Photonic Health Multi-Light

The Photonic Health Multi-Light is a small tool that can switch between red, blue, and green light. Each setting is designed to offer a different type of therapy for your kitty to improve the health of their skin, fight inflammation or disinfect wounds. Use Photonic Health coupon code FLOPPYCATS to receive $25 off. $25 off coupon code valid on orders of $200 or more.


The Multi-Light from Photonic Health is a handheld device that uses advanced technology to provide three different colors of light, all tailored to the right wavelength to work as a genuine therapeutic tool for your cat. With just one touch, you can switch between red, green, and blue light, each of which has different health benefits.

Red light therapy is the go-to option and can help your cat with a number of health problems. It can relieve pain and fight inflammation by penetrating deep into your cat’s skin and being absorbed by the cells within the body. This creates nitric oxide, which can cause improved blood flow and generate the chemical ROS (reactive oxygen species), which can trigger an immune response in the body.

The green light treats issues closer to the skin’s surface, reducing pain nearer the surface and helping to keep the skin healthy. Green light can also be used for calming therapies, bringing your cat’s energy levels down if needed.

The blue light acts as a disinfectant and can kill harmful bacteria which could cause an infection. If your cat ever gets any form of an open wound, blue light can be used to treat it and keep it clean. It’s also used to tackle seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a condition impacting pets and humans.

The Multi-Light is easy to use, comfortable to hold and makes it easy to provide these therapy options for your cat.

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