Jasmine Ragdoll Kitten – Ragdoll Breeder SCAM

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A few weeks ago, I received the following e-mail.

Jasmine Ragdoll Kitten - Ragdoll Breeder SCAM 2

You can see my response… and here’s a screenshot of their About page which is a photo I took of my sister and our parents’ cats!! Definitely not their photo!

Jasmine Ragdoll Kitten - Ragdoll Breeder SCAM

Their website used to be – Jasmineragdollcatshome.com – but now that’s not working. However, they have their site here now: https://mamiyvette.webs.com/ – all they did was take down the pages and content from Jasmineragdollcatshome.com and put it on https://mamiyvette.webs.com/ instead.

Update!Ā  Now they are Pretty Ragdoll Kittens – https://prettyragdollkittens.com/about/

Their email is Jasmineragdollkittenhome@gmail.com and their phone is (281) 603-7807 – although the phone might be bogus.

You might wonder why I am posting all of this info – it’s so that it is searchable on Google and the like – so that someone can see they are a scam. I submitted fraud alerts online and so did Roger, but it will take multiple offenses for these people to get really caught and stopped. I am hoping this will help.

I did ask on Facebook – and did what everyone suggested, including contacting them.Ā  They told me they would remove the photo – that was on Sept 24. It’s October 8.

Here’s that e-mail:

Jasmine Ragdoll Kitten - Ragdoll Breeder SCAM fraud alert

Here’s the post on Facebook – see below…by the way – be sure to click on through to this post I did about it on Facebook to read reader’s comments – this stands out like such a scam to those familiar with breeder websites, but not so on those who don’t know.

I HATE wasting the site’s content on something like this. I HATE spending my time on something like this. BUT I HATE scams and frauds and especially those that involve animals even more.

I am hoping this post will make them stop and also make others stop that might be doing the same.

Roger, by the way, lost $500 – they scammed him out of $500!

…on to bigger and better things!

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  1. Ugh! Hate these internet scams soooo very much! Poor Roger! How dreadful! These scammers are just despicable human beings!!! Why not put all that criminal intelligence & energy to set everything up into something good & beneficial for others instead of cheating, lying & stealing? I WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND THAT CRIMINAL MINDSET! Geesh, if I knew how to do all that criminal mastermind schtuff I would use it for the good of humanity! šŸ™ <3


    Big hugs & lots of love & purrs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle šŸ™‚ <3 <3 <3

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