Confession: I Like the Smell of Cat Breath

Rags Yawning when he was 18 years old
Rags Yawning when he was 18 years old

Originally published Dec 9, 2011

Yup.  It’s true.  When I was in high school, my older brother, Marsh, and I were talking about Rags. And he said, “Jen, I know this is kind of gross, but I sorta like the smell of Rags’ breath!”

And I then said, “So do I!”

Later on, when Rags was older, I took him to the vet and Dr. Gloor stuck her nose into his mouth, and I asked what she did that for.  She said that certain mouths of cats that are sick smell differently and you can tell sometimes through that method.

She then mentioned that if you end up knowing the smell of your cat’s breath, then if they are sick you will be able to tell pretty quickly if something is going on.

So smell that cat breath, good people, smell away!

Do you smell your cat’s breath!?!

I smell Charlie and Trigg’s cat breath daily and also smell Caymus and Murphy’s when I go to my parents’ house.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    My oldest cat was an orphan I rescued and bottle fed. When she was still sucking kitten milk she also began suckling my lower lip whenever we were close. She would suckle me for up to 10, 15 min. Maybe more, sometimes fall asleep on my pillow with my lip in her mouth. She kept doing this for several years. I wish she had never stopped. At least she still licks my nose and mouth so I can smell her heavenly kitty breath, the fishier the better. The best odor is when she has just awakened after closed mouth. While she is licking my nose and mouth if her tongue slithers in my lips i let it. I lick her lips back a little bit. Its wonderful.

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