Necoichi Portable Stress Free Cage Product Review

Don’t tell Chiggy this is a “cage” because he loves it.  It’s his fort.

Necoichi NECO ICHI CATS FIRST Necoichi Portable Stress Free IMG_1671
Chiggy laying in the Necoichi Portable Cat Cage (that is actually upside down)

About the Necoichi Portable Cat Cage

The Necoichi portable cat cage is a pop-up cage that’s designed to be stress-free for your cat, so you can transport them anywhere in comfort. Or use it just to give them a safe space of their own to use when they’re not feeling relaxed at home, for example if you have guests.

NECO ICHI CATS FIRST Necoichi Portable Stress Free Series
Necoichi Portable Cage’s Dimensions

When popped up, the cat cage measures 31.8 inches by 20 inches by 20 inches, which is more than enough room for a cat without feeling cramped, even if you add a litter tray for longer journeys.

Built: 20 x 20 x 31.8 inches

Folded: 14 x 14 x 4.5 inches

Necoichi Portable Cat Cage in the Car

The cage has built-in seat belt straps so that you can secure the cage in your car. It then won’t slide around, so your cat is able to stretch and move around the cage without being at risk, and if they settle down to sleep then the cage won’t suddenly move to startle them awake.

NECO ICHI CATS FIRST Necoichi Portable Stress Free Series 2
Necoichi Portable Cat Cage in a vehicle

The front and one of the side panels are made from a mesh, which allows you to keep an eye on your pet, and check that they aren’t distressed by the journey. It also lets them see you, and feel reassured. The thin mesh is designed to be a solid enough wall that makes the space feel safe for your cat, but also to be breathable.

Necoichi Cat Cage Mesh Panels

These panels can also be rolled up and secured in place with straps. If you’re using the cage at home, this gives them free access to enter the cage at will when they simply want a break. Or if you’re on a trip and stop for gas, you can open it up and enjoy a bit of quality time with your cat, or give them a little extra freedom for a short roam around the car.

Those panels are held in place with zipper locks that are designed to prevent your cat from escaping. Even if they don’t like the feeling of being in the cage, they shouldn’t be able to unlock the door and get out whilst you’re driving.

And when you want to give your cat a little extra privacy, there’s a solid cover for the mesh panels that makes it easier for them to settle and have a nap if you are taking them on a long-distance drive.

How to Break Down the Cage

If you know how to condense down one of those pop-up tents or pop-up photo cubes, you will not have a problem collapsing this down into the carry bag.  However, I did, so my brother-in-law, Kirk, helped me do a video on how to condense it down to help everyone else.  Because it’s foldable, it can be flattened down into an easy-to-store shape.


What’s Included with the Cage

Be careful when you’re opening it though – as soon as your remove the securing band it will pop open, which could startle your cat – it’s best to prepare it away from the cat or you might intimidate them.

Included with the cage is a large fleece mat that fills the cage but can be removed for cleaning or to get your cat accustomed to it before a journey. It also comes with a carrying bag to use when the cage is folded down, which is large enough to not only hold the cage but a travel litter tray too. There’s a name card too, in case your cat needs to stay with the vet for a spell.

Other Uses for the Cage:

  • Traveling via car or RV
  • A play house or play tent for cats
  • Emergencies likes hurricanes
  • For introducing a new kitten or puppy to resident pets
  • A refuge for stressors like moving, cleaning, having guests over
  • Cat Shows – in cat show halls for easy packing

Necoichi Portable Cat Cage Unboxing Video


As many of you know, I like to read through the reviews on Amazon before I make my final review video and before I write this post. I like to do it in case I discover something new or realize that I have forgotten to cover something.

Necoichi NECO ICHI CATS FIRST Necoichi Portable Stress Free IMG_1674

The listing on Amazon is for multiple products – including a cat carrier, which is not the product we were sent to review.  So you have to weed through the comments to figure out which product they received to understand which one they are commenting on (unless they were generous enough to upload a photo).

Here are some of the things mentioned in the reviews:

  • Many reviewers reported that the cage was great for long cross-country road trips with their cats. That it allowed the kitty to be somewhat free without free roaming around the car. Some reader reported that their kitty managed to “escape” – but I think that’s probably because of how that person had the zippers – if you have them close near the top where the kitty cannot access the zipper, then there shouldn’t be a problem.
  • Many people reported that their cats settled down and didn’t meow/howl like they usually do in the car during a long road trip.
  • You can put blankets or their favorite cat bed inside of the carrier to make it more inviting for relaxing.
  • Material was much thicker than expected (I 100% agree with this)
  • It is portable, reduces down in size – so you cannot set heavy things on top of it.
  • You can strap the cage into your car with your seatbelts – but that doesn’t mean it would be completely safe if you got into an accident
  • Material is easy to clean and wipe off
  • Necoichi NECO ICHI CATS FIRST Necoichi Portable Stress Free IMG_1672
  • Could be used to “introduce” a kitten to a resident cat.  Put the kitten in the cage and then allow your resident cat to come up to it to sniff and allows the kitten to move around inside.
  • Many reported it was large enough for two cats – but I think it depends on the size of the two cats.  My Ragdoll cats are 12lbs and 14lbs and they both fit in there comfortably, but not for 17 hours, I don’t think.
  • Great for introducing a kitten to different parts and sounds of your home without letting them run loose in those areas quite yet
  • It’s lightweight
  • Some said it was good for carrying their cats into a hotel or something, others said it was too flimsy – so think that’s just subjective.
  • Many reported that their cats went right in and acted like they do for a cat tunnel.  I would agree – as you can see in our unboxing video, mine were both interested in exploring it.
  • Can be used as a play area for cats

Necoichi Portable Cat Cage Product Review Video


You can buy the Necocihi cage on Chewy or on Amazon.

We received the Necoichi Portable Stress Free Cage for review from the manufacturer and also asked that they pay a small review fee.  Receiving the free product and the review fee did not influence this honest post.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    LOVE this carrier. We got it last year for our 36 hour car ride when moving. Our then 6 year old Mika loved it. It worked well when we picked up the new kitten last Fall and eased her introduction as well.

  2. SUPER PAWESOME & FABULOUS post, Jenny honey! Great product review (as usual!)! What an AMAZEBALLS carrier! TYSVM for the fabulous info!!! 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love & purrs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugargbelle 🙂 <3 <3 <3

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