Rocky – Ragdoll of the Week

My boy Rocky is a big fella. He just turned a year old on March 20th and is 14 pounds. I didn’t realize how big they got which was a surprise. He is a Seal color point and very handsome with a lion mane with long hair and a very fluffy raccoon like tail that he loves to have sticking strait up a lot the time.

Rocky - Ragdoll of the Week

Rocky’s Story

I found him online when searching for a new member of the family. I bought him from a lady whose children are the breeders. She said they are purebred Ragdolls but they are not registered. Rocky definitely has all the characteristics of a purebred. I fell in love with Ragdolls a breed I hadn’t heard of before but when I saw all the pictures of them, I knew I would love to have one.

I have had pets all my life (mostly cats, dogs) and loved them all. I now have Rocky and Tanzy (a 5-year-old Havanese dog). They are still getting to know each other even after 10 months. I am waiting for the day when they are cuddled together. That’s a picture I will frame and hang on the wall. (YouTube, Tanzy and Rocky – Playtime). They get a little carried away at times just like children but when I holler, they usually settle down.

Sealcolor point Ragdoll cat Rocky Ragdoll of the Week 20210108_130320

Rocky’s Personality:

Rocky is finally tolerating me brushing and combing him because he knows he gets a treat after (he walks straight to the cupboard where the treats are).

He loves going outside and watching the birds and trying to catch flies. He only goes out with a harness and leash. I say “Rocky do you want to go out? “and he walks over to the island where I put on his harness and leash.

I have a lot of very tall trees which I am sure he would climb if allowed. I took him for a walk on leash with Tanzy last summer. He was not too fond of it. He walked great though when he knew we were heading home. I am going to try again but if he doesn’t like it he still has the big backyard.

Sealcolor point Ragdoll cat Rocky Ragdoll of the Week 20201210_162237

We had a mouse problem in the basement for a while. Rocky brought me a few gifts which I took away from him. Thank goodness they are gone.

He loves laying like a pretzel with front legs pointing in one direction and back legs in the opposite direction.

Sealcolor point Ragdoll cat Rocky Ragdoll of the Week 20210129_155320

He is a good eater. I give him dried and wet food. I also give him a taste of my meals when it is cat appropriate. He loves meat, of course, but also has tasted eggs, toast with cheese whiz and pasta. He usually only has 3 or 4 tiny bites then walks away.

Rocky’s Paparazzi:

He comes every evening for his pet/massage around 10 pm (YouTube Rocky’s Nightly Massage). I am crazy for taking photo so already have over 400, plus dozens of videos.

Sealcolor point Ragdoll cat Rocky Ragdoll of the Week 20210326_134617

I love this breed – they are amazing. Hope you enjoy Rocky’s story and pictures.

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