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Morning, this is the story of my 1-year old Ragdoll, Duckie.

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Duckie was brought home, along with Maggie, when they were both four months old in 2019. A breeder on Vancouver Island, Canada, was recommended by a friend who has a 12-year Ragdoll from her. I’ve not had a cat since I was four years old, have always had dogs, but at this time in my life having cats made more sense.

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I investigated different breeds, talked to different people, and loved what I heard about Ragdolls. Duckie came into my life after I had lost my best friend in 2016, and then lost my best fur friend on my birthday in early 2019. I was alone for the first time in my life and terribly lonely. Bringing Duckie home mid 2019 brought life, noise, and activity into the house.

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Duckie is named after the character on the TV show NCIS. I was trying to think of a different name and I was watching the show one day and when the character’s name came up, I decided that was going to be her name.

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Duckie loves to follow me around everywhere, she loves to play with her friend, Maggie, and they chase each other around the house and topple over each other. They love to play in my soaker tub and they use it like a skateboard park. She especially loves to wake me up at 4 am every morning for her breakfast.

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She will jump over my head, make her little chirping sound, jump off the bed and then repeat until I get up and do what she wants me to do. I do wish she’d do that a bit later than 4 am, however. Lucky for her, I am a morning person. She loves her wet canned food; she loves it a lot! She seems to have a rather sensitive stomach so am feeding her a diet specific to that. But she does not like treats, not at all.

Her favorite toy is a teaser with tinsel and feathers, but she chases the end without the tinsel! She also has various other little balls and crinkle toys that she plays and loses under the furniture. Her favorite napping place is a 3-level cat tree made with driftwood from Vancouver Island. She has never destroyed any furniture and is a perfectly behaved young cat. She is rather shy, however, and doesn’t go up to people that she doesn’t know. She is getting better, however.

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Duckie likes to be groomed so brushing her is easy, but she’s not that fussy about me clipping her nails so she gets a field trip every few weeks in this great cat carrier on wheels to get them clipped. The vet has no problem clipping them, she is perfectly behaved, but I find it easier to get him to do the deed.

Duckie, and Maggie, are inside cats but my brother will be building a catio for them on my deck. I know that they’ll enjoy that.

Duckie is a joy and a great representative of her breed. I am hoping that I will have years and years of health, love, and fun with her.

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  1. Kate Atkins says:

    You said Duckie loves her wet food. Have been struggling with my picky two year old Rags, Stella Bella, on this subject. What do you feed her? I tried the foods the websites owners recommended, but they were not her deal!

  2. Kathleen Walker says:

    I am so sorry for all the loss and sorrow in your life. Your “girls” are beautiful. We had two Ragdolls. We lost our first earlier this year, she was 18. We have our 7 year our male, Spencer and our Golden Retriever. It’s a home full of love. They are great buddies. Enjoy your gorgeous Ragdolls. My best to you.

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