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Our Izzy Bella…oh my garsh! Who can resist this face? Izzy is what I refer to as a black Ragdoll. We had gone to pick up a kitten at a rescue in Defiance OH. As it turned out, that little girl was still a tad underweight to let her leave and was special formula for food by syringe several times a day (not a lot of fun for a new kitten or her slave…which would be me.

Izzy - Floppycat of the Week IMG_2226

The owner of the center, Jacci, brought out this lil girl…4 months old and just as cute a kitten as she is now. I really think she didn’t want to give this one up, but she knew I was a Ragdoll woman, and could deal with the fur and grooming requirements and would be a good fur parent.

Izzy - Floppycat of the Week IMG_0157

Izzy had a bit of a hard time before she was rescued. When a lady first saw her in her yard, she was in the mouth of a big doggie, hanging pathetically and woefully as the doggie’s next meal? Or maybe she was to be a toy?

Izzy - Floppycat of the Week IMG_3385

Whichever, she was undoubtedly scared, not knowing her fate on that day. I’m sure she was thinking, ‘SAVE ME! Someone please SAVE ME!?’ And her plea was heard by this kind neighbor lady as she was freed from the mouth of the big dog, (much to his dismay.)

Izzy - Floppycat of the Week IMG_2282

Similar to you, Jenny, this rescue center has a live YouTube channel for chatting and getting to know other chatters who love cats and kittens. When we went to pick up Iz, she held her up to the camera and said, “This is Kerfuzzy. And she has a new furever home to go to today! She had a rough start in a doggie’s mouth, didn’t you little girl. Kerfuzzy didn’t want to be doggie breakfast, did you?!” At which point Kerfuzzy aka Izzy Bella, reached up to touch Jacci’s face.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDgeWHX62To[/embedyt]

She also pointed out she’s a DMH, domestic medium hair, the good kind!. And she was right! Izzy has fur like water…you barely know your petting a kitty it is soooo soft! Just like her big brother, Rufus.

Izzy - Floppycat of the Week IMG_0320

As you can see from the pictures, Iz has a very cute tongue, lots of very clean teeth and some pretty white and black paw pads…and some inordinately long claws, whiskers and eyebrows. They are so long they touch each other! She also has a distinctive ‘exclamation mark’ down her nose…is that cute or what?!

Iz is fond of chasing shadows, leaves, flies, chipmunks (outside the sunroom doors), gnats and any spot or piece of lint she sees! Rufus believes she is totally nuts! The other night as we watched TV, she jumped straight up in the air, clapped her paws together and ate whatever it was she caught. Ugh!

Izzy - Floppycat of the Week IMG_3389

So, if you can’t get a Ragdoll, I highly recommend a different kind of ‘Ragdoll!’ Black and white seem to do the trick for us! (Again, Rufus The real Ragdoll, sticks his nose in the air to that! LOL)

Izzy - Floppycat of the Week IMG_3383

I hope you enjoyed Izzy’s story…she is a doll baby!

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  1. Joanne Dickerson says:

    I would love very much to have a ragdoll but I would like to rescue with my last three pets and then rescues I just think rescuing is important but I don’t know of any organizations that rescue floppy cats so if anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it

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