Confession: I Like the Smell of Cat Breath

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Rags Yawning when he was 18 years old
Rags Yawning when he was 18 years old

Originally published Dec 9, 2011

Yup.  It’s true.  When I was in high school, my older brother, Marsh, and I were talking about Rags. And he said, “Jen, I know this is kind of gross, but I sorta like the smell of Rags’ breath!”

And I then said, “So do I!”

Later on, when Rags was older, I took him to the vet and Dr. Gloor stuck her nose into his mouth, and I asked what she did that for.  She said that certain mouths of cats that are sick smell differently and you can tell sometimes through that method.

She then mentioned that if you end up knowing the smell of your cat’s breath, then if they are sick you will be able to tell pretty quickly if something is going on.

So smell that cat breath, good people, smell away!

Do you smell your cat’s breath!?!

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I smell Charlie and Trigg’s cat breath daily and also smell Caymus and Murphy’s when I go to my parents’ house.


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  1. I love cat breath smell too! If my cats are cuddling next to me and one yawns I’ll quick try and smell it. My siamese likes to groom my nose, perfect for smellin’ the cat breath!
    haha My boyfriend thinks its weird.

  2. I thought it was my secret indulgence! Now that Felix sleeps next to my face, I fall asleep every night to his breath as he purrs away. The other two don’t provide as much opportunity but I always try!

  3. I’ve always been a cat-breath smeller… but can’t say that I’ve always liked it, lol. That’s all changed with Boomer, though; his breath really does smell good! (Still not sure if it’s because of the particular food he eats, or because he’s a Ragdoll… but I like to think it’s the latter. ;D)

  4. I’ve always loved the bitter sweet smell of cat breath. My cat meows all the time, usually for no apparent reason, but I don’t complain, since it always gives me the opportunity to inhale that Moorish stench. When she is sitting there, I’ll put my arms around her from behind, and kiss her face, to which she starts meowing, and I start sniffing, I just can’t get enough of it. I crave it…

  5. Do you really need to ask ME that question?? Hahaha! YES!! Of course! I hold him like a you would a baby and then use my nose to wiggle into his mouth…inhale deep and and enjoy! The best though is when he yawns…i grab up all the breath i can! There is nothing better…well…puppy breath of course!

      1. Btw…really funny i came across thos post today! i brushed Mooshu’s teeth last night for the very first time and was kinda bummed…afterwards while kissing him and thank him for being so good about it…it dawned on me…he had no kitty breath!! 🙁

  6. Hahahaha! Now i’m craving it! Be back soon…have to go wake him up! (it’s alway good upon waking!) hahaha! I love that you “get it”…my fb friends are ready to 5150 me after i posted pictures of his baby teeth last night…they would never get this!!!

    1. HA HA – I have a boyfriend that thinks it’s gross too – but man, I love it. And actually I learned how important it was to know what healthy cat breath smelled like, so that if your kitty gets sick, you will be able to tell by their breath.

  7. I confess to being a cat breath sniffer myself… I’ve always thought it “smelled cute”.. For me the best time to get a little sniff is right after one of those big kitty yawns LOL

  8. Hello everyone, yes same thing here, I kiss my cat all over her mouth and rub my nose on the corners of her cute little lips(endorphin rush also), so……I’m afraid that we are all being controlled by a parasite that causes toxiplasmosis. Rats infected with this will willingly be attracted to a cat and actually be sexually aroused by their smell. Thus the endorphin rush some of you feel from smelling cat breath. The research points to rats being attracted by the smell of cat urine but I’m pretty sure it’s the saliva since cats eat with their mouths. Anyway interesting stuff, scientists think the infection rate in Europe is 60% of the population and is responsible for cultural differences between populations. I would love to get rid of ot since I am super distracted by my cat and would like to devote time to other things 🙂

  9. Yes, your vet was right. I sat down beside my Aussie and noticed her breath had the classic sweet smell of ketones which is a sure sign of diabetes. Took her to the vet and she was diabetic and was started on insulin. Do the same thing for my kitties and always have. Once you smell what a diabetic’s breath smells like, you never forget it and that also goes for a lot of other illnesses. So, if you notice that their breath smells different, that can be a sign that something is wrong, but that said, you have to pair that with their behavior and how their coat looks. On sick cats, their coats become greasy looking or spikey sometimes.

  10. I love my sweet boy’s breath too! Its special to him, and its just one more thing I love. Sometimes its fishier, depending on what he eats. I’ve often wondered why he doesn’t smell like kittie breath or what he last ate when he cleans himself with his tongue and paws afterward? I would think he would smell like his food or breath, but no. Interesting.

  11. I’ve never paid much attention to any of my cats’ breaths, I’m sorry to say. I’m going to go stick my face in Sugar’s mouth right now. lol 🙂

    Seriously, I am definitely going to become very familiar with her breath after reading this very interesting blog post and comments!

    I’ve never really noticed any smell on her breath from being in close contact when snuggling and cuddling. I always bury my face in her soft, fluffy fur (which always smells like freshly washed linen to me). I have to be sure to not have any lip gloss or lipstick on or I’ll come away with a mouth full of fur! lol 🙂

    Thanks, as always, for great information Jenny!

  12. ugh. I do not like the smell of my cat’s breath, especially since putting her on all wet food, but she likes the smell of mine after I brush my teeth at night. She jumps on the bed and starts sniffing my breath.

  13. uh Ragdoll breath,never smells unless the boys eat tuna.I have too do occasional butt cleaning with wipes.Doesnt gross me at all,hardly stinks either. my Babies are great groomers.One time big Murphy ate too fast and then gave his nephew a wonderful lick grooming,then ran straight too both restroom litter boxes and triedto make sure he spit up in a litter box,not the carpet or floor.HOW WEIRD A CAT WOULD BE WORRIED ABOUT MAKING A MESS WHEN BARFING.He was fine after poor thing I felt so sorry for him.Hes just so smart and such a gentleman.Dont forget to tell your dolls you love them everyday!Bye Lisa

  14. I am scum. I am slime. I am vermin. I am a bad, bad cat mom. Call CPS (Cat Protective Services) on me now. I’ll give you the number.

    And I’m a traitor, too. My favorite smell is puppy breath, better than garlic and freshly mowed grass.

    There’s no excuse. I’m in there every day, tinkering, blowing down pills.

    I have licked their heads, sucked their toes, examined every orifice and fluid. I have sampled their food, topical unguents, flower remedies. But not once have I smelled their breath, let alone reveled in it.

    Take time to smell both the roses and the cat breath!

  15. I do too, although I have to admit that it’s pretty funky around the 5 month time when they are teething phew! but I still smell it, and kiss his lips over an over again. People think I am nuts!

  16. Oh my God I’m so happy to read this! LOL!!! I was smelling one of my cat’s breath and I was like: “I’m gonna Google this right now, I can’t, I repeat, I just CAN’T be alone in this” AND I’M NOT!!! Oh my God I feel so normal!!! 😀
    Best smell ever! Or is it chocolate and then kitty breath? No, kitty breath wins!

    Hugs from Argentina!

  17. Oml I do the same thing lol. I got a little whiff of my cats breath when I first got him and for some reason I got obsessed to it cuz it smelled to weird but amazing it smells like fish and pretzels lol, he thinks I’m crazy when I try to stick my nose near him while he’s yawning

    1. I totally do the same – ha ha ha – but it’s a good thing to know “his breath’s smell” because if it ever smells bad to you – then there might be something going on medically.

  18. My oldest cat was an orphan I rescued and bottle fed. When she was still sucking kitten milk she also began suckling my lower lip whenever we were close. She would suckle me for up to 10, 15 min. Maybe more, sometimes fall asleep on my pillow with my lip in her mouth. She kept doing this for several years. I wish she had never stopped. At least she still licks my nose and mouth so I can smell her heavenly kitty breath, the fishier the better. The best odor is when she has just awakened after closed mouth. While she is licking my nose and mouth if her tongue slithers in my lips i let it. I lick her lips back a little bit. Its wonderful.

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