Litter Robots and Maine Coon Cats

The most dreaded moment in a pet owner’s life is cleaning the kitty litter. Scooping up the urine-drenched litter clumps in the litter is a disgusting task every single time and the more you postpone it, the smellier it gets. And even with your best efforts, cleaning the litter box always means making a mess. If only there were a way to make this nauseating chore disappear…Fortunately for every single cat owner out there, there is a way!

It’s the little robot litter box! This is a robot cat litter box that can do all the scooping and sorting for you! The litter robot automatic self-cleaning litter box is just as amazing as it sounds because it keeps your cat’s litter box clean at all times.The poop and clumps magically go away (in a non-magical storage box which you only have to empty periodically) immediately after they appear, leaving the litter clean and the air around the Litter-Robot smelling good.

But do automatic cat litter boxes work for large cat breeds like Maine Coons? If you have a large cat, then you are used to having to make sure that all the accessories you purchase have the right dimensions for your cat. I have Ragdoll cats, which are different from Maine Coons, but are comparable in size. To help you find out if the Litter-Robot is a good fit for your Maine Coon kitty, let’s go through the most frequently asked questions about the automatic litter box with a Maine Coon owner and find out it can make your life much easier.

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Litter-Robot and Maine Coon Cats – Q & A With Sandy

Sandy, a Floppycats’ reader, did a little Q&A about Litter-Robot and Maine Coon cats for me. She initially responded to a post I made on Facebook asking for Maine Coon owners who had a Litter-Robot. I often asked if Maine Coons will fit into a Litter-Robot 3 because of all of my LR videos on YouTube.

Litter Robot Maine Coon little robot litter box big cat Gossamer Goss IMG_0547

Sandy wrote, “We have two Maine Coons and three Ragdolls. We have two Litter-Robots. All five use the Litter-Robots, though I wish Litter Robot would make an extra large-sized version for larger cats because it’s a tight fit! They don’t really cover any of their waste. I think it’s probably because they don’t have a lot of room to do so. Our ragdolls all cover. Our ragdolls are stockier in body build, but about on par with our Maine Coons’ body weight.”

How long have you had your Litter Robot?

We bought our first Litter Robot when we only had two ragdolls and one Maine Coon. We purchased it on 7/7/2018. We bought a second one on 8/1/2018. Purchase your Litter Robot here. 🐈

How old were your cats when you got the Litter-Robot?

The ragdolls, Zlatan and ZsaZsa were exactly 15 months old, and Gossamer, the Maine Coon was 5 months old when we purchased the first Litter-Robot.

Litter Robot Maine Coon little robot litter box big cat Gossamer Goss IMG_0539

Were you hesitant to buy it and why?

The breeder we got Gossamer from, BekkrAmee Maine Coons, actually had several Litter-Robots and was very pleased with them. As far as we know, she still uses them. Purchase your Litter Robot here. 🐈

Did they have any problems adjusting to it?

They were a little afraid of it. As you know, it’s not exactly quiet. They would check it out but weren’t exactly interested in using it. Gossamer, the biggest chicken, always afraid of everything, was the first to use it after I lured him in with dried salmon treats. After he started using it, the ragdolls took to it. They all adjusted to it rather quickly, within a couple days. Our other two cats, one Maine Coon (Moby), and ragdoll (Virgil), took to using the Litter-Robots as soon as they were heavy enough, and often even before that because they saw the other older cats using the Litter-Robots. They were never afraid. We got Moby and Virgil in June 2019.

Litter Robot Maine Coon litter robot big cat Moby IMG_0456

Are you glad you bought it? Why?

Yes, we’re glad we bought both Litter-Robots. We mainly got them because we don’t have anywhere isolated within our house to put litter boxes. We have a rather open floor plan downstairs, bathrooms aren’t large enough, no basement, and bedrooms are all accounted for. We wanted something where we could hit a button and make the stink go away quickly if we had anyone visiting or we were eating dinner. It’s great for that. Also… this is not how the Litter-Robot was meant to be used, but we found that it works best for us and our situation… instead of those huge kitchen garbage-sized liner bags, we found that adding walnut litter to the waste drawers worked better. We clean the Robots out once or twice a day, just scooping the litter from the drawers. The litter in the Robots stays clean for the cats, and we didn’t have a problem cleaning litter boxes; we didn’t want the smell in the house. We’d still have the smell if we used the bags, but the walnut litter in the waste drawer with our frequent scooping works great. As often as we wanted to clean out the waste and how big the bags were, it seemed wasteful.

Litter Robot Maine Coon little robot litter box big cat Gossamer Goss IMG_0526

And 2 Litter-Robots, right? You empty them daily because of the walnut litter in the waste drawer, right?

We were emptying them daily anyway because there was still enough smell from the waste drawer that you could smell it when you walked in, plus with five cats they did fill up fairly quickly. The walnut litter in the drawer is only enough to keep the waste from sticking to the drawer and make it easy to scoop out, like about 1”-1.” It’s enough to provide a nice even layer in the drawer. It eventually mixes with the clay litter as it drops in with the waste. We also covered the holes with clear plastic mailing tape where the bags would normally attach. The carbon filter in front keeps the walnut litter in place.

On the Walnut litter in the waste drawer – does that mean you use NO BAG at all? Can you take a photo of that for me, please?

No bag at all, just tape over the bag attachment holes to keep the litter and waste in the drawer.

Litter Robot Maine Coon robot cat litter box walnut litter in waste drawer alternative IMG_0554
walnut litter in the waste drawer

How many cats do you have? Do they all use it?

5 total, and yes, they all use the Litter-Robots, every time.

Would you recommend it to other Maine Coon owners? Why or why not?

If a Maine Coon owner was looking for an automated litter box, I’d say this would be the one to get, though I do wish they would come out with a larger model for larger cats. For the most part it’s been a pretty solid machine. We only have the two Maine Coons, so I don’t know if others also leave waste uncovered. It’s easy enough to scoop some litter over after the exit if need be though. I really think they could use a bit more room to move. Our coons are rather long and lanky and the interior of the Litter-Robot is a bit tight for them. They do make it work.

Litter Robot Maine Coon little robot litter box big cat Gossamer Goss IMG_0529

Before the Litter-Robots we used the Catit jumbo hooded litter box.

Did you consider other automated litter boxes?

We had already had our two Litter-Robots and I saw Petato Footloose on Kickstarter. It looked interesting, but we had our Litter-Robots, and I don’t think it would have been any larger. I’m not even sure if it ever did finally ship. All other automated litter boxes seem to pale in comparison to the Litter Robot, plus it had been out for years. So, no, we didn’t really consider other automated litter boxes. Purchase your Litter Robot here. 🐈

Are there any other questions or concerns you had before getting it?

We made sure it could be returned if our cats refused to use it, or if they would be able to fit and move comfortably inside the Robots to be able to want to use them. We measured the area we planned to set them up more than once so we would know they would fit.

Litter Robot Maine Coon litter robot big cat Moby IMG_0458

I guess the biggest concern would be that the Litter-Robot handled the litter box smell better than a traditional covered litter box because it was a lot of money and if it didn’t perform in that regard, we’d just be better off with a few Catit jumbo hooded boxes or even a tote box with a hole cut into the side or lid. Side note… our Ragdolls were completely fascinated by the Litter-Robot cycles, so much so that they would come running to watch whenever they heard the cycle start, and would watch the waste drop down into the waste drawer. They would smack waste that would stick or wasn’t moving along quick enough for their liking. The Ragdolls, for the most part, have calmed down with that.

Our Maine Coons never got into the ritual of watching the cycle. It was of no importance to them. …just a funny observation. I got a few of Moby, but he was almost out of the Robot. The other photo is of Zlatan (Zlatty) for size comparison. Gossamer (Goss) is the taller/lankier of the two Coons and it’s probably more awkward for him to use the Robot than Moby.

Litter Robot Maine Coon litter robot big cat Zlatan Zlatty IMG_0491

So you have 5 cats?

5 – three ragdolls and two Maine Coons. For Maine Coon cat size comparison be sure to read this post.

Do they use one Litter-Robot more than the other?

Overall, not really. There are times when it seems that one got used more than the other, but the the next day it could be the other Robot that had more waste.

Litter Robot Maine Coon little robot litter box big cat Gossamer Goss IMG_0537

Are both of your Litter-Robots with Connect (WiFi)? Do you use the App? Why or why not?

The first one we got was Connect. I thought it would tell us which cat was in based on it sensing their weight. It did not. We used the app briefly, but from what I recall, it really only told us when the drawer was full, and since we’re usually around, it was something we’d notice anyway. The second Litter Robot we purchased is just the Open Air III without Connect.  

I see you have the fence and the ramp – do you think those are essential? Do both of your Litter-Robots have both?

Yes, both Litter-Robots we own each have both accessories. We bought the fence because the cats were pulling the rubber liner off the lip of the Robot as they would vigorously wipe their paws after using the Litter-Robot. The fence holds that liner in place. The ramp is nice for collection of the of loose litter during their exit, and it keeps them from launching themselves out after using the Litter-Robot too.

Litter Robot Maine Coon litter robot big cat Gossamer Goss fence IMG_0524

I like both the fence and the ramp. The fence was definitely essential. The ramp less so, but I do like having them to catch the litter and make it easier for the cats to enter and exit the Litter-Robots. I think they’re both overpriced, and I also think the underside edge of the ramp is sharp. I’ve cut my hand moving them. The fence should be included with the Litter-Robot. It’s like an incomplete product because without it, that liner comes off.

Litter Robot Maine Coon little robot litter box big cat Gossamer Goss IMG_0550

What made you pick the Bisque (beige) color over the gray one?

Bisque was the only color available at the time. 😆 The gray colored one is slick looking.

Litter Robot Maine Coon little robot litter box big cat Gossamer Goss IMG_0549

Purchase your Litter Robot here. 🐈

Robyn’s Experience

How long have you had your Litter-Robot?

The litter robot joined our household 4yrs ago mostly based on your positive reviews and videos, and was boosted by my partners laziness. At the time our cats were 11yr (Q, domestic medium hair, 16lbs) and 10mths (Dennis, Ragdoll). They took to it with ease, but over time Dennis has proven himself to be very ‘hands on’ I will include a little video of what he does. I have purchased a ‘fence’ and replacement liner, so in the spring thaw I will wash everything and install, I’ll see if that reduces his damaging traits…. the front of the liner is shredded from 4yrs of his little right paw! Dennis. Oh, Dennis. He is a smaller raggie boy, about 12lbs. And a lovable menace. He doesn’t really understand the covering concept…he tries to cover it with anything he can reach, and if it’s litter he still goes round in circles trying to cover….. perhaps it’s best described as  OCD with bad hand/eye co-ordination! He almost exclusively sits in the same position looking out the robot, he always pees in the same spot. He is easy to encourage to use the tray, pop him in and good to go! Artemis is a lanky Maine coon kitten, tortoiseshell. She is 7mths, about 9lbs and 15” or so inches long neck to bum. She took to the litter robot without training, hassle or effort from me and actually is fascinated with its movements if it starts up when she is in the room. I call her my stealth pee’er, though, I so rarely see her pee or poop. I popped her in the robot to get a few images to assist with size in my reply to you, she peed to make the demo authentic!

Litter Robot used by a maine coon cat
Litter Robot maine coon Dennis loved by Robyn

Do you only have a Litter Robot?

Our litter robot is right beside a regular litter tray and both get regular use, from both cats.

Did you have any concerns about your cats fitting in it?

In general, I’m not concerned at all about the size of my cats and the robot. They don’t look like they have ever struggled to enter, turn around, eliminate or cover… they have access to a regular tray and use both.

How old were your cats when you got the Litter-Robot?

11yrs, 10mths, 3mths •Were you hesitant to buy it and why?  Did they have any problems adjusting to it? Not hesitant at all. I had a small issue with the weight sensor out of the box and customer service easily helped me to calibrate this. No issues adjusting to its use, we kept it turned off for the first couple of weeks when we added it to the house, but for the newest addition she was adequate weight to trigger the sensor, and we didn’t restrict its operation, she took to it instinctively.

Artemis using a Litter Robot
Litter Robot maine coon Artemis loved by Robyn

Are you glad you bought it?  Why?

It simplifies cleaning in a busy household. Our ragdoll is a bit of a fusspot and loves a pristine tray, so having it automatically clean reduces on accidents. We use regular bin liners in the drawer now, and as the regular tray next to the robot needs emptying, I just add the waste to the same drawer, so I only have litter buildup in one spot and the carbon filters are great for odor control.

How many cats do you have?  Do they all use it?

Currently we have 2 cats, both use it. Our dearly departed big fluffy boy also used the robot without hesitation.

Would you recommend it to other Maine Coon owners?  Why or why not?

At this time yes. My Maine Coon girl is only 9lbs and growing, but our past cat was 16lb and used the robot fine.

Did you consider other automated litter boxes?

Briefly. They didn’t seem as efficient as the Robot so I quickly stopped looking at alternates.

Litter Robot with a Maine Coon Cat
Litter Robot maine coon Artemis loved by Robyn

Any questions or concerns you had before getting it?

Space and power – It’s a big unit to have in your house! We were extremely limited in where we could position the robot, and ended up having to place it in the bathroom. We have had it in use for 4 years and I don’t have any issues to report with humidity, but we do leave the door open mostly while showering mostly to ensure the cats can access their litter, but the knock on effect is a lot of steam can escape rather than build up. We had to run a power lead across the ceiling to operate it. We use regular bin liners instead of the branded bags. Much cheaper. Purchase your Litter Robot here. 🐈

We hope our FAQ list has addressed your curiosities about the Litter-Robot and whether or not it is a good fit for large cats like Maine Coons. As you could see from the answers, it is certainly a solid contender for the best litter box in terms of durability and ease of use. Say goodbye to dust clouds, pee stains on your floors, and bad smells in your house! The Litter Robot is equipped to suit your litter preferences, as it is compatible with several litter options from clay-based ones to low-dust low-tracking litter, all less expensive than crystal litter, pine litter or other types of pellets.

The Litter Robot starts filtering the litter immediately after your cat exits, so no more dust clouds in sight! And this type of litter box comes with a litter pan storage space, all the foul-smelling poop stays put, and the charcoal filter prevents the smell from going out. The result, a dust-free pleasant-smelling home, and a happy cat! Compared to other extra large litter boxes, the Litter Robot is a bit tighter, but it provides enough space to Maine Coons. And what it lacks in space, it makes up in privacy.

If you went straight to how much does a litter robot cost, then you must be thinking about upgrading your litter box system.  There is even a Litter-Robot 4 on the way, so the technology is only getting better. If you’re wondering how much is a litter robot going to last, then you are ready to go the distance. Would you try the Litter-Robot for your Maine Coon cat? Do you think it would be useful for you? What about your cat? Do you think your Maine Coon would use the Litter-Robot? Tell us all about it in the comments section below.

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  1. I have a large Maine coon and I haven’t tried but want to try! I really need one big enough for his 19 inches and 19lbs

  2. Great post, Jenny honey! Super pawesome & fabulous interview with Sandy! TYSVM to you both for all the great info about LRs and GORGEOUS Maine Coons! The pics were AMAZEBALLS! 😉 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love & purrs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3 <3 <3

  3. Debra Seglund says:

    I have had the litter robot for two ragdolls for a month. They still tend to use their old box. I’m not sure why. I do let the old box get more dirty to discourage use, and give praise and treats whenever I see them use the l.r. I agree with the need for a larger size as one of my ragdolls is much larger than the other and he seems to hardly fit. He also prefers to use it with his head facing towards the back. There is less room than if he would turn around, but he has always done this so I think unlikely I could somehow change it. I do also notice an odor with limited use. I will try the walnut litter but use a bag with it.
    I still am uncertain if I will keep it. There are many features I like, but need them to use it regularly before I feel confident it’s a solution. I am very grateful that they offer a 90 day trial .

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