Bimini – Ragdoll Kitten of the Month

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Bimini is my very first Ragdoll. He was born June 16th 2020, and I got to bring him  home late August. I was inspired to get a Ragdoll after meeting my friend’s Ragdoll. I  loved how soft her fur was and how blue her eyes were.

Bimini Ragdoll Cat

I was furloughed from work last year from April – June, and a lot of that time I dreamed about having a Ragdoll to keep me company and play with. I did a lot of research, including reading posts on! In the process of selecting a breeder, I fell  into the scam of someone claiming to sell Ragdolls. Thankfully, my bank saved me from a $700 down-payment, but I was so crushed that the cute kitten I fell in love with wasn’t really out there for sale. I learned you should always face-time with the breeder (and check TICA!) before buying.

Bimini the Ragdoll riding in a shopping cart

Then, I found Bimini’s breeder! I used Rita Houston, the owner of Eyes of Blue Cattery  in NC. She is wonderful, by the way if you want to buy from someone who is close to  North/South Carolina. She was so great to send me pictures and videos of my baby from day 1 up to the day I got to bring him home. I remember when my boyfriend and I  arrived at her house, I felt guilty for taking such a beautiful kitten away from his mommy. Holding him for the first time in my arms felt so exciting and loving.

Bimini on the cat wheel

Bimini has brought me so much joy. He sleeps with me every night, and every morning when my alarm goes off he will walk up to my face and lick my chin. I’ve never had a  cat so happy to wake up in the morning with me.

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Bimini the Ragdoll resting

He loves to go on cat walks with me around the neighborhood. He is Instagram famous (almost) for his backpacking-, stroller riding-, cat exercise wheeling-good  times! One of my new hobbies is posting pictures, videos, and stories on Instagram of  life from his perspective. I’ve found a fun community of Ragdoll owners and made a  few friends online through his page. Follow his page @Bimini.The.Ragdoll for a fluffing good time!

Bimini the Ragdoll cat

The backpack is amazing! The spaceship-like bubble on the front is the window to  Bimini’s world when I take him hiking or into pet-friendly stores. He loves it so much  that when I get it out of the closet and put it on the floor, he hops into it ready to go! I  can also buckle it in like a car seat in the car to keep Bimini safe while driving places.

Bimini ready for a ride

One of his most loved products is the Pet Gear no zip double stroller. Bimini has  enjoyed many walks through the neighborhood, gone to Petsmart, TJ Maxx,  downtown, in ice cream stores, and dined with my boyfriend and I while in his cat  stroller. It’s a smooth ride and an amusement to everyone who sees him in the stroller.

Cat stroller

Bimini’s most entertaining toys is the One Fast Cat exercise wheels. My boyfriend got it for me on Valentine’s Day and it has been such a fun thing to teach Bimini to use. A laser pointer is the trick to really get those paws moving on the exercise wheel!

Bimini in the cat backpack

Bimini’s favorite small toy is a feather on a string attached to a wand. He does the most arabesque flips in the air while chasing “the bird”, always making me laugh at how intense his hunting skills are. He loves his Floppy Fish. It automatically turns on when booped by a paw, flopping at different rates to keep a cat intrigued. I keep a 5 1/2 foot cat tower by the window so Bimini can patrol the street and chirp at the occasional squirrel.

The last product that I will brag on is the Litter Robot. The cat toilet that looks like a  spaceship has been quite the life saver. While a little exorbitant for a litter box, and  space consuming I might add, it has definitely given back in ways of saving time and  amounts of litter wasted when clumping pee. For 3 cats, I empty it twice a week. I have  also cut back on buying litter from once a month to every other month. Bimini adjusted to it right away, and even gets amused by watching it cycle. I learned how to wash it thanks to Jenny’s YouTube tutorial!

Bimini is my little angel, and I am so lucky to have such a great companion in my life.  Without him, there would be a great void in my kitty-loving heart. Thanks for reading along!

– Elizabeth

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