Jasmine Ragdoll Kitten – Ragdoll Breeder SCAM

Last Updated on October 19, 2021 by Jenny

Update March 2, 2021 – Current Ragdoll Breeder scams online (believe me, there are many more than this!)

Update September 19, 2020

A reader wrote in, “I’m very appreciative of you posting fraudulent breeder websites. I have been corresponding with a man using the name Kimberly Ragdolls. He is offering to sell me a beautiful female kitten for $350, including shipping from Pennsylvania to Arizona. I asked him to forward a copy of his contract. He appeared to change the name of the breeder at the Beginning of the contract, but erroneously left the name of Cristar Ragdoll Cattery at the bottom. He has now ceased corresponding with me once I questioned him on it. I wanted you to have the new name he is operating under so you can list it also. Seems this guy has had several fb pages.

They don’t have a website this time – just their Facebook page. But they are seeking out buyers on the American Ragdolls fb page. They replied to a post earlier today listing their info and pictures of kittens. I reached out to them as I am currently looking for a female. I just looked back on fb and it appears they deleted their comments with their info. But their fb page was Kimberlyragdoll kittens. I have messed with this guy all afternoon questioning him. I sent him screenshots of all the business names he has gone by and all the stories buyers have reported about him. He claims it is just fraudulent buyers trying to give him a bad name.

He’s definitely a fraud. He went from messaging me on Facebook messenger, to texting me, to using WhatsApp. I questioned him why he kept switching and he said to make sure I was legit! Lol!

Thanks for looking out for buyers! I appreciate it!”

Update August 3, 2020 – Supreme Ragdolls Home! is another Ragdoll kitten scam website.

Update July 23, 2020 – Cristar Ragdoll Cattery is another Ragdoll Breeder Kitten Scam website

UPDATE – July 4, 2020 – yet another Ragdoll breeder scam / fraudulent website – Ragdoll Kitty Shop – Ragdoll Pet Shop

UPDATE – June 28, 2020 – another Ragdoll breeder scam / fraud – Premium Ragdolls. Doing the same as this one below, but using a photo of my sister with our parents’ cats on their Premium Ragdolls Cattery’s fake and fraudulent website:


A few weeks ago, I received the following e-mail.

Jasmine Ragdoll Kitten - Ragdoll Breeder SCAM 2

You can see my response… and here’s a screenshot of their About page which is a photo I took of my sister and our parents’ cats!! Definitely not their photo!

Jasmine Ragdoll Kitten - Ragdoll Breeder SCAM

Their website used to be – Jasmineragdollcatshome.com – but now that’s not working. However, they have their site here now: https://mamiyvette.webs.com/ – all they did was take down the pages and content from Jasmineragdollcatshome.com and put it on https://mamiyvette.webs.com/ instead.

Update!  Now they are Pretty Ragdoll Kittens – https://prettyragdollkittens.com/about/

Their email is Jasmineragdollkittenhome@gmail.com and their phone is (281) 603-7807 – although the phone might be bogus.

You might wonder why I am posting all of this info – it’s so that it is searchable on Google and the like – so that someone can see they are a scam. I submitted fraud alerts online and so did Roger, but it will take multiple offenses for these people to get really caught and stopped. I am hoping this will help.

I did ask on Facebook – and did what everyone suggested, including contacting them.  They told me they would remove the photo – that was on Sept 24. It’s October 8.

Here’s that e-mail:

Jasmine Ragdoll Kitten - Ragdoll Breeder SCAM fraud alert

Here’s the post on Facebook – see below…by the way – be sure to click on through to this post I did about it on Facebook to read reader’s comments – this stands out like such a scam to those familiar with breeder websites, but not so on those who don’t know.

I HATE wasting the site’s content on something like this. I HATE spending my time on something like this. BUT I HATE scams and frauds and especially those that involve animals even more.

I am hoping this post will make them stop and also make others stop that might be doing the same.

Roger, by the way, lost $500 – they scammed him out of $500!

…on to bigger and better things!

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27 thoughts on “Jasmine Ragdoll Kitten – Ragdoll Breeder SCAM

  1. Nicole pickens says:

    Does anyone know if Dawn’s Darling Ragdolls is a legitimate breeder? I’m about to send a deposit over to reserve a kitten for my son. But I’m shocked at all the scams being used with this cat breed. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.

  2. MJ says:

    Beware it is the same person running multiple Toy breed dog scams! They ask for a deposit on the pup, which I have done many times with legitimate breeders. The number used this time is: 1 (724) 361-8706 And anything about Teacup Chihuahuas or Pomeranian as well as the following names:
    Literal human garbage:

  3. kk says:

    https://ragdollkittenhomecattery.com/available_kittens IS A SCAM.
    I almost fell for it, but realized quickly they don’t sign their name when they email, there’s no contact info on their site, and the video I was sent was not the cat I was asking about. Looks like this is the same site as other scam sites with a new name.

    When I google imaged searched their images, it was all fake photos from the internet.
    Do not get scammed.

  4. Maria says:

    On October 31, 2020, we contact Blue eyed Temptations. He reply to us by text message, the number is 1-415-735-9322. We sent by zelle half of the amount for a kitty, her name is Kiki. He said because of the COVID , we couldn’t go to Columbus OH to get the Kitten, we arranged to shipped to our home. It turns out that the tracking number and the shipping company did not exists, we think it is just a webpage. We have an extensive records of the communications by text massage of the arrangements for the purchase, the payment, and the shipment. The total amount was $850, and we sent $425. In retrospect we see how naive we were, since we have now found several pages with similar information with the same photos of the cats. The name of the guy is Allan Djebalo (maybe is not the real one), but we send the money to allan_djebalo@yahoo.com

    • Sherry G says:

      I can add another to this list, blueeyedtemptations.com. STAY AWAY. Posted [available] kittens are adorable and reasonably priced, but they are obviously scammers. Could not find any reviews or other information on them on the website. Guy who contacted me was very sketchy and refused to provide me with their breeder registration information or local vet treated the cats. Also, grammar and spelling mistakes on the otherwise very nice website, which I believe they must have ripped off from someone else.

  5. Laurel Savelli says:

    Same thing just happened to my little sister. However, this page is called angel ragdoll kingdom. Whatever you do DO NOT BUY FROM THEM. They asked her for 650 upfront (which she paid) for the cat. When it came to shipping the cat they asked for 1200 more for coronavirus protection and she said she couldn’t afford and the “breeder” said they could split it. She sent that money to them and NOW they asked for $880 more because she needs some kind of license to pick it up. When we called of course they didn’t answer and called back once with just recording of cats meowing. I am so upset that this would ever happen! She is now down about 1400 dollars because of this. Has anyone else had any trouble with this website?

    • Jenny says:

      So sorry to hear this – unfortunately, the more i looked into these – they are all run out of india, so there is no recourse for us. might be a $1400 lesson for your sister. it’s important to investigate everything. I just had another person (a lawyer) email me tonight asking about merryragdollcattery@gmail.com who scammed someone as well. if you search the reviews on those websites, plug them into google and you’ll find 5 more websites that have the same reviews.

  6. Tracy Cronin says:

    Ugh! Shame on them! And most of the cats (if there really are any) look like domestic house cats. I hope they can figure out who is doing this and shut them down. Stealing money and personal photos is so low. I hope they take your photo down soon.

  7. Peg Clark says:

    They tried to sell me a kitten without me seeing it. Told me that the parents of the kittens ( 3 that I was inquiring about) were the ones in the photo. (The ones Amy was holding) and that they were the parents of all 3. However the 3 were from different litters. One was 11 weeks , one was 14 weeks and one was 15 weeks. Ummm???? How????? Not only that but the parents are both altered 15 year old cats. Oh yeah and they are both MALE!!! The offered shipping only. No info on address and phone # was text only. But a great price. When I asked about the photo and that I had seen it before, they said Jenny stole it from their website…..As if!!!

  8. lrunning says:

    As a grammar snob “me and my family” would have been a turn off! I sure hope they are “only” scamming people out of money and don’t really have kittens or cats that they’re breeding.

  9. katana.bluebird says:

    Oh, dear lord, even their pictures and testimonials are inconsistent….

    Some of them sound like they have been pulled from dog breeder sites “hardly has accidents in the house”, “hi trainer wanted to tell you…”

    Like this one!!!!
    “Ozi is such an awesome cat! She’s such a love! She stayed in her travel crate all the way home. We didn’t get home until 6 pm but there was hardly a whimper. … She is getting used to her slow eat bowls and it’s a good thing we are using them because I think she’d inhale her food. She has not had one accident in the house or in her crate. She didn’t cry through the night but only whimpered once! She was up at 1 am, 4 am and 6 am and seems to have gotten the “potty” word down. She even pooped after breakfast! We have toys and an elk antler for her and she’s beginning to play with them. She chews the antler and then backs away and barks at it. She’s so cute! Right now she’s tired and sleeping between her toys. She’s so very perfect for us and we thank you so much for the awesome beginning you’ve given her! ”


    And maybe 4 pictures of the available cats look like an actual ragdoll photos. How can a short haired tabby be a ragdoll?

    While my heart goes out to Roger and I do wish him well, I would like to caution him and others to inspect the websites thoroughly. Im so sorry he had to pay the price.

  10. Jeanne Ganiere Rasmussen says:

    Yes, anyone familiar with legitimate Ragdoll cat breeders would know this is a scam just by looking at the kittens available. And where can you get a pedigreed Ragdoll kitten for $500 , anywhere from a reputable breeder that includes shipping?!!!!! I wonder if Roger had his kitten genetically tested if that would help prove anything? This is in essence a “Kitten Mill’ operation and they should be prosecuted for false advertising and selling “fake” Ragdoll kittens. Sadly, just like puppy mill websites, there are many more of these scammers out there selling kittens, too.

  11. Liz Chesterton Morris says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about this sort of thing and it’s very sad that there are people like this but, I’m glad you caught this. I am sharing this with my own FB community.

  12. Patti Johnson says:

    Ugh! Hate these internet scams soooo very much! Poor Roger! How dreadful! These scammers are just despicable human beings!!! Why not put all that criminal intelligence & energy to set everything up into something good & beneficial for others instead of cheating, lying & stealing? I WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND THAT CRIMINAL MINDSET! Geesh, if I knew how to do all that criminal mastermind schtuff I would use it for the good of humanity! 🙁 <3


    Big hugs & lots of love & purrs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3 <3 <3

      • Mary says:

        THANK YOU so much for this post. I almost got scammed by Supreme Ragdolls home, then I started to see some red flags and my gut told me not to do it. I will only get a Ragdoll cat if I can go pick it up in person. These people are horrible and steal people’s money. Keep up the good work!!

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