Ocean Blue – Ragdoll of the Week

Ocean Blue - Ragdoll of the WeekOcean Blue – Ragdoll of the Week

I bought my Blue Bi-Color Ragdoll cat, Ocean Blue from Ragmeister Ragdolls in January 2012, she was 8 weeks old when she flew in from San Diego.  She was so tiny when we got her 2 years ago, she only weighed 1 lb. 13 oz. & she had the most beautiful blue eyes!!!  Ocean turned 2 years old on Nov. 7, 2014, & now weighs 11 lbs.  I love a big cat!!!

Ocean has always had a great personality & she is quite funny also!  She makes me laugh almost daily with her sweet antics!  She can open most cupboards, gates, drawers & some doors & on Thanksgiving Day this year I was getting some plates out of my China cabinet & when I closed the door, I saw Ocean behind the glass door watching me, good thing I saw her in there when I went to walk away, she is quite sneaky!  She opens the shower door with her teeth & likes to watch our Golden Retriever, River take his bath in there!  She likes to go in when the shower is wet & groom herself in there!!

She opens our hallway gate with her paw when she goes into my room & runs through it when she leaves, she knows which way it opens!!  It creaks when she opens it & it sounds like we have a ghost walking through our house, as one of our guests commented!

Ocean Blue - Ragdoll of the WeekShe is just crazy about our Golden Retriever, River; she flys down the stairs when he goes outside & she waits for him to come back in, lying on her back; he sniffs her & they play as they run up the stairs together, it is very cute the way they play & interact with each other!

They are like 2 little dogs playing!  Sometimes I will see her in the kitchen window watching River out in the yard, when she isn’t downstairs waiting for him!!  It depends on her mood!!

We bought Ocean & her new playmate, a pure white Ragdoll Kitten named Lake, a Cat Treehouse, & Ocean goes in & sleeps on the very top tier each day!  She also likes the Mystery Triangle I bought her & likes hanging out in it!! It has 2 openings with a toy dangling from the top!  She loves to Mother Lake & cleans him constantly whether he needs it or not!!  They get along quite well & Ocean loves his company! Ocean is intrigued by the chirping sounds that Lake makes while he plays, her ears perk up when he makes those cute sounds!   They sound like a herd of Elephants running through the house while playing!  Since Lake arrived Ocean does the strangest things, she was in a drawer that is quite filled up, but nonetheless here is Ocean, big butt & all squeezed in this drawer that I had never seen her in before, then she started going in her litter box & sleeping in it daily, & not sleeping in bed with me but in the Mystery Triangle, she was even quite mean to River, swatting him in the face & jumping on his back, it really hurt his feelings being treated like that for no reason, but now they are back to being best friends again!!  Poor River, he is so sensitive!!

Ocean sleeps with me every night & likes to lay on my right arm and purr!  I have to be laying on my left side, or she won’t lay on my arm! She will sit and wait patiently for me to change positions so she can lay on my arm!!  She is such a sweet girl & such a comfort to me, that I wouldn’t know what I would do without her!! She follows me from room to room & will lay next to me on the couch; she likes to be combed & loved up!!!  She knows the location of everyone in the house at all times & will go & check on them!!

Ocean Blue - Ragdoll of the Week

Ocean Blue - Ragdoll of the Week

Ocean Blue - Ragdoll of the Week

Ocean Blue - Ragdoll of the Week

Ocean Blue - Ragdoll of the Week

Ocean Blue - Ragdoll of the Week

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Hi, I’m Jenny Dean, creator of Floppycats! Ever since my Aunt got the first Ragdoll cat in our family, I have loved the breed. Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other Ragdoll cat lovers around the world,

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  1. Ocean is gorgeous!!
    Love the photo of her and River!

  2. Ocean Blue is such a lovely little doll! Thanks for sharing her story and pictures with us 🙂

  3. omgosh your cat is sooo beautiful!! she is a princess, thank you for sharing her with us. very nice photos!

  4. Wow- Ocean Blue is one gorgeous kitty! I love the Bicolor pattern and her coloring is just beautiful. I hope Lake is featured soon as a Kitten or Ragdoll of the week! Thanks so much for sharing Ocean’s story. Loved hearing about her antics. Sounds like she has a terrific life.

  5. What a beauty! We are so lucky (I’m Annie’s mom–rotw jan. 29) to have such gorgeous furpersons. From her looks, Ocean Blue may end up being as large as my Annie–18 lbs. Thank you for sharing your glorious girl with all of us.

  6. Patti Johnson says:

    Awwwww, Ocean Blue is GORGEOUS! She looks very much like my Miss Pink Sugarbelle! Lurve that pink nose and those blue eyes! I just adore that picture of Ocean with River. (Beautiful Golden Retriever, btw!)

    So happy that Ocean has a new friend. I bet Lake is gorgeous, too! Lurve your naming conventions for your Ragdolls! So unique and clever! 🙂

    Ocean sounds amazingly clever, funny and loving. Wow! She knows how to do EVERYTHING! Gotta lurve those quirky Ragdolls, eh?

    So happy to have read her story. Thank you so much for sharing her story with all of us!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

  7. freemsuz@comcast.net says:

    She’s gorgeous! The picture of her with River is fabulous ♥ I have 2 Ragdoll’s as well, and when my Great Dane was still with us, my male wanted to be joined at the hip with her. He would do that same thing…wait when she went out, sometimes he’d howl!
    Thanks for sharing all your ‘water’ kids with us ☺☺

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