Have You Tried The Sunny Seat Cat Window Perch? The Cat Window Hammock

A cat sitting next to a window on SunnySeat Cat Window PerchHave You Tried The Sunny Seat Cat Window Perch? – The Cat Window Hammock

When we were first getting into reviewing products, we were sent a Sunny Seat cat window perch or cat window hammock to product feature.  I used it on my front windows that are original 1940s windows.

The Sunny Seat is a cat window perch that “sticks” to your window via suction cups but is not window mounted, so you have to make sure that the window you are going to put it on is strong and the weight of the cat isn’t going to cause any issues.  You also have to make sure there is enough room vertically and horizontally for it to fit.  For example, the windows in my house that are from 2005 are too narrow for the Sunny Seat.

As a result, I gave The Sunny Seat to a friend of mine.  He said it’s his cat’s favorite spot.  The other day a Floppycats.com reader posted a funny photo of her large cat on his “cat hammock” and I recognized it immediately to be the Sunny Seat.

You can buy The Sunny Seat on Amazon.

So then it made me want to ask if others have this product.  Do you have the Sunny Seat cat window bed?  How do you like it?  Does your cat use it?

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Hi, I’m Jenny Dean, creator of Floppycats! Ever since my Aunt got the first Ragdoll cat in our family, I have loved the breed. Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other Ragdoll cat lovers around the world,

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  1. I need help. I can not get the suction cups to stick. I have cleaned the glass and the cups well with windex and alcohol. only one will stay “tight”.
    any suggestions?

    1. Unfortunately, I do not – you might ask for a replacement or replacement cups?

    2. Yes, you are supposed to dip them in hot water for a bit then push them onto the window

  2. Received this as a gift recently. Can’t get it to stay up for more than a few days. Have tried all the product suggestions. Both our cats love laying in the window. But it just won’t stay put. I am giving it to a friend.Disappointed.

  3. i still have mine up and my cats love it! they can watch all the action outside. i have had no issues with it falling off either. one part did come unstuck once but i just cleaned off the suction cup, wet the spot on the window again and it’s been fine. the only thing i’ll say about putting it in the living room window is that curtains can then be a problem. i don’t have curtains on my window because i like the light coming in and my cats would always thrash curtains anyway. yeah, i love the sunny seat. one of my cats is a 14 pounder and there have not been any problems with that. i think it’s an awesome product.

  4. Veronica Thompson says:

    I have this seat for my 12 pound Ragdoll and she absolutely loves it!!!!!!!! She sits in it and sleeps in it every single night. We live in Alabama where the weather is extremely hot in the summer and can get pretty cold in the winter too. The only time I have had a problem with it is if someone moves the seat without cleaning the window with Windex, it will slide down and need to be readjusted. But even that doesn’t keep my kitty out of this seat! She loves it & I do too ☺

  5. I would love to have one for our cats. But we live in Florida and I have yet to get anything to stick for very long in this heat. We have huge wide windows in our living room that our cats love to sit in.

  6. with the gift card i paid 14.74. i got it today and put it up and my little grey monster is on it now sleeping. he loves it. the other cats got on it too. one of the cups came off the window after it cooled down. it was hot here today. i’m glad they weren’t on it at the time. i pulled on it really good when i set it up and cleaned the window and the cups. i hope it doesn’t come off again. i love it. it’s big enough for my big black and white and it’s made well. i might put a little blanket on it. i’d like if it came in other colors.. the hammock part. the grey cat loves to look out the window and is always in it and now he can lay down, be up higher and keep and eye on everything. he’s so funny.

    1. i am glad you like it – i hope the cup doesn’t come off again either! that would for sure ruin the kitties interest in it!

  7. i just ordered this with a discount from amazon and a swag bucks gift card, plus free shipping!! yaaay.. i love you jenny for all the tips and information you give us so that we can be the best cat mommies and daddies!! i have a huge front window now and my cats are going to LOVE this!!

    1. awesome! how much? just saw them today in walmart for $19.97/ea

  8. Dementia Boy says:

    Unfortunately, my cats don’t like anything hammock-y. I can understand why previous portly, hefty cats–not mentioning any names here, but Jenny has seen a certain flame-point at his heaviest–felt insecure, but Jolie and Isabella are tiny beasties.

    I’ve found with suction toys, the windows have to be super, squeaky clean, not just clean. So how does dirt get under the suction cup three days later?

  9. Hi, Jenny!

    I’ve contemplated trying one of these for Pink Sugar with our living room/balcony sliding glass doors. But, I never got one as my intuition told me that it probably wouldn’t work so well with the way the door glass is section with metal borders. I don’t think the doors are the proper width to support this item either. I wish we had just a plain old window in the living room with a window sill, though, so I could get one of those seats that brace underneath the window sill. Those are great!

    Big hugs, head butts & purry cuddles!

    Patti & Pink Sugar 🙂 <3

  10. I saw these advertised on TV several years ago. I like them so much I ordered 2, but when I put them on my single pane windows (from the 50’s), the window cracked as soon as the cat sat on it. Bummer. I still have them, though, just waiting for the day I can replace the windows!

  11. That looks so amazing! Will definitely be ordering one for the girls = putting it on their “wish” list. Are the suction cups really that strong? It makes me worry that they would jump up and it might let go. Have had smaller ones that did that, but see how large these are and they are probably a lot better grade than what I had before. Are there any issues with these. Am sure you have to prep the window first of course, but then it is very strong? I would love this better than the other one we had that went under the window sill with a brace at the bottom because the bottom brace wore into the wall and rubbed off all the paint and damaged the drywall. This would prevent all those issues.

    1. They were really strong – I was scared to take them off the glass in fear it would damage it (again, think 1940s glass window). yes, you need to have a clean window and a clean suction up. You might read the reviews on Amazon and make a decision that way – we didn’t have ours for very long.

    2. Patti Johnson says:

      Good concerns, Teresa! Just what I was thinking, too! 🙂 <3

      1. Teresa Reid says:

        Am still worried about that, especially because of what Diane reported. Also, am wondering about the glass temperature changes and whether that would make the suction cups more susceptible to falling off. Sometimes it can be 50 degrees here in the am and then by lunch it is 70 and then goes back down again at night. Think that might have something to do with the suction cups not sticking unless there is a consistent temperature of the glass? Love the concept, but am still not sure that it would be safe.♥♥♥

  12. We reviewed it a while back on our blog and hated it. After our cat would lay on it for a few minutes the suction cups would start sliding down, or just pop off all together. I tried all their tips and never got it to work!

    1. The suction cups on ours would hold a few days at best.
      We tried everything. Gifting to a friend, hope she has better luck!

  13. I have this window seat and it is a favorite sleeping spot and window watching spot! Our cat immediately took to it. I will probably buy more for our other windows. The one I habe is in the living room window. It’s like the kitty has his own little sofa!

    Make sure your window is nice and clean so the suction cups stick. Then test it out by putting alot of pressure on the seat before you let your kitty on it.

    1. Cool – thanks for sharing. How much does your cat weigh?

  14. omgosh i just saw it on amazon and it says 50 pounds!! yaaay, i’m ordering it!

  15. that looks nice. i always wondered what the weight limit was for those. i have a big living room window and my cats would absolutely love one of these but the one that i think would love it the most is about 20 pounds. do you think he could get on one of these without it falling off? that would be terrible!

  16. OMG we have a window perch that is called the same thing! But its not the “same” thing, ours probably came from Petsmart or something, I’m not sure as to where it came from because it had already came with Nico&Anya when we got them. But they love it. Ours doesn’t stick to the actual window, but rather on the window sill.

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