79 Fall Activities for the Whole Family this Autumn (Pets Included)

Fall is a wonderful time of the year. Whether you’re enjoying a cool-off from the hot summer, soaking in all the colors of nature, or just starting to get prepped ahead of the holiday season. It’s also the perfect time of the year to tick off some tasks and plan some real fun things to do. Here’s a look at the best fall activities for you and your family this year.

Fall Activities for Rainy Days

1. Build a Fort

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Building a fort is the perfect rainy-day activity with kids. You get them thinking creatively and doing something fun without needing to buy anything new, and there’s no reason the grownups can’t get involved too. Products like the Purrini Playmate also let you build a fort for your cats.

2. Try Some Fall Puzzles

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When the weather isn’t great, a cool way to keep you and the family stimulated with new ideas is to try some puzzles. Break out an old-fashioned puzzle book or download an escape room you can try at home. Cat puzzle toys help you keep the whole family engaged in thinking time.

3. Make Toys

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If the kids start complaining about being bored with their toys, challenge them to make some new ones of their own. A great activity to keep you and your cat busy this autumn is to make your own cat toy for them to play with too.

4. Watch a New Series or Movie

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Why not use those rainy days to try out a new movie or series on your streaming platform of choice? Get cozy under a blanket and switch off with something you’ve never seen before. Why not watch Pet Fooled, a documentary all about pet food?

5. Watch Expert Interviews

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A great way to keep yourself entertained whilst also doing something productive is to seek out expert interviews online. Choose a field that’s relevant to you – we’ve got some fascinating interviews on the Floppycats website if you want to know more about cat care.

6. Try Some Fun Social Media Challenges

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Social media always has some new challenges that you could try, but there are some classic ones too that you could revisit if the kids never had a chance to try them. Maybe skip the ice bucket challenge if the weather’s a little cold, though.

7. Make Thank You Cards Using Your Family

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Get the whole family involved in a fun craft activity that also warms the heart of others. Send out thank-you cards to your family and friends to put a smile on their faces. It doesn’t have to be for any special reason – you might just want to thank them for being in your life.

8. Start a Thankful List

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Maybe you’re not sending out thank-you cards, but it’s still a fun activity to start a thank-you list and remind yourself of the things and the people in your life that you’re thankful for. Tie this into Thanksgiving or just use a spare afternoon – it’s a great mood booster either way.

9. Shoot Your Christmas Card Photos

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With Christmas on the horizon, fall is the perfect time to snap your holiday picture to use on the front of cards. You could get the whole family into the picture or make it themed around the kids or the cats. Have some fun and turn it into a photoshoot day!

10.  Find a New Podcast

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If you’re someone who loves to multitask, then finding a new podcast is a great way to spend some time during the autumn. You can keep yourself free to work on other jobs around the home whilst you’re learning new ideas or enjoying a fun podcast that helps you relax.

11.  Read a New Book

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Whether you’re a voracious reader or someone who barely remembers to pick up a book, fall’s the ideal time to try something new. It could be a new fiction author, or you might want to head to the library to check out books teaching you new skills or ways of caring for your home and pets.

12.  Join a Book Club

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Go one step further than reading one book – start a whole club for your family or friends. Either host it yourself or set up meetings at a local coffee shop. Then make sure you read the book in time to talk about it!

13.  Set Up a Trust or Will

If you haven’t already, use the time when the weather is cooler to get a will or a trust set up. It’s not the most pleasant of activities to think about, but the peace of mind you’ll have knowing that your affairs are in order in case something happens will be worthwhile.

14.  Dig Into Your DNA

There are some amazing things that you can learn about yourself if you look into your DNA, including family history and any predispositions toward hereditary diseases. And as well as doing human DNA kits, you can also do them for your dogs and cats.

15.  Start Holiday Shopping Early

Unless you’re one of those super-organized people that finishes their holiday shopping by June (and finds somewhere to store it), then autumn is a great time to get ahead of the crowds. This is especially true if you want to buy customized items for your kids or pets, as they can take longer to arrive. Let your inner child have fun.

16.  Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday is becoming less popular, but there are still good deals to be had from most major retailers. The day lands in later fall, but if you want to grab some bargain cat toys or treat yourself to something, it’s a good time to shop around and see what deals can be had.

17.  Cozy Up by the Fireplace

Sometimes you don’t need a big plan to keep yourself entertained during fall. If you have a fireplace – especially if you have a wood burner – then just get snug in front of it with a blanket, and let the hours slowly drift by. Even better, enjoy the beautiful fall view. Cuddle your feline friends too, and get them cozied up with you.

18.  Light a Fall Candle

Consider buying your home a delightful fall-scented candle to enjoy. There are some charming scents featuring aromas associated with the time of year, including pumpkin and spices. Just be careful if you have pets – they may find the scent unpleasant, and always keep naked flames safely out of reach.

19.  Carve a Pumpkin

It might be a tradition you already stick to, or maybe you’ve never done it. But autumn is the season of the pumpkin, so why not give a jack-o-lantern a try? Bonus points if you do something cat-themed.

20.  Learn to Knit

Fall is the perfect time for warm woolens, so why not learn to knit if you don’t already know? Start with the basics like a scarf, but you can easily get up to crafting new blankets for you or for your cat’s bed.

21.  Plan Your Halloween Costumes

Who says Halloween costumes are only for kids? You might be attending a party, or you may just want to spook the kids who visit your neighborhood trick or treating. But instead of throwing something together last minute, spend some time planning something fun and unique. Again, bonus points for real cat costumes.

22.  Host a Family and Friends Potluck

It’s always nice to see your loved ones at this time of year, so why not arrange a get-together with the pressure taken off by making it a potluck? Everyone brings something, nobody has to slave over the stove all day – it’s a win-win. Add some live music if your friends are musically inclined for great memories. Don’t forget to trade recipes too.

23.  Host Friendsgiving

Maybe you like being the host who takes care of everyone. If you do, then the Friendsgiving trend is really getting popular. Just like Thanksgiving, but exclusively for your close friends. Of course, if you’re already hosting Thanksgiving, then maybe give yourself a break instead.

24.  Start an Indoor Garden

Fall isn’t the best time to tend to your actual garden – and you might not have the space for one anyway. So why not create a small indoor garden where it’s warmer? All you need are a couple of planters, and you can brighten the room with some flowers or grow herbs for your cooking.

25.  Dig Out Your Cold-Weather Clothes

While it depends on where you live, fall typically brings cooler weather and more rain. So, it’s time to rearrange your wardrobe to bring your cold-weather gear back to the fore. And if you don’t have any nice cold-weather clothing, then it’s another excuse to shop!

26.  Organize a Sweater Swap

Found that sweater from last year but just not feeling it this year? Why not arrange a sweater swap with friends? You all bring your sweaters and then swap them around, meaning you all get to choose something new without paying a penny.

Healthy Autumn Activities

27.  Take a Stroll

It really is the simplest of fall activities, but taking a nice stroll surrounded by nature is a great way to spend some time. And why not take your cat with you – you could put them on a leash or buy a cat stroller so they can safely soak in all the colors of autumn with you.

28.  Get a Health Check

A lot of us are guilty of ignoring any small health problems or just never getting a check-up. So, use this time of year to make sure you’re fit and healthy before the cold weather really sets in. Also, consider taking your dogs and cats to your veterinarian for a similar health check.

29.  Visit a Chiropractor

Chiropractors can work wonders on your spine and help you feel years younger. If you’ve never tried it, why not use the fall season to give it a go? And yes, there are cat chiropractors you can hire for your kitty if you want to give them the best care, too.

30.  Give Acupuncture a Try

Acupuncture is a holistic health treatment rooted in ancient Chinese traditions, and it can have many health benefits. Don’t be scared of needles – it’s a painless treatment, and you’ll feel a million bucks afterward. Again, cat acupuncturists also exist, so you can book a treatment for your feline family members.

31.  Switch Up Your Diet

Autumn is a good time to evaluate your overall health, including your diet and go-to recipes. Look at the kinds of foods you’re eating and whether they’re right for your long-term health. Do the same with your pets, too, though be careful to make any changes gradually.

32.  Try a Holistic Health Review

Holistic health treatments cover a broad spectrum of options for improving your physical and mental well-being. Seek out a holistic practitioner if you want a full review of your well-being and to learn ways you can improve. Yes, holistic health reviews are another option for cats too.

33.  Try Meditation

Meditation is very beneficial – not just for mental health, but it can improve our physical health as well. Whether you use an app or read techniques online, try including meditation in your daily schedule, and you’ll surely see some huge improvements in your quality of life.

34.  De-tech for 15 Minutes Per Day

As a society, we are definitely attached to our tech – smartphones, laptops, TVs, and more. Why not spend just 15 minutes per day putting down the phone, switching off the tech, and living in the moment? Give your extra attention to your kids or cats, and you’ll feel so much healthier in your mind.

35.  Evaluate Your Poop!

This might sound gross, but there are companies who can run full health checks for you based on your poop. Not for you? Fair, but it’s a great option for your pets, too, so it’s worth trying for them. You’ll learn all about their health from a stool sample.

36.  Run a Fall 5K

Set yourself a challenge of running a 5K this autumn. Even if you’ve never run before, you can get yourself up to speed over a couple of months and enter an event to crown your achievement. You don’t need a fast time – just the determination to finish.

37.  Switch Up Your Fitness Routine

While you’re looking at your overall health, consider what exercise you’re getting on a regular basis. What’s working, what do you enjoy, and what do you hate? Switch things up to keep exercise interesting and to help your body to metabolize faster due to the shift in activity.

38.  Take a Bike Ride Through a Park

Fall is a beautiful time in parks, with the trees turning all kinds of golden-red shades. Why not enjoy the scenery with a relaxing bike ride? You’ll be staying active and soaking in the picturesque views of your nearby area.

Fall Activities Outdoors or Away From Home

39.  Visit a Conference Near You

A lot of conferences take place during the autumn, so look into any options near you. Conferences may cover all kinds of businesses or hobbies and interests, including pet conferences advertising new toys and foods that you might want to try.

40.  Visit a Cat Café

Cat cafes are becoming more and more popular. They let those without cats enjoy snuggling up to some feline friends for a day, and they give homeless cats some much-needed interaction too. Check your local area to find one near you.

41.  Volunteer

Volunteering is a fantastic way to give back to the community and keep yourself busy during the fall months. Seek out thrift stores or local projects that may need a helping hand during your downtime.

42.  Run a Fundraiser

You can host all kinds of fundraising events to raise money for a local cause or community, such as a cat shelter. It might be a neighborhood bake sale or a sponsored run. Get creative and use your time to do some good.

43.  Take a Trip

Hate that feeling of being stuck at home during fall? You don’t have to – why not take a vacation somewhere warm or just escape to a scenic log cabin in a woodland area near you? There are plenty of cat-friendly accommodation options so that you don’t have to leave your kitty behind.

44.  Try Out a Farmer’s Market

If you always shop at a supermarket or local grocery store, fall’s a great opportunity to seek out a farmer’s market near you. You can get harvest produce for you and the kids, and many will sell their own meat that’s suitable for a cat on a raw food diet. Don’t forget the fresh apple section too.

45.  Jump In a Pile of Leaves

Fall leaves are attractive and wonderfully crunchy. We all know how fun it was to jump in a big pile of leaves as a kid – but kids don’t have to have all the fun. Live a little and jump in yourself.

46.  Enjoy a Backyard Bonfire

Fall is all about that cozy feeling, and a backyard bonfire is a fantastic way to really appreciate the season. Keep it small and controlled, and the whole family can relax, listening to the crackle (eating an apple and making s’mores, of course).

47.  Read Ghost Stories Around the Fire

If you get a fire going in your backyard, then one of the best fall ideas is swapping ghost stories, provided your kids are old enough to not get too spooked. The atmosphere can make any story a little more creepy and a lot more fun.

48.  Stargaze Under a Blanket

On those days when you get a clear sky, stargazing is a fun fall activity that you can do for free. Take some blankets out into your yard and get comfy as you watch to see which constellations you can identify. Use an app on your smartphone if you’re not too clued up on your star patterns.

49.  Find an Apple Festival

It’s a little cliched, but fall is the best time of year to visit an orchard near you and pick some apples. Bring them home to bake a tasty treat, apple pie, or apple strudel maybe or just to enjoy as a snack – whatever you prefer.

50.  Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkins become ripe in the fall, but instead of picking one up from the store, why not take the family to go explore a local patch and pick your own? You could take the pets for a walk, too, if they’re permitted, and let them enjoy all the smells of the patch.

51.  Head to a Corn Maze

Corn mazes are always popular in the fall. They’re a really fun way to take the kids outdoors and get some fresh air, munch on a fresh apple, and can often be combined with other activities too.

Fall Activities for Your Home

52.  Improve Your Garden

While fall isn’t always the best time to take on your garden, there are some plants that do well in the season and some tasks that you can get ahead with. Use the time to neaten up borders for lawns or put down nematodes to keep fleas out of the yard.

53.  Review Your Cleaning Products for Health

We often don’t realize how toxic the products we use in our homes can be. Use fall as a reset – look at the products you’ve been using, see whether any contain unnecessary chemicals or allergens, and try switching them out to benefit the health of you, your family, and your pets.

54.  Reconsider any Artificial Air Fresheners

Artificial air fresheners are typically not good products. They mask smells and can release toxins that may be mild but can cause irritation for humans and animals in your home. Consider removing them and trying an air purifier instead.

55.  Deep Clean Your Bathroom (and Your Pet’s Bathrooms)

If you’re using fall as a cleaning reset, pay particular attention to the bathroom and give it a really deep scrub. Do the same with your cat’s litter boxes, making sure they’re refreshed and possibly replaced if you’ve owned them for a couple of years.

56.  Deep Clean Your Bedding

While you may be washing your bed linens regularly, use fall as a time to properly refresh the mattress and make sure you’re heading into winter free from any bacteria. Do the same with dog beds and cat beds, too – refresh them ahead of a cozy winter.

57.  Get Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned

Use the downtime in the fall to bring in a professional carpet cleaner. You’ll be shocked at the revival job it does for your home, and provided they don’t use chemical-laden shampoos, it’ll be so much healthier for your kids and cats, who spend most of their time rolling around on the floor.

58.  Build an Outdoor Space to Enjoy

Even if the weather is a little chilly, you can use the fall months to build an outdoor play space for your kids or your cats. It might not be usable until the weather turns in spring again, but at least you’ll have done the hard work, and it’ll be ready for them.

59.  Overhaul a Room for the Kids or Your Pets

If you have a room in your home that’s not being used for much, consider giving it a refresh and turning it into a playroom for the kids or a cat room for your kitties. Fill it with toys, scratching posts (for the cats, not the kids), and whatever else would make it a comfy, cozy retreat.

60.  Declutter Your Home

It’s so easy to build up clutter in your home, so why not use the fall to get rid of anything you’re not using? Recycle what you can, trash what you can’t, and give yourself more space to enjoy with your family.

61.  Decorate Your Porch

A lot of people use fall to decorate their porches for Halloween, but you can just make your porch look like a beautiful entrance by using decorations in typical fall colors – oranges, browns, and reds. Every time you come back home, you’ll feel a touch of extra happiness.

62.  Create a Fall Floral Arrangement

Bring a touch of fall into your home with a floral arrangement. It’s something you can get the kids involved with, and it’ll intrigue your pets too, having a beautiful and naturally-scented new attraction in your home.

63.  Make a Fall Centrepiece

Create a themed centerpiece for your dining table packed with all your favorite fall craft items, fall fruit such as a fresh apple, small gord, or tiny pumpkin, and natural touches. Or, set the challenge for the children in the family to work together on one and tie in a nature walk so they can source their materials.

64.  Freshen the Air in Your Home

It’s very easy to leave the windows closed and use your HVAC to keep the temperature comfortable, but the best thing you can do in the fall is to open the windows wide and let some fresh air through your home. Even if just for one afternoon – it’ll clear out odors and make your home just feel more pleasant.

Food & Drink Fall Activities

65.  Bake Some Tasty Treats

Why not use the fall to bake some tasty, themed treats? Create fun Halloween cookies with the kids, or bake a classic apple or pumpkin pie – it’s a great way to spend an afternoon and not break the budget.

66.  Bake a Gift for a Neighbor

If you like the idea of baking but aren’t in the mood to eat your creations, do a good deed and make something for a neighbor. They’ll appreciate the thought, and you’ll have kept the family busy.

67.  Enjoy a Fall Drink

There are some fantastic cocktails (or mocktails) that you can whip up with a fall theme, but don’t overlook the classic pumpkin-spiced latte too. You can easily make your own at home to save money.

68.  Try Pumpkin Soup

Perfect if you’re making a jack-o-lantern with the kids, use the insides to craft a hearty pumpkin soup that you can serve for lunch on a colder day.

69.  Drink Hot Chocolate

Is there a better time of the year to enjoy an indulgent hot chocolate? Well, maybe during the depths of winter, but fall is still a beautiful time to sip on a tasty cocoa treat.

70.  Celebrate Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is a German event where copious amounts of beer are consumed. You don’t have to go down the copious route; why not just order a couple of specialty beers to sip on at home?

Pet-Focused Fall Activities

71.  Teach Your Pet New Tricks

Why not try teaching your pet some new tricks when you’ve got some time to spare? You can even order talking buttons that you can teach your pet to use when they want to go outside or enjoy some playtime with you.

72.  Start Up a Pet-focused Instagram or TikTok

Your pet deserves to be the next viral star – and even if they don’t, setting up an Instagram or TikTok with them is a lot of fun. The kids will love it, and it’s a good way to teach them how to use social media responsibly.

73.  Commit to Playtime

Sometimes it’s easy for adults to get caught up in the boring parts of life. So, commit to playtime with your pets – set aside time to just enjoy playing with them and their favorite toys. You’ll keep them active and build a stronger bond.

74.  Join Facebook groups to Learn More About Your Pets

Facebook isn’t perfect, but there are some excellent groups where you can learn more about caring for pets. We’d, of course, suggest you join the Floppycats Facebook page!

75.  Share Your Pets with a Community Online

As well as educational groups, many online communities exist just so you can share your pet (and your love for them). Get involved – it’s heart-warming seeing so much pet love.

76.  Set a Grooming Routine for Your Pets

Pets need to be groomed to look after their health – including trimming claws and brushing out mats from fur. If you’re guilty of forgetting, set up a new grooming routine to help your cat or dog stay healthy.

77.  Learn to Clip Your Cat’s Nails

A lot of people take their cats to the vets to get their claws trimmed just because they’re scared to do it themselves. But you can learn, and get tools that make it really easy, so save yourself some money and take the time to pick up the skill.

78.  Overhaul Your Litter Boxes

Consider whether your cat’s litter box needs to be replaced or even swapped out. It might be time to consider an automatic litter box – but make sure you’re careful, and you don’t upset your cat.

79.  Try Light Therapy

Buy a multi-light, and you can carry out some therapy treatments for your cat in the comfort of your own home, helping to heal injuries, boost their immune system, and more.

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