work of art and SOOOO BEAUTIFUL! 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love & purrs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3 <3 <3

    P.S. And guess what? Finally, after many years, she will finally go into her wool cat cave for a few minutes every now and then…A MIRACLE! 😉 <3

    1. Man, I love that fusion pink one too! I want one for me.

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