Scaredy Cut Pet Grooming Kit and Tiny Trim Product Review

If you need some cat grooming help or even if you are looking for cat grooming shears – or heck, why not both, then the ScaredyCut is the perfect fit. When I first saw ScaredyCut, I thought it was such a cool system for grooming matted cat fur – which Rags had a lot as he got older and lost interest in keeping himself clean. Scaredy Cut Silent Pet Grooming Kit For Cats & Dogs - Quiet Alternative to Electric Clippers For Sensitive Pets - Right-Handed, Pink So I contacted ScaredyCut and they were nice enough to send us one of their Pet Grooming Kits as well as their Tiny Trim cat grooming shears for us to try out.
Scaredy Cut and Caymus
Scaredy Cut and Caymus
I want to stress that I wish I would have known about this product when Rags was alive because his mats were so bad sometimes that I was scared I was going to cut his skin and that would have really made me feel horrible – this product would have been ideal in that situation. However, cutting out mats wouldn’t be the only way to use this kit – of course, the purpose of it is for grooming.  So in the summer time, if you like to make your cat’s coat shorter, then this is a great way to do it without worrying about freaking them out by the sound of electric shears. Scaredy Cut I decided to test this product on Caymus because he has a longer coat and has some trouble spots because of his larger size.  Below is a video of me product testing the Scaredy Cut on Caymus. [youtube][/youtube] Here is another quick instructional video about the actual kit – what comes in it and what we received to product test: [youtube][/youtube] Since this product is patented, there are no alternatives that I am aware of.  I am not sure how you could change or improve this
product – it seems like all the details have been thought out.  The scissors are sharp, so the only thing that concerns me is that if the scissors are left out, they could be dangerous to your cat, another animal or a small child. It’s always a little scary to cut your cat’s fur because cat skin is so delicate and if you’re not careful you can bring their skin into the comb of the scissors – that’s why they stress not pulling the fur through the comb, but letting it come through naturally. You can buy the Scaredy Cut ® Silent Clipper Home Pet Grooming on  You can also buy the TINY TRIM ball tipped small cat grooming scissor on I think the value of this product is great – as you can use it over and over again for years to come and it is super simple to use, as you saw in the video.
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  1. Great review and I can’t agree more. I have had it for a few months now and LOVE IT. It does exactly what it promises.

  2. This is a great product for those who dislike the idea of having to pay a groomer to groom their pet. You are absolutely correct, it is a useful tool for cats that are older that tend to take less and less care of themselves. Or what you said in the video about cats with upset tummies and trimming their behind fur, that would have been useful in the past! I do not know if I would be brave enough to try them out but maybe after a few tries it will be okay!

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