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My name is Belle. My human, she got me from a very nice family and breeder in Belgium. I have been with her since I was 14 weeks old. I am now well over the age of 2 years old, I will turn 3 next June 2019.

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I came from the ‘Quattro Cattery’ of Froni, she loves her cats so much and only wants the best for them. For example, after 2 months with my human alone, my human she noticed that I was very happy to see her come home from work, almost in an anxious manner. Therefore, she discussed this very quickly with Froni and decided that for my well-being I would get a friend. Now the best is, that Froni kindly decided to allow my litter sister Maple to be my forever friend. When she came to my home after two months apart, we were playing in just under two hours. However, since I am a delicate princess, I was mad at my human mum for two months, just so that she understood that I was not impressed with her making this decision without my approval first (seriously, I leave her one afternoon alone, and this is what happens! And she did it again recently but this time with a dog, shocking I know!). My human remembers very well as she was not getting any cuddles from me anymore for these two months.


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I come from a litter of five, but sadly only three kittens survived. Maple and I were always very close even while I was living with my cat mum still. Maple was supposed to stay with Froni to be a queen for her cattery. Froni understood very quickly that I needed a friend right now and since she had no other kitten available, she asked my human if Maple was fine. My human mum, she loved the idea of bringing the sisters together forever. I am sure my mum will tell you more about Maple in another submission, so lets focus back on me.

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My name is Belle, because my human loved the movie ‘Beauty and the Beast’, and Belle is one of her favorite character of all times. Also, according to my human mum, I am one of the two most beautiful Ragdolls of the planet (Maple is the second if you had not guessed ) (I am however, the most beautiful blue bicolor Ragdoll). Therefore, it seemed only fitting to have such a name. My mum is French, so I also needed to have a name that was easy and international. My pedigree name is Snowflake Quattro, this was also a good name as I am a very light blue bicolor ragdoll. Finally, my human mum says that Belle is a very accurate name for me as I am a princess and also could be the southern belle of the ball. She says that an alternative name for me would have be Scarlett from the movie ‘Gone with the Wind’ as my character is very similar to Scarlett’s. Warm, welcoming, beautiful, but also entitled and very spoilt.

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My human mum says that I am a delicate lady who is very exclusive with her. With my human mum, I am an angel and the typical Ragdoll (I am very exclusive). With the rest of the world, all bets are off, I like humans who will admire me from afar, as there is a lot to admire. I know how beautiful I am. I find it plain rude when people approach me without asking permission first. I am a little lap cat with my human mum, cuddling with her is the best. I am also an ‘Apple’ cable destroyer to the ever pain of my mother, no other cables are good enough for me. One of my favorite past time is stealing or trying to steal my human’s hairband. It is a struggle as she wont let me do it, so I need to be sneaky about it. I also like to meow loudly around the apartment to show the world I am alive and the queen of the world or maybe simply because I like the sound of my voice. I am fascinated with dogs, especially my dog, kaiki, but I have to tell you I still think he is a strange one. He moves way too much.

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My human mum used to be actually more of a dog person (I know shocking!). She was super scared of cats, but after getting to know, by living a year with her sister and the Persian cat of her sister, she decided to do some more research. She spent a year documenting herself on various breeds. One of the deciding factors was actually She wanted an easy, happy-go-lucky and cuddly cat as a first timer. She got this and more with Maple and I. I hope that you enjoyed my story.

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  1. Brendalynn Lapekes Eustice says:

    What a cutie pie she is! I have a blue bicolor boy, he is just 6 months old. I love him to pieces! Thank you for sharing your story of your beautiful Belle! GWTW is one of my all time favorite movies too!


  2. What a beautiful story about your STUNNING GIRL, Belle!! I ADORE THAT NAME (as I am ALSO A HUGE FAN of Beauty & The Beast!!!)! Btw, Maple is GORGEOUS too and I am looking forward to her story! 🙂 <3

    Sounds like Miss Belle has found her purrfect furever home! She sounds like quite The Diva Princess and I LURVE THAT!!! What a quirky, adorable character she is! I have fallen in love with her after reading this marvelous story!!! 🙂 <3

    Wishing all of you many more years of good health, happiness, love & purry (and barky!) adventures together! 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

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