Stainless Steel Litter Box Review

Ever since I found out about metal litter boxes, I have wanted to product review one! Thanks to, I finally got my wish. metal litter box reviews floppycats I have always wanted to review one because I saw how plastic litterboxes can get nasty and bad over time – from cats scratching into the plastic, creating nice little “tunnels” for foul smelling bacteria to hide.  Having to replace them because of it – I thought there had to be a more environmentally friendly option.  I remember googling “metal litter box” and discovering it existed. best metal litter box I requested they send me two of their stainless steel litter boxes because I think it’s important that a cat has more than one litter box.  So when I do reviews, I always want people to see that there is more than one litter box. Stainless Steel Litter Box I do think the best metal litter box depends on what you and your kitty need.  For example, these boxes are great for kittens, regular cats and senior cats who squat and pee.  These boxes would not work for my mom’s cats who stand and pee – they wouldn’t be tall enough. best metal litter boxes This metal litter box is great because it’s:
    • longest-lasting traditional litter box
    • extra large size—23.5’’ x 15.5’’ x 6’
    • easy accessibility
    • rust-free
    • doesn’t absorb stains and odors
    • easy to clean
metal litter box review Although some mistake these for aluminum litter boxes, it is a stainless steel litter box.  That makes them easy to clean. metal litter box It was easy to clean – you just remove all the litter from the litter box and then wipe it down – I liked spraying it down with rubbing alcohol, wiping it off and then wiping it down with a wet cloth afterwards – so there was no rubbing alcohol residue for the cats. But you could just use soap and water. metal litter box reviews floppycats chiggy peeing As I mention in our product review video below, you will see that it has protective corner bumpers that you can remove, but I kept on to protect my walls. metal litter box reviews Overall, I really liked these metal litter boxes and my cats had absolutely no problem using them.  A reader asked me what it was like for their claws to scratch the bottom of the box – and that is like nails on a chalkboard for me.  But in the 8+ weeks we have had them, I have only needed to ask them to stop scratching 3-4 times.  So I haven’t heard it too much. I love that a 20-lb bag of clay clumping litter fits perfectly in one box, making it easy to just dump it in. They are a good height for kittens, elderly cats and other kitties that squat to pee. I would love to see come out with a version that was slightly taller so that there would be a better option for cats that like to fling litter like confetti or for high peeing cats. I love how long lasting they will be for years to come. Stainless Steel Litter Box Unboxing

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We received the Stainless Steel Litter Boxes for review from the manufacturer and also asked that they pay a small review fee.  Receiving the free product and the review fee did not influence this honest post. Check out our other cat product reviews.
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  1. ANOTHER SUPER FABULOUS & PAWESOME product review, Jenny honey! They seem like TERRIFIC litter boxes. I just wish the sides were higher as Miss PSB really lurves to fling that litter around. Lurve the fact that they will last such a long time and not need to be replaced like the plastic ones…. Great job! 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love & purrs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3 <3 <3

    1. Agreed – higher sides would be better for my two litter flingers too.

  2. Kathryn Hardy says:

    Thanks for that review! I really like the looks of those boxes. I had read about the problems with the scratches in the plastic, but didn’t want to replace them too often because of the waste factor since there isn’t really another user for a used plastic litter box that I can think of.

    Now I have to decide if Purrcy and Dickens might like them. I’ve been using a plastic cement mixing tray from Home Depot ever since the kitties were babies, and it’s really big so they have lots of room. But it’s also hard to empty because it’s so heavy when it’s got litter in it and when I wait for the litter to get more used up, more ends up sticking to the bottom and they make more scratches. Recently I’ve found that I put off cleaning it out (not scooping – that happens many times per day) because it’s so hard to move. These look like they’d be so much easier to use – for me anyhow, not sure about the kitties. I think it would be worth a try, tho. Thanks!

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