Ragdoll Breeders in Florida

We’re here to help you find Ragdoll breeders in Florida. However, it’s important to note that Floppycats is an informational website – and our tagline is “Uniting Ragdoll Lovers Worldwide.”

We love to see families who have lots of love to give finding the perfect match to bring into a loving home. We are not a Ragdoll breeder, but we do try to help facilitate and improve our readers’ relationships with their cats, whether they’re kittens or adult cats.

Blue eyed Ragdoll cat peacefully laying on a bed.

Ragdolls are highly sought after because of their reputation for being one of the largest cat breeds and having an affectionate temperament, beautiful traditional colors, plush coats, and beautiful blue eyes. However, each individual cat is a living, breathing soul, who might not meet these exact expectations.

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We have found that many cats of the same breed have all different types of looks and temperaments, especially due to all the different colorations and personality traits they can inherit from their parents. Even cats of the same coloration types can look very different because of the way their colors develop. If you’d like to learn more about this, check out our post about Ragdolls’ colors and patterns.

If you’d like to find Ragdoll breeders in Florida in order to adopt your first Ragdoll, we would like to help you in your journey. We want all of our readers to find amazing cats, and we hope we can be a resource to help you as you search.

Disclaimer about Scams

Although I would love to be able to help every owner find the right pet for their family, I learned long ago not to recommend specific Ragdoll breeders in Florida! I believe that people should make sure to do their homework on reputable breeding practices and decide for themselves.

That being said, we do get a lot of input from some of our readers when it comes to their experiences with Ragdoll breeders in Florida, so we wanted to present a hybrid of readers’ recommendations, paired with information on how to vet any breeders you might come across, so you can make your own personal decision and avoid getting scammed.

Before purchasing your beloved companion, please do your due diligence in researching the breeder you choose including, but not limited to, getting recommendations, seeing how they interact with their cats, and more. Please note that Floppycats does not recommend any Ragdoll breeders.

Any breeders you may see listed on this site have been submitted to us from readers. Remember – this could be at least a 15-20 year decision, and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. To learn how not to get scammed, check out our Ragdoll kitten scams’ post and our Ragdoll breeder scams’ video.

Blue-eyed Ragdoll Cat sitting in a doorway.

A small checklist to use while evaluating Ragdoll breeders in Florida:

  • Are they TICA or CFA (Cat Fanciers’ Association)?
  • Do they show their cats?
  • Do they conduct genetic testing?
  • Do they keep kittens at least 12 weeks of age?
  • Do they provide a health guarantee?
  • Do the kittens come to you already spayed/neutered?
  • Do you feel comfortable with the communication with the breeder?  You want to be able to contact your breeder months or years down the road with questions.
  • How long is their waiting list? Do they seem to always have available kittens, or do they space out each litter?
  • Is your overall impression that they are trustworthy, or that there’s something off about them?
  • Do they breed within the written standard of pointed, traditional blue eyed only? Do you care if they do not?  

Member of the TICA

To see if a cattery is actually a member of The International Cat Association (TICA), you can go to this website.  Be patient, when adding the cattery name into the search engine, it can take a minute or two to respond.   The TICA online list is only a list of TICA catteries that decided to pay an extra fee to be listed.  It is actually a very small percentage of Ragdoll breeders in Florida that did choose to advertise there.

For CFA cattery names, you can check there too.

Two Ragdoll cats sitting under a table.

RFCI is a great place to look also, the catteries listed there have been checked thoroughly to ensure they are registered with one or more of the major cat associations.  They do sign a code of ethics as well, however, with any breeder, do your own research and homework.

Watch out for Ragdoll breeder scams.

You might also search for a Ragdoll rescue, so we have the following webpage to help you find a Ragdoll Rescue in your area.

If you find someone you like, you can always send me a link to their website and if I see any red flags, I will let you know – that’s the best I can do.

Finding Ragdoll Breeders in Florida:

If you live in the state of Florida, you might appreciate some extra direction on how to find the best quality cat breeder in your area. We know it can take a lot of hard work to find someone who is ethically breeding quality Ragdoll cats.

Our readers have recommended Ragdoll breeders in Florida whose cats meet the breed standard, exhibit positive personality traits, and have had few health problems in their new home. However, these are merely their experiences, and it is very important that you do your own research to prevent a negative experience with any of them.

Two Ragdoll cats engaged in playtime in a living room.

These mentions are not endorsements from our site, we are merely sharing the Ragdoll breeders in Florida our readers have reported having good experiences with. If you come across any concerns regarding these Ragdoll breeders in Florida, please let us know so we can avoid mentioning them in the future.

It is also possible for anyone to have a negative experience with a reputable breeder, as they are not perfect and different prospective pet owners may have differing values and expectations, so please keep that in mind as you look for a new best friend.

To learn how to protect yourself against scams, check out Ragdoll Reputable Breeders guidelines here and our Ragdoll Breeder Scams here. All that being said, here is our list of reader-recommended Ragdoll breeders in Florida.

Reader-Recommended Florida Ragdoll Cat Breeders:

DreamCatcher Ragdoll Kittens

Dream Catcher Ragdolls Cattery Website homepage

DreamCatcher Ragdoll Kittens is a small Ragdoll cattery boutique in historical St. Augustine, Florida. They are a TICA registered breeder of Ragdolls, and you can see the breeding plans for each future litter on their site.

You can fill out their contact form, email them at DreamCatcherRagdolls@yahoo.com, or call them at 904-864-7331.

Ragmatical Ragdolls

Ragmatical Ragdolls website

Ragmatical Ragdolls is in Port Orange, Florida, so, unfortunately, if you’re in South Florida, this is likely not the breeder for you. One interesting thing about Ragmatical Ragdolls is that it is based in strong religious convictions, so it’s good to know that in advance. All of their cats are named different names based on religious themes, and they have a breakdown of their beliefs and space for prayer requests on their website.

They test all their cats for HCM, FELV, FIV, and more. Their “Archangel” won TICA Grand Champion in 2020, and we think he is just stunning!

You can fill out their contact form, or call them through a button at that same link.

Here are some past posts on our site that you might find helpful:

Rapture Ragdolls

Rapture Ragdolls Rgadoll Breeder in Florida

Rapture Ragdolls is a Ragdoll cattery based in Port Orange, Florida. Registered with both TICA and the CFA, they have been breeding for almost 10 years and are committed to providing quality Ragdoll kittens to responsible new owners. Each kitten is tested negative for the HCM gene and they are free of FELV/FiV.

The kittens are raised around children, helping to prepare them for a family home. As soon as the kittens are of a suitable age to be checked for quality, their details will be posted on the website so you can see who is available to purchase.

If you are interested, you can email or call them from their Rapture Ragdolls Contact Us’ page.


Simonsezz Ragdoll Breeder Florida

Run by Doris Simon, Simonsezz is a good and honest cattery based in New Port Richey, close to the Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg area. She offers Ragdoll kittens that are all well loved and looked after from birth, with spacious living and play areas for them to enjoy in their formative weeks.

Doris has over 35 years of breeding experience and all of her kittens are bred for show quality standards, so you know you’re getting an excellent purebred Ragdoll. You can see the award history of her Ragdoll cats on the website.

Doris can be reached via email at djcats4u@gmail.com although if you are serious about buying a Ragdoll kitten, she prefers you to call on (727) 267-4942 so you can discuss any questions you have, and pricing.

Sunny Shores Cattery

Sunny Shores Cattery homepage image.

Rachel Zimmer

Sunny Shores Cattery is a Ragdoll breeder in Daytona Beach, Florida. Rachel was working as a veterinary technician when people started telling her that she should start breeding cats. She fell in love with Ragdoll cats and started breeding them in 1999. Her veterinary background is appealing, as she is very knowledgeable about each cat’s needs.

All of her cats have tested negative for the Ragdoll HCM gene, which is a common medical issue for the breed.

You can call or text Rachel at 386-795-0778 or email her at Rachel@sunnyshorescattery.com.

Triniti Dollz Ragdoll Cattery

Homepage of Triniti Dollz Ragdoll Website

April Tyner

Trinity Dollz Ragdoll Cattery is a breeder in central Florida. They love Ragdolls’ affectionate, dog-like qualities, and emphasize the temperaments of their kittens.

All of their cats have a 5 year genetic health guarantee, including that they are HCM negative and avoid many other genetic problems. April has a lot of experience showing and breeding Ragdoll cats, and she is very passionate about the breed.

You can email April at trinitidollz@yahoo.com or text her at 407-761-9301.

USAPurrs Ragdolls

USAPurrs Ragdoll Cattery Homepage

Brianne DeFoe

USAPurrs Ragdolls is a small cattery in historic Tarpon Springs, FL (near Tampa). Brianne breeds her cats in-home to give personal attention to the cats, and she has shown and bred Ragdolls for over 20 years. Their site says, “We take pride in raising beautiful, healthy Ragdoll cats and kittens, that not only meet and exceed the Ragdoll standards in TICA and CFA for type, but also for temperament.” They highly recommend reserving a kitten far in advance, because they only breed a few litters each year.

Brianne does have an option on her site to visit and see where the cats are bred and raised once you have paid the deposit. She is very private about other visits because she does operate a home cattery, and she wants to limit visits from “shoppers” who aren’t serious about adoption. She does offer meet-ups at cat shows, references from her vet and others, and FaceTime calls, as well as pictures and videos of each Ragdoll baby.

Her preferred form of contact is via text at (727) 485-6145 or email at usapurrs@yahoo.com.

Conclusion about Ragdoll Breeders in Florida

Please remember to do your own research and check into each breeder yourself using the guide included above the list of reader recommendations before getting your first kitten from anyone.

Although we have been told by our readers that each one is a reputable breeder, we do not have personal experience with them, and cannot vouch for them ourselves. It is your responsibility to make sure the breeder you select is not scamming people, breeding poorly for health or temperament, or mistreating the cats.

We hope this article could be a helpful resource as you try to make the best choice for your family. One of our main goals is to help you build amazing relationships with your kitties. Ragdolls are an amazing breed of cat, and we’d love to hear success stories of how any new household pets adjust to and bond with your family. Please share pictures of your new kitten with us on Facebook!

If you would like some recommendations of items to purchase before bringing in your new family member, please check out all of the wonderful Ragdoll product reviews on our site. We only give honest reviews and share how our cats personally interacted with the products. Every cat is different, but we like to give you some good places to start!

Have you had a good experience with one of the Ragdoll breeders in Florida? Please share it in the comments below.

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