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Cat Grooming Help: As a cat groomer for many years, Joan Wheeler, loves to help cat owners avoid having to take their cat to the grooming shop because going to the groomer can stress your cat. Joanne gave her tips on proper cat grooming as well as cat grooming brushing below.

Cat Grooming Tips from a Profession Cat Groomer by Joan Wheeler

Dente Owned by Sharon O'Rourke
Dente Owned by Sharon O’Rourke

A lot of people think that a shorthaired cat does not require any brushing or maintenance and that they do not shed very much. This statement simply is not true. There are some great tips for maintaining your cats whether they are short-haired, or have long hair that you can do at home and save a trip to the shop.

How Cats Groom

While grooming a cat might seem like a big task for owners, the heavy lifting of cat grooming is actually carried out by the cats themselves. Cats groom themselves several times a day on a daily basis. They are well equipped to do this as they are very flexible and have a comb-like tongue. As any cat owner knows, a cat’s tongue feels rough on the skin similar to sand-paper.

Why? Because they have tiny keratinous papillae, which are long barbs spread on the surface of their tongue consisting of keratin, the substance that human nails are made of as well. This should give you an idea of how rough and resistant these papillae are. By using them, the cat can groom itself, which has more purposes than you might expect. Cats also use their forepaws in the grooming process as an extension of their tongues to reach areas they can’t reach with their tongues, such as the back of their heads and ears.

Why Do Cats Groom Themselves?

  • To maintain their personal hygiene – cats use their comb-like tongues to eliminate dirt, germs, and parasites from their fur. Saliva acts as a natural bactericide, which helps them stay safe from external agents.
  • To eliminate unwanted odors – cats normally don’t have a detectable smell, which not only makes them good pets but also helps them remain undetected from predators. When cats groom, they wash away both personal and external odors.
  • To regulate their body temperature – when cats groom themselves, they cover their fur in saliva, which helps them decrease their body temperature, so you might see cats grooming more during summer.
  • To maintain a state of tranquility – when a cat is grooming, it’s a sign that it’s feeling well, that it’s relaxed, that it has a good general state, so whenever you see your cat grooming itself, rest assured that it’s feeling fine
  • To show affection to other cats or owners – grooming is a sign of well-being and sharing is caring, so when cats groom each other or groom their owners, it is certainly a sign of affection. It’s one of their many adorable ways of letting you know that they care and that they like you.

Cat Grooming Help TIP #1 Groom Daily

Short-haired cats need to be groomed every day or at least every other day. This does not take very much time to do, and it will cut down on the shedding in your home and helps keep hairballs down too. First, you’ll want to purchase a tool that groomers love to use which is called a “unigroom”. It is totally made of rubber and has rubber spikes on it, and it can be found at almost any pet store. The unigroom costs less than ten dollars. Once you use it on your cat you will be amazed how much hair comes off! Purchase the unigroom on Amazon.

Cat Grooming Help TIP #2- Clean Cat’s Ears

Clean your cat’s ears. Wet a cotton ball with alcohol and just swab out the ear. You don’t go down very far, and this is something you can do once a month. If you see your cat shaking his or her head, and scratching his or her ear on a regular basis, this would be the time to see your vet as it could be a sign of mites or some other problem.

Cat Grooming Help TIP #3 – Clip Cat’s Nails

Clip your cat’s nails. You can also purchase small clippers at the pet store and it’s easier than you think. If you’re not comfortable doing this by yourself, get a friend to hold your cat for you. It’s best to hold the paw and gently press each toe so the nail extends, then look for where the pink part of the nail is and only cut up to that part. Do not clip any further or you will cut the quick and the nail will bleed. If that happens, you can always use flour to stop the bleeding. So just be sure to cut close to the pink but not to close.


Purchase the Zen Clippers here. 

Cat Grooming Help TIP #4– Brush Cat’s Teeth

Brush your cat’s teeth. It might be crazy, but would you go through life without ever brushing your teeth? The pet stores have different toothbrushes, and they even have ones that you put on your fingertip which works really well. You must also get toothpaste specially made for cats. You cannot use human toothpaste at all. If you do, you will have to make a trip to the vet. It is very important to brush your cat’s teeth to help prevent periodontal disease which many cats get. If a cat gets a periodontal disease, she or he will have to go to the vet, and be put under and usually have teeth extracted. This is very costly, so all the more reason to avoid it. It may be hard to do at first, but keep trying every day and eventually, the cat will get used to it, and they do like the taste of the toothpaste so it will get easier.

Cat Grooming Help TIP #5 –Long Hair Cat Comb

This tip is dedicated to long-haired cats. All of the tips above are the same for long-haired cats as well. However, a long-haired cat is different because they need to be combed. You can purchase a comb that has a large end and a smaller end for this job. Do not use a brush for cats with long hair because all a brush does is brush the topcoat and does not get any of the undercoat out. The undercoat must be removed to prevent the cat from getting matted.

This long hair comb and this comb for cats on Amazon are some community favorites.

Grooming Matted Cat Fur
Once a cat does get matted, you will have to go to the groomer to get the cat shaved which is a traumatic experience for the cat. Additionally, a lot of groomers will not even groom cats because they are very hard and uncooperative. And if you choose to shave a mat out of your cat yourself, that’s okay if it is a small one but you have to be very careful because a cat’s skin is so thin it cuts very easily. You can get out small mats simply by using the large end of the comb and hold your cat’s skin where the mat is and comb it out. Most cats love to be combed, and you will find that you will make a special bond with your cat by keeping up with the maintenance just like you would a little child. It also makes the cat feel better, and cuts down on the cat hair in your home, saves a trip to the groomer, and can help with hairballs your cat may get. If you do not get out the undercoat, they will certainly try to do it themselves!

Cat Grooming Help TIP #6 – Bathing Your Cat

Bathing your cat. This can be a daunting task even for the most experienced groomer, yet it can be done. Some groomers have special cages that they put the cat in and it is only big enough for the cat to turn around in. This special cage is on legs, has a lid that locks, and is placed in a bathtub so that the groomer can easily get the cat into the bath. It prevents groomers from getting clawed or bitten because they also have to use the dryer on the cat to get the cat dry. Cats do not like water and certainly aren’t fans of dryers, either. Joan doesn’t even recommend giving cats a bath unless it’s a situation where they have fleas, or got skunked, or got into something that had a horrible smell.

But for the cat owners who do want to bathe their cat, you might first invest in a harness. This helps control the cat without having something around their neck that could strangle them. You might also consider having a helper too if your cat is uncooperative. Have several glasses of clear warm water on hand for rinsing, and do it in the sink. That way you would have a sprayer to help with the rinse if your cat isn’t afraid of the noise. You can try to use a blow dryer to dry your cat after towel drying if the cat will let you. It takes several hours for a cat to dry on its own so get as much water off as you can. They will also lick a lot after a bath so make sure you only use a shampoo that is made for cats. You cannot use human shampoo!

Cat Grooming Help TIP #7-Baby Wipes for Cats

Baby wipes and cat grooming help. If you do not want to give your cat a full bath, you can always use baby wipes, but make sure they are the kind that is unscented. Do not use any that have perfume or any scent on them at all. Your cat will lick their fur and if it is scented, this could cause them to get an upset tummy and that is not good for the cat.

These wipes are for cats older than 6 weeks. Read the review for natural grooming wipes here. 

Joanne had the following information to add about Ragdoll cats and grooming:

“The best tip of all is if you want a low maintenance cat, the Ragdoll is the perfect cat to get. They tolerate everything so well due to their laid back personality. They are so easy to groom, and they are a groomer’s dream! When I started grooming cats, I would practice on my own Ragdoll and she was so good it was unbelievable! I wish all cats were like her because most cats are not that cooperative! She let me do anything to her and she loved me anyway! So if you are looking for a cat and you have a busy lifestyle, getting a Ragdoll is the best advice I could give to you. You would not be disappointed. They are low maintenance, loveable, beautiful, loyal, great with everyone, and in my opinion the best breed there is.”


You must have a lot of questions about cat grooming and we’re here to provide you with the answers. Take a look as we go through some of the most frequently asked questions about how and why cats groom themselves, but also about grooming your feline friend.

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  2. I have a Ragdoll and grooming is NOT easy!!! She HATES a bath, blow dryer and the ONLY thing she does not mind is clipping her claws!!! I recently took her to the vet because she had 4 mats because I did not have the right tool to brush her fur…my fault…but I was listening to the people in the pet stores!!! Anyway, she is now SO traumatized I think it has ruined her “ragdoll personality”!!!! They told me to just leave her and come back because if she had to air dry, it would take all day, so trusting them, that’s what I did..I don’t know what they did to her, but she is NOT the same cat!!! I’m very concerned about her and she will never go back to a groomer, so thanks for the tips on how to groom and bathe cats!!!

  3. If only everybody respected cats just like we all do. Maybe you have got word concerning the Epa and flea control drops? It’ quite unsettling just what quite a few of these products are doing to our feline friends.

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