Bella – Ragdoll of the Week

Bella Outside
Bella Outside

My name is Bella, I am the second Ragdoll in the family.  I got picked for my new family when mummy and daddy had to say bye bye to there 10 years old cat on the 36th wedding anniversary.  My aunty (who “lives with” Sapphire (Ragdoll of the Week 25-may) and her brother and Daddy didn’t want Mum to be alone all day in the house so Aunty called the breeder to see if there were any kittens and I was one of two left coz I was the runt.  they got my pikkie via email with my sisfur and daddy, aunty and uncle picked me.  I had a two hour drive south where uncle picked me up, uncle drove 2 hours to aunty, i stayed overnight and met Sapphire, we have the same mummy!!!.  The next day mum and dad came up to Timaru and Mum was surprised with me in a Xmas sock.  We drove 2 hours south to my new realm. 

Bella as a Ragdoll Kitten
Bella as a Ragdoll Kitten

From the start I had them both curled around my front and back paws, they adore me, and have adapted there routine to suit me, but for some reason they don’t like me expressing my love by purring and washing them at 3am.  They brush me everynight even my delicates (I am so good).  I sit beside mummy on the sofa and bed and Daddy keeps a chair by his desk free for me to be near him, i tried the lap but he moves to much. I have to ask him all about his day hen he comes home from work and if Aunty or Uncle are on the phone I like to talk to them and tell them get off the phone, they should be paying attention to me. I have trained the parents to turn on the bathroom tap for me every night so I can jump up and drink out of it and have got Aunty to do the same when I visit her house. Daddy gives me horse back rides,  I sit tall on his back and he crawls around the floor for me. I go and visit my sister Sapphire in timaru and we play chase and ride in the laundry basket and make aunty the meat in a ragdoll sandwhich.  I always get to the top of the cat tower first.

BellaI patrol a deck at home from da ebil birdies landing and i am da best imaginary moth catcher ever..

I was recently the subject of aunties friends camera and they said I was beautiful, very perceptive ladies.

I am now just over one year old so am darkening up nicely my point and tails and my little white socks.

Gotta go, want a cuddle


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  1. She is so pretty! We’re picking up our ragdoll kitten next Saturday to join our Tiki, a one yr old seal mitted female and our Jack Russel, Sophie.

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