Hagen Vesper V-Tower Modern Cat Tree Furniture Product Review

Hagen Vesper V-Tower Modern Cat Tree Furniture Product Review

I think I was first exposed to the Hagen Vesper V-line cat furniture through a PR rep for Hagen.  I don’t really recall – but it was soon spread in the cat blogging world as Hagen’s new thing.  A reader wanted us to review it and I wanted to review it as well. Currently, there are seven different pieces in their cat furniture line:

  • V - Base
  • V - Double
  • V - High Base
  • V - Tower
  • V - Lounge
  • V - High Lounge
  • V - CubeVesper Cat Tree:

Based on its appearance, I requested to review the V - Tower.

Hagen Vesper V-Tower Modern Cat Tree Furniture Product Review 2

The Vesper V-Tower is multi-level, it includes two cubes and one tunnel for playing or resting.  The cubes and tunnel have soft memory foam cushions that you can put inside for your kitty to lounge on.  

Those are also nice because you can pull them out and wash them separately.  It comes in two different colors – walnut (we have walnut) or black. The Vesper V-Tower is very sturdy and also heavy when put together.  

While I could scoot it on the floor, I would not be able to pick it up by myself.  It has removable scratching surfaces that have Velcro® strips to hold them down until you are ready to replace them.  

I show how this works in our Vesper V-Tower review video below. It is made of MDF made from New Zealand pine and has a water based lacquer.  There’s a wood-finished laminate with scratch-resistant surface and has an overall pleasant feel.

Hagen Vesper V-Tower Modern Cat Tree Furniture Product Review

Ours, specifically, got damaged in the shipping process.  Since we received one of the first shipments of this cool cat tree, it is possible that they will make improvements to the packaging, so that it doesn’t happen to other ones.  

It could have also been the delivery drivers that handled this one.  You can see in our review video how it was damaged – from the photos, you don’t know it is. It also comes with a string and ratan ball toy that hangs off of it.  

As I state in the final review video, if I were to buy this modern cat tree, I would not install that feature.  I don’t find it necessary and as you can see, two balls are missing from ours already – I don’t know where they are.

Buy the Vesper V-Tower

The Vesper line is available at PetCo Unleashed and you can also buy the Vesper cat furniture line on Chewy. The Vesper V-Tower Base measures 22.6 x 22.6 in or 65 x 65 cm and it’s height is 47.9 in or 117.5 cm.

Buy on Chewy

Vesper V-Tower Arrival Review Video


Vesper V-Tower Review Video


Hagen Vesper V-Tower Modern Cat Tree Furniture Product Review2We asked Hagen to make a product donation to the non-for-profit organization, Kitty City NM, in exchange for the review of their V-Tower. We received the V-Tower for review from the PR company that represents the manufacturer. Receiving the free product nor their donation to Kitty City NM did not influence this post.

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  1. Jenny,
    Do you have any update as for when this is going to be on Amazon? I really hope they will be out before mid August since that’s when I’m picking up my kitten! Thanks!

    1. Thanks for checking – no, I haven’t heard, but have just asked again for you. Do you have a Petco Unleashed Store near you? Or have you tried your local pet stores? They might have one?

      1. Thanks for replying Jenny. I don’t have any Petco Unleashed store here in Central PA. And the local pet stores here don’t have much selection either. I’ve been waiting for it to be listed on Amazon. Hopefully soon!

        1. Yes. The PR rep told me today that she’s talking to Hagen tomorrow – so hopefully we’ll know by tomorrow.

          1. That’s great thank you! I’m in the middle of watching your new video right now 🙂

          2. Please check back in with me, if you don’t hear from me about the Vesper. The new video isn’t really fun – just information.

          3. Hi Jenny,

            Just checking to see if you heard back from Hagen 🙂 thanks!

          4. The latest, “Vesper is selling out so quickly that they haven’t had enough inventory to put on Amazon. However, right now, the product is in Petco Unleashed stores, in independent retailers across the country and on JeffersPet.com.”

  2. Patti Johnson says:

    It’s a beautiful piece of design work. I agree with Teresa’s sharp assessment about the corners, too, being a bit of a safety issue for those high-energy bursts that make our babies run and jump and climb really fast. And Christy’s info about the memory foam toxicity. Eye opening! Great catch, Christy!

    Great review, as usual, and the review videos always are wonderful! It’s really great when readers like Christy and Teresa can offer such wonderful feedback to improve a product. I like your comment about Christy needing to be on the R&D team, Jenny. That’s a true fact right there! Christy rocks the details!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

    1. =) The corners have not been an issue whatsoever, so am surprised by that one.

  3. Teresa Reid says:

    Wonderful video and nice product. See several things on it that would make me a little wary of having it though. One is the metal bar sticking out and then the hard, squared off edges of the cubicles on each level. Wish they were rounded off like the base. Know these are minor issues, but for me, safety is my first and foremost issue with anything coming in here. The way my girls chase after each other running up and down the cat tree and sailing off it in mid-air, would make me very scared they would injure themselves. If I had really low energy cats, then that wouldn’t even be a consideration. Love everything else about it and think it is beautifully made. ♥♥♥♥

    1. Patti Johnson says:

      Wow. Good points, T! Thanks! 🙂 <3

  4. You know what would be great in the bracket where the balls are strung through? A Cat Dancer!

    Beautiful piece of furniture but sadly too big for my hovel right now. Personally I’d replace the memory foam (not a fan) with carpet tiles which provide comfort and a place to scratch.

    Look at me, redesigning something I don’t have nor will buy at this point. Hmmm, could this be a peek into why my siblings (lovingly) refer to me as “bossy”?!

    1. I don’t think they could stretch their bodies to fit and scratch inside the cubes. What’s your beef with memory foam? And nice idea on the Cat Dancer! And I think comments like yours help make products better – so keep ’em coming! Or rather, they should hire you for R&D.

      1. I’m not a fan of the toxicity & off-gassing of memory foam. If I remember correctly it contains something like 61 chemicals, including VOC’s.

        I have carpet tiles in my home and Prossimo loves them! He will lay (lie?) on just one tile and happily stretch his nails in and out of it repeatedly so I guess it would be less scratching and more nail pleasure (not sure if that’s the right term?!).

        1. Oh, wow, had no idea – good to know – thank you!

          I am not a fan of carpet tiles because it helps kitties think they can scratch on carpet – while that’s fine if you never have carpet – if they ever have to be rehomed, etc. it can be an issue.

          1. You’re right and I’ve thought about that. Interestingly he doesn’t scratch on any other area rug (my couch and chair though…).

            If he ever does have to be rehomed there are going to be some issues 1) possible carpet scratcher 2) fan of mice, chicks & quail at mealtime 3) no Yoda to hump!

          2. Hope you have #2 in your living will! Ha ha ha.

        2. Patti Johnson says:

          Thanks for the great info on memory foam. (Our bed is made of memory foam…not good!) I had no idea. Ugh. So many dangerous toxins everywhere nowadays! Sigh… Big hugs! 🙂 <3

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