Charlie’s Been Here 1 Year!

Charlie and Trigg at Soulmate Ragdolls on 10-15-09
Charlie and Trigg at Soulmate Ragdolls on 10-15-09

Yesterday, marked one year since Charlie arrived in Kansas City.  You might recall that my mom and I flew out to Charlotte, NC, then met Lora Tesh of Soulmate Ragdolls in Salisbury, NC for lunch.  After lunch, we drove back to her home/cattery, to pick up Charlie Man and to meet Chiggy Poo.

Chiggy (Trigg) was so small!  So was Charlie for that matter, but compared to Charlie he was so small and it was the first time that they met – of course, they wouldn’t remember that.

It was hard to leave Chiggy that day, but I knew I’d be back in a month to get him.

The other day, I thought it’d be fun to put Charlie in the Sherpa Sport Duffle that I brought him home in.

Here’s Charlie in the carrier on October 16, 2009:

Charlie in Carrier 10-15-09
Charlie in Carrier 10-15-09 (notice he's only on one side of the carrier)

And here’s Charlie in the carrier today:

Charlie in Carrier 10-15-10
Charlie in Carrier 10-15-10
Charlie in Carrier 10-15-10
Charlie in Carrier 10-15-10

I also decided that the photos might not show how big he is compared to how small he was – so I decided to take a video of him in the carrier:


Charlie on the plane with my mom
Charlie on the plane with my mom 10-15-09

It’s amazing how fast they grow, how dark they get and how you can fall in love with them even more.  I remember looking into those eyes of Charlie’s last year on October 15th, thinking, “I don’t even know you yet.” and also thinking that in a year, I would look back at the photos of him at that age and see him in them.  I am not sure if that makes sense or not – but when I look at Rags’ kitten photos, I can see him in them.

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  1. YAY! I got to visit Soulmate Ragdolls, in Salisbury, NC (Lora Tesh’s catery) and it was awesome!  She and her husband spent 2+ hours with my husband and I playing with kittens.  She is an extremely busy woman and very lovingly protective of her ragdoll babies, so don’t plan on visiting her catery unless you are 100% serious about adopting one of her Ragdolls.  She is not a petting zoo and is not going to expose her babies unnecessarily.

    I spent a huge amount of time in research when it came to selecting my breeder. Lora is an incredibly awesome Godly woman.  She is happy to bless you with one of her kittens but more so focuses on blessing them with a new safe and nurturing home.  You can see the GENUINE TRUE LOVE that she and her husband have for their Ragdolls, it’s not just a business….it’s a passion.

    When I was searching for my breeder I focused on the following:
    Reputation – Soulmate Ragdolls was top notch
    Eye color – they consistantly have some of the deepest blues I’ve seen
    Size – I wanted BIG and their’s come in three sizes, BIG, BIGGER, and BIGGEST
    Cheekiness – they have lovely full kissable cheeks 
    Coat – length, shine, and softness……they have it all
    Socialization – they all get lots of people and play time with Lora and her family
    NO CAGES!!! – the momas and babies have the absolute best care and rest in their own private spotless nurseries…..NO STINKING CAGES ANYWHERE!
    Health care – she spares no expense.
    This is truly a case of you get what you pay for.

    YAY! I get to pick up my baby boy Valor (blue mitted with blaze) next week….Merry Christmas to my family and I.  Valor’s parents are Soulmate Ragdolls Dolly (blue bi-color) and Puddie (blue color point). I’ll be posting photos of Valor soon. 

    I look forward to going back to Soulmate Ragdolls to  pick out my baby girl.  I’m leaning towards a blue lynx, so her daddy would be Tango but Truly is now retired so she would be a 1/2 sister to Trigg.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all the Ragdoll Lovers out there.

    God Bless,

  2. It’s great to know that certain airlines allow kittens to fly in the the cabin with pre-approval. Do you know which ones allow it? I may need the be flying from Birmingham to Raleigh or Charlotte to be picking up my baby from Soulmates soon. i love your Charlie and Trigg….she sure has the best Ragdolls.

    1. I think we flew Delta, not sure. Lora will know and then you can just call and confirm about in cabin – you will have to make a reservation and pay $100 to have them fly in cabin. Hope you will share your baby on Floppycats!

      1. Thanks for the heads up on having the kitty ride along in cabin. I had planned on making the 9+ hour drive (one way) to ensure that he wouldn’t have to endure the ride in the cargo area, but now I won’t have to.

        I will be more than happy to share my baby on here as soon as I get him. I’m trying to decide between two of Soulmates (Puddie) litters, one belonging to Dolly and the other Prima, I feel like I’m leaning towards Prima. Lora will be posting photos of Prima’s litter soon and I will decide on my boy at that time.

        Looking forward to hearing more on Charlie and Trigg’s adventures.

        take Care,

        charlie and Trigg like like pretty big boys and thats what I’m hoping for. How much do you think they weigh now?

        1. Who are the dads of the litters? Charlie’s dad is Tyler and Trigg’s is Tango. Charlie and Trigg are both 14 lbs and are at perfect weights – Charlie was 17 lbs when he was on dry food and being overfed…

          1. Soulmates Puddie (blue color point) is the Dad to both Soulmates Dolly (blue bi-color) and Prima’s (blue bi-color) litters. Lora feels that Puddie and Tyler are very close to being the same size. Your big boys look to be a pretty good size; don’t they reach their full size by the time they’re 3 years old? I can’t wait to see them then, they are so beautiful, correction……handsome.

  3. Catherine says:

    I’m seriously jealous that you could fly in the plane with him! We have to shove them in the cargo holds….only guide dogs and assist dogs are allowed in the cabin itself 🙁

    1. there are only certain airlines that allow it and there are only so many in a cabin at once, so you have to get pre-approval.

  4. Christina @ ilovefetacheese says:

    OMG babbyyy charlie, i just adore him. Truly, I’ve always loved him since I felt like I was right there with you when you got him (watching all the videos). Happy anniversary charlie!!!!!!

  5. Aw Charlie looks adorable as a kitten in his carrier! Time sure does fly by, it seems like only a few days ago when I began to watch your YouTube videos with kitten Charlie and Trigg but look how big they are now! I have been staying updated with Soulmate’s Ragdolls website along with a few others, it is fun to see the new kittens available and grow up on the site! I seriously cannot wait until I can finally have my own Raggies!

    1. Thanks, Melody. I wish I would have cherished his kitten years more! I guess no matter how much you do, you always wish you could more!

      1. At least you have your videos forever on YouTube! I think I want to film and take pictures of my future Raggies too when the time comes so that I can record their kitten years to look back on.

  6. Congratulations on having Charlie for one year! I didn’t know he was from Soul Mate Ragdolls. Diamond’s dad is a Soul Mate Ragdoll too.

    1. Darcey, yes, Lora’s Tango and Truly are both related to my Rags that passed, so I was waiting for babies from them. I didn’t want to put down a deposit though, so I just kept checking her website to see. I like to pick a kitten based on it’s appearance too. So Aug 2009 I was checking Lora’s site and saw Charlie’s little face. I have ALWAYS wanted a seal mitted with an hourglass blaze. So really if it hadn’t been for Trigg, I wouldn’t have had Charlie. The second I saw him on that website, I knew he had to be mine.

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